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Liebe. Pure liebe.❤️
Noch während meiner SS dachte ich, dass ich die zwei Mäuse nicht so sehr lieben könnte wie Hazal.. So im Nachhinein denke ich mir, wie bekloppt warst du denn bitte?! Denn so klassisch wie es sich auch anhört, man liebt all seine Kinder genauso viel. Aber beim ältesten Kind fühlt sich die Liebe dennoch anders an, oder?

When you find outfits that match their teddy bears outfits 😍 these two babies have came at the hardest time of my life with my grandad being so ill but they are rays of sunshine for me and my family on our hardest days. So glad to have these babies in our lives, and seeing them with my grandad is all we ever wanted ❤️❤️

Mein kleines Baby und mein Riesenbaby! 😍❤

Luca ist mit Opa gerade los, den Papa wegbringen. Der ist heute auf Hochzeit. Ich eigentlich auch, aber wie das manchmal so ist, habe ich heute keinen Babysitter. Aber auch nicht so schlimm, da eh alle bis auf Lara und Papa (✊✊✊) erkältet sind...😔 Da ist es ganz gut wenn die Mama bei den Patienten bleibt 😍
Also machen wir es uns zuhause gemütlich. 🔥🔥❤ Was habt ihr so vor heute? 🤗

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8 years you guys. I can’t even believe it because it’s freaking flown by. 8 years ago the universe gave me these two little souls. I wasn’t ready. At least I didn’t think I was ready but life is funny like that. It gives you EXACTLY what you need when you need it, ready or not. 8 years ago I started to become the best version of myself because of them. They are literally THE best thing that has ever happened to me. Ever. They make me try harder. Love harder. Do shit that scares me. They’ve loved me SO hard when I needed it the most. They test my patience like a mofo. They make me laugh harder and more often than anyone I’ve ever met. They make me happy to be alive. They are my EVERYTHING. To have been able to watch them grow into these dope little humans for the past 8 years has been the biggest gift. I’ll never take that for granted. They are passionate. They work SO hard. They are dedicated. Kind. Beautiful. Smart. Funny. Adventurous. Fearless... They are so many things I wasn’t when I was little and I’m really really proud of that. I’m going to keep teaching them to be bad ass chicks who conquer their fears, who never give up and who are instruments of LOVE in this world. Happy happy birthday to my little B & H. I LOVE YOU. ❤️🎉🎉

I cannot describe in words how much love I feel for theses two little munchkins. They fill me up to the top with emotions. I'm crying not because I'm sad but out of happiness and gratefulness. Every day is a perfect day spent with my boys. I can't wait to bring them home ❤️👶🏼👶🏼❤️
<<<~~~~~~~<<< 💙 >>>~~~~~~~~~>>>
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Happy birthday to my number one 👫Couldn't ask for a better friend, hubby & now Dad to the boys...we are incredibly luck to have you @david_k_music 💙

Thank you for all of your messages from last night's story about travel sickness in babies. Loads of you said you have a baby who has suffered from it, or that you know of a little one who has. So I'll have to monitor how Francis is during car journeys from now. Crazy how every day something new springs up for you to deal with. I guess that is parenthood though? I'm just so grateful he vomited all the way home from our day trip to Brighton, rather than on our way there...! Otherwise I may have had to give him a little wash in the sea! 🏖 #thefoxfairies #foxfairytwins #beachlifevibes #brightonbeach #familydaysout #twinfamily

💖💖from @twinsandmoretwins - TO DO LIST: Do something for yourself! ✅ So I have decided to make an effort to do something for myself sometimes. The kids are all doing so well and I haven't really been my 'normal' self since around may 2015 when I fell pregnant with the boys and since I was pregnant 🤰🏼 with the girls 2 months after the boys delivery....well and you know the rest....Time for some changes and one thing I have always wanted to try is teethwhitening. Not that my teeth are particularly bad but let's be honest even cold tea and coffee stain your teeth ☕️...So anyway I will be using a whitening kit from @whitewithstyle who have also been so kind as to offer all my followers a discounted rate for their Sparkle White Professional Teeth Whitening kit which you can get for only $28.00 if you use the code TWINSANDMORETWINS when you order from www.whitewithstyle.com 👍🏻 I have to admit I was rather fascinated by the LED light thingy and had a great little play around with that before prepping the teeth moulds and having my first ever whitening session. And I did all of this while my 4 little ones were napping 😎#winning Of course I will keep you posted over the next few weeks and show off my Hollywood smile. Can definitely notice a difference after my first attempt so here is to doing something for myself sometimes 👌🏻 What is on your list of things you would do for yourself? I need some inspiration please 😘#begoodtoyourself #teethwhitening #whitewithstyle #whiteteeth #hollywoodsmile #treatyourself #bekindtoyourbody #loveyourself #whilethekidssleep #twinmum #twinmom #momoftwins #momof4 #youareimportant #igmoms #metime #youtime #momtime #ledlight #pearlywhites #smile #beautyproduct #brightsmile


When all you want to do is hibernate.... #nqt #mathsteacher #toomuchworktodo #twinmum #isitbedtimeyet #onesie #bear #autumn

Evo remek djela mojih bebulinaca koje smo odlučili pokloniti baki i babi za njihove rođendane. Tehnika: prstići u temperi. Napravili smo kreativni nered na stolu ali finalni rezultat je mrak! 🎨
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Happy birthday to my number one 👫Couldn't ask for a better friend, hubby & now Dad to the boys...we are incredibly luck to have you @david_k_music 💙

Daddy & Dotty off to church this morning whilst mummy & Margot stay home and try to get better! We've been ill for so long now it's taking it's toll!

Our weaning journey starts today! Wish us luck 😬 #twinmum

Let's revisit having twins.
Let's see, THEY ARE TWO SEPARATE HUMAN BEINGS!! Let's repeat... they do things at different times like Ezra was sitting before Soren, and that's ok. Every baby develops at their own pace. Soren says Da da da, haha it's pretty cute ( I like to think I'm da da da) Ezra is venturing further and further each day. 😑 "Ezra don't eat my shoes" ... he wants to eat everything and get into everything he shouldn't be in. While Soren chills and plays with his toys. Don't be fooled with that cute face of Sorens he will miraculously get to the other side of the room if you walk away. Have I mentioned that I can't walk away anymore? These boys move and sit AND fight?! It's annoying sometimes. My two babies are growing so fast. So beautiful to watch these stages of the first year as your children grow from infants to toddlers. Ezra is trying to figure out how to get up by himself 😳 oh boy. Soren likes to chew food. Both boys love drinking water. I try my hardest to divide my love. I feel like I do, I feel as though each of my boys gets the same amount of hugs and kisses, and each day I get a little time to have one on one time as well. I have seen Ezra get jealous of me holding his brother. I guess it's life and it might make me feel bummed but I am only one person. Sometimes I feel like one will need extra love or attention and I never hesitate to do so. These are my kids and I believe as mothers, parents... we know what has to happen. Has it gotten easier? Slightly yes has it become a little wilder:: yes! Still to this day I can't believe I have twins. I absolutely love waking up to such happy babies to get each day going. I also love coming home from work to boys that are sooooo excited to see me. My boys are changing and I love every second of it. .
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