They are so proud of themselves right now for fitting their tiny booties into the doll strollers. 😂😂😂 #Twins #twinmom #boygirltwins #mom #momof7 #happy #babies

Hikin’ and baby wearin’ my BellaBoo 🐻 #twinmom #hikingmama

I love bonding with my babies. Charlotte always awake and alert. Jonathan seems to like sleeping with no cares in the world. And as their mother, my favorite past time is looking at them. Both over 4lbs! Love my mini humans so much. So happy to be your mommy. #twins #twicetheblessing #brothersisterlove #premiee #brotherandsister #bgtwins #twinmom #newmommy #SonAndDaughter #MiniHumans #dynamicduo #wondertwins #princeandprincess #brooksclan #wardfamily #preemietwins #preemiebaby #preemiestrong

It’s Friday!!! Friyayyy- and this day calls for some delish @toneitupnutrition @toneitup chocolate protein pancakes 🥞 drizzled with 🥥 milk and shavings + some 🍓 and my Meta-D (which I made with oj cuz I’m outta apple juice!! Just as good btw) week three is almost in the books 📚 let’s kill this weekend, babes!
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#SWIPE New blog post! #ad Today I’m featuring @littlemammoth_media’s new video, #TheNewBIGPlaneTrip! This educational, kid-friendly video is an awesome resource for kiddos curious about their first trip to the airport or who just love learning new things! Check out more details and where to purchase on the blog. #LinkInBio #TwoChocolateFaces #LittleMammoth #TravelingWithKids

The girls’ birth was traumatic, mainly for me. Pretty much the worst day yet the best day. But it’s their story. And they’re truly miracles.

I love working out, but I am always looking for new shoes. Any suggestions?!?
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Too sweaty today... tied my hair up...

It’s a double dose kinda day.... .
I’ve gotten in a nasty habit of letting myself feel overwhelmed lately. I’mConstantly outnumbered tiny humans, i went back into the work force with a new job, and I’m working on some goals that feel like mountains some days... .
Every now and then i have to check myself. Is caring for two 12month olds difficult? Ummm yeah. But it’s also hilarious, entertaining, and so full of love i can hardly stand it some days. And I’ve got the most involved, loving, caring, supportive partner i could ask for in a father.

Does being responsible for patient lives feel like a tremendous amount of pressure? Yup! But i was trained for this. I know how to recognize a patient who needs intervention and I’ve practiced those skills to intervene. I have to trust myself. .

Is 30 pounds a lot to lose? You bet! But i don’t need to lose them all today. Today i need to do my workout. Drink my water. Follow my meal plan. The pounds will come... .

Life is big. But so are you. you are where you are for a reason. You’re working on what you’re working on because you’ve got a goal.
On those days you feel overwhelmed- when life feels just a little too big, take a step back. Check yourself. Look at that goal / that reason, take a double dose of Energize, and press on.

Did you know that the average household carries hundreds of toxic and cancer causing cleaning agents? Why continue? Your health and especially those of your children is not worth it. This is an easy replacement. You will save money, feel healthier & happier. Everything listed below 👇🏻 is in both the Home Essentials and Family Essentials kits! • Peppermint • Lavender • Frankincense • Melaleuca • Deep Blue • Breathe • Digest Zen • On Guard • Melaleuca • Oregano • Lemon
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I don’t share this enough because well, it use to make me feel odd, yuck, and straight up weird.
But if your a mom, trying something uncomfortable, I feel ya. I understand.

I BELIEVE in you.

I need to share this. For YOU.

Society puts stigmas on things, and even if we don’t believe them, we still feel the pressure and misunderstanding from those who believe it.
Society tells us no, you can’t, you will fail, your not worth.
I call BS.
You are all above those words.

There is truth in this picture.

This is me, doing what I love, working.
YES, I work for an amazing multimillion dollar company, filled with success compassion and drive. This company has allowed me, an every day average working mother and nurse, a chance for freedom.
I’m sitting comfortably at a little coffee shop working and supporting wellness minded people, while waiting for my children. I’m waiting to spend the rest of the day with them. Feeding lunch, nap time and play time. They get to do it all with me. Not with a sitter while I spend the day running the halls ragged with doctors orders and patient demands.

I share this because this is truth. I work from home. Being present on OUR (my families) schedule.
This gift of a “job” allows for travel, private school, volunteer time, exponential finically growth, family time, and well, all around awesomeness in life.

So momma, if your feeling you can’t because a voice with those nasty words keep playing over and over again in your head, I’m hear to tell you different!

You. Can.

You can because you want to be with your family.
You can because you want to travel.
You can because you want finical freedom.
You can because you want to bring your husband home form work.
You can because you want future security.

Girl, get up and do it, because you can.

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