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Amigos y desconocidos, hoy la vida me ha puesta una encrucijada. Me encuentro entre la ⚔️ y la 🚪(no hay emoji de pared). Siendo oriunda de Monterrey y mi familia siendo más #Tigre que un 🐯(sí, hoy ando lenta con las analogías) me vengo casando con un #Chiva de ❤️. #MariaCoronado es 🐐 y yo pueees miren, si #Pulido pudo pues yo también. Me cambie de bandos, pero créanme no es sencillo, entiendo ahora más que nunca a Julieta. Los #Tigres y las #Chivas son los Capuleto y Montesco contemporáneos. *Recen para que las gemelas no nazcan hoy 🙏🏼 sino se llamaran Chivis y Chivita y hay posibilidad que el papá no se esté en el parto 🙊. #RebañoSagrado #PorLa12 #ADarLaVuelta #🏆

There are times I wish I could go a few hours feeling "normal" again, and I got my wish today! Spent 2 hours hiking this morning with Jason, and I felt so good that I almost forgot I was pregnant 😂 Why have I not tried this support tank earlier?! @Blanqigirls sure knows how to make this twin mama appreciate the little things in life 🙂🙌🏽 I just might wear this outfit the next 40+ days..

#Repost @xj_1208
I completed #TheMurphChallenge & it took me forever! I didn't rush, I was monitoring my HR, & when I felt like quitting or like my body couldn't go any longer I kept thinking of all those who paid the ultimate sacrifice! SSG Seija you may be gone but you are never forgotten❤️🇺🇸
1 mile run
100 pull ups ((70 singles 30 banded))
200 push ups
300 air squats
1 mile run ⌛️84 minutes ⏳

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Loving the Memorial Day pictures from everyone! 🇺🇸

My twins' daddy sucks at taking pictures! But here's our 17 week belly 💙💙 #twins #identicaltwins #twinpregnancy #babybump #stillkickingmybutt

Made it to 34 weeks! I officially look like one of the scary results that come up when I Googled 'twin pregnancy' 7 months ago 😳 We are really happy they have stayed in this long, next goal 36 weeks please babies! 👶🏼👶🏼 #twinpregnancy #cantmove

Rocking a bikini in my first pregnancy and in my second with TWINS this time!
I could totally be embarrassed of my huge belly and massive stretch marks, but instead I feel blessed to be in the body I'm in!
Battling gestational Diabetes with both pregnancies, experiencing a miscarriage in between and suffering from pretty much the worst pregnancy symptoms you can in both, I feel blessed that I'm able to keep these babies in for as long as I have and have such a healthy, almost two-year-old!
Moms are amazing! Today I celebrate YOU moms! You don't have to go out in a bikini, you can go out in your PJs if that's what makes you comfy and confident! You are beautiful because you are YOU! You carried a HUMAN inside you! What?! That's crazy! Go you!! #gestationaldiabetes #bumpdate #34weekspregnant #twiniversity #twinmom #twinbump #bikinibump #twinmom #twinpregnancy #twinmommy #pregnancy #pregnancybelly #pregnancyfitness #fitmom #pregnancydiet #pregnancyisbeautiful #pregnancyhealth #pregnancyjourney #secondpregnancy #miscarriage #beachbelly


Afternoon tramp antics with these 4 crazy eggs 💕 #whitsons

29 weeks pregnant with Twins ❤️ Because of the high risk of these twins I won't be allowed to go past 37wks which means 8 weeks left(max). Over half of twins are born prematurely so we are on high alert for early babies 😱 So far I have been super lucky and have not been put on any restrictions. I've been able to carry these twins and still be active with my family. It is amazing what a body is capable of doing ❤️#twinpregnancy #29weekspregnant #monoditwins

My twins' daddy sucks at taking pictures! But here's our 17 week belly 💙💙 #twins #identicaltwins #twinpregnancy #babybump #stillkickingmybutt


Our neighbors are so cute! They went to an charity auction to raise money for a women's shelter and came back with this adorable set of handmade burp clothes for the twins. So generous and I love the idea the proceeds went to charity. #twinpregnancy #doinggood #vegantwinpregnancy


Pad kee mao from Life Thai Fusion in Santa Clarita. Everything is made fresh and can be converted to vegan!!! ❤️❤️❤️ love supporting this family run business and am rest assured the food is fresh and MSG free. #santaclarita #lifethaifusion #veganeats #twinpregnancy #californialiving #veganrestaurant #thaifood

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