Summer days ☀️

One smiling tomato soup🍃🍅 Takejto usmiatej polievke sa proste neda odolat😍

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Ya pretty much. Change your mindset and quit your b!thchin. Protect your mindset🙉🙉🙉 Thx @bossbabe.inc

U drustvu andela 👼👼
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Most people are skeptical of what I do because society has taught us to look for jobs, not opportunity. . . . “Sad is the day when we stop looking for opportunities to improve our lives. Keep searching until you find that opportunity that aligns with your heart. One that helps you become a better person and inspires the lives around you to do the same. When you find it… tell your story and share your vision RELENTLESSLY. Be the leader by going first and on the tough days when you feel like giving in, do it just one more time.” . . .

Network marketing… I still get messages from people who don’t get it or simply aren’t open enough to learn or understand. It’s a place where anyone’s true potential can be realized. It’s not perfect, and it takes hard work a lot of heart, but it’s definitely better.💕

Get out and VOTE!
Voting is your civic and moral duty, so go do it! Don’t like the way things are going? Do like the way things are going? Want a cool red sticker for the day? Have a lot of opinions or strong emotions at the dinner table with relatives about the state of our nation? Miss filling out bubble paper from standardize tests?
Get out and VOTE today. Also there are some amazing candidates up for election and your voice is what will get them elected. It’s easy, fast, painless, and the core of our democracy. Polls are open till 8pm. Make it happen. Happy Voting! #voted #primaryelection #erinformn

You ever been so wrapped up into being mommy/daddy that you lose grip of yourself? Well, this is us catching it lol 😂 Sometimes even in a family photo you have to regain YOU! Never feel guilty for taking care of YOU. Your babies and significant other will appreciate you more. Trust me. Let em’ know you still got it and always will 💅🏽 #AppreciateYourSexy #Parenthood #SelfCare #Love #SelfLove #Blessed #OOTD #MatchyMatchy #Coordination #Denim #StylishFamily #Happiness #FamilyPhoto #Motherhood #TwinMom #MommyDuties #MyHusbandLookingBombAF

Yesterday I bathed both babies at once all by myself. They were so calm and happy. I just love our @bloomingbath lotus'. 😍

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Just my monthly back check to make sure my progress is still showing. Feeling more and more like a boss and badass every time I check!
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Have you ever faced an impossible situation? Ever been told it won't even happen to you, have a baby, get that promotion, get a man to love you for who you are, get the woman you can call yours forever, etc. Just read how Vera came into the world. She is a proof miracles happen. Happy birthday, Verbear!
Regrann from @alysfight - 💜Vera Alyce Taylor💜

2 years ago, my second baby girl entered this world at 4:22 am weighing 6 pounds 9 ounces, and 5 days late.😳🎉I had just endured both the most painful and incredible experience of my life, and our miracle was born into this beautiful world.🙌🏻😭

Vera’s name means faith. That’s why we chose it. You see, we were told she was impossible. What is faith? Believing for the impossible.🙏🏻

So many believed for you, love!😇

You are our impossible, sweet girl.💜

A world without Vera? I cannot imagine it. She makes everything and everyone better.💕

Her laugh. Her love of cuddling. Her kisses. Her contagious joy. Her sense of humor. Her love for me and her daddy. Her adoration of her sisters. Her mothering everything and everyone. Her kindness.😇

Vera, I just cannot explain what you mean to me. Thank you for being a daily reminder of God healing me and protecting me. Thank you for fighting so hard to be born and bringing indescribable joy to me, Daddy, and your sisters every day.🙌🏻

Mommy adores you, birthday girl!🎂

Enjoy today, but I know you will, because you live everyday like it’s your birthday!🎉

To watch this miracle enter the world, click the link in my profile from last year’s season of ‘Rattled’ @tlc.

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My babies are 8 weeks today! 🎉 SWIPE to see what happened when I attempted to get pictures of them TOGETHER the other day in their matching dresses! 🤣 #FAIL & lately they have been on COMPLETELY OPPOSITE schedules! Seems like there is always one crying! 😩😭 But other than being totally exhausted from severe sleep deprivation and malnourished from either not eating the most micronutrient dense foods or just being too tired to cook and eat, everything is going GREAT! 👍🏼 Actually got big brother to school early yesterday for his 1st day, we all sat with him for breakfast at school & he was happy! 🙃 Yup, I’m dying, but that’s life! 🤷🏻‍♀️ #Twins #TwinLife #TwinMom #TwinsOfInstagram #MomLife #FitMom #Transformation #MomOf3 #PPD #PostpartumDepression #MentalHealth #Weightloss

“Words are our most inexhaustible source of magic”
-J.K. Rowling.
We found the absolute cutest Birthday Gift for our Sweet girl. This personalized Birthday book has everything from castles, unicorns, parades...everything that a little girl would love. And it’s PERSONALIZED!!! Right down to our guest list in the book!!! What a wonderful way for her to remember this special event for years to come!!! If you want that special Birthday gift for little ones in your life you have to check out @iseemebooks.
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My husband and I recently watched Three Identical Strangers. In case you don't know, it's a documentary that tells a fascinating story that is wonderful, sad and unexpected. I won't give things away, but obviously the story centers around identical triplets that were all separated after birth and did not know they were triplets until they were young adults. When they discover this, of course everyone immediately focused on identifying all of the similarities. However, as a mother of identical twins, I couldn't help but want to know and hear more about all of their differences. 💙💙 The film didn't spend much time (if any) explaining the uniqueness and truly miraculous way identical multiples come to be. They are often considered "spontaneous twins/multiples" because there really is no exact, scientific explanation for why a fertilized egg splits days after conception. .

To think that these beings started off as one person and became two or more is truly amazing. However, that does not mean they are completely identical in every way. Sure they share the same DNA and they may look undistinguishable to most, but their personalities, tastes, likes and dislikes can be totally different. I believe that understanding and appreciating those differences is really important too. .

Liam is so supportive of his sissy 💕 He kept saying “you look pwetty, sis!” and “you’re going to have so much fun, sis!” 😍

Don’t let them see you sweat... Your kids that is, cause Lord knows they run me ragged 24/7 but I got this....💁🏽‍♀️ #Momlife #Momager #moming #momof3 #twinmom

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