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Tomorrow is my first day back at work @cbcthegoods and I’m already crying. Don’t miss this very hormonal episode- 2pm on @cbc.

#twinlife 💕I'm so blessed to witness these two awesome little creatures growing up and interacting with each other. I can’t imagine having only one and wouldn’t want it any other way, despite all difficulties.

✨✨MAMASHARE✨✨”This is me, 5 months into my twin nursing journey! It's been such a crazy ride; so much more challenging than my first baby, whom I nursed until she was 2 without too much trouble. This time around, I feel like we've hit every possible bump in the road. They were a month early and their birth was long and hard, landing me in the maternal ICU and them in the NICU. Their doctors insisted on formula supplementation. Then I struggled to latch them, since they were only 4 and 5 pounds.
I quickly found myself exclusively pumping and struggling with supply. My efforts to boost supply were (very!!) successful and ended up resulting in over supply issues. Then we nursed with a nipple shield for almost 2 months. I finally got them straight on the breast and was hit with thrush and mastitis! Every challenge was devastating in the moment but I knew how joyful and convenient and special nursing was, so I persevered.

What I really want to say to other moms on their nursing journey is: it's ok. Wherever your journey looks like--supplementing, exclusively pumping, using a nipple shield, whatever--it's ok. Breastfeeding isn't all or nothing, but if you want the "all" then keep persisting, ask for help, and just KNOW you'll get there. I have hit so many bumps in the road, but I held on and didn't give up. Here we are at 5 months, finally pain free, nursing straight on the breast, with an abundant (but not too abundant!) supply. I am so amazed that I can feed two humans at once. What a gift. I appreciate my body more than I ever have before.” @lepetitchou

Iv heard some parents say that in a single day they see their babies grow up and change. Iv had a few days like that this week with these two cheeky chickens and it’s so true! I swear Iv seen them mature and develop over night. They are no longer little babies but are now little ladies. Their little expressions and movements have changed and they look at me differently. Like they really know me and just almost like they appreciate me and my love for them. Like I’m not just that chick that feeds them but I’m their mummy. It’s really nice.

Harlow is smiling cause she is the centre of attention again, while Noah’s in the background singing “hello darkness my old friend” lol #twinlife #poornoah #nochildwasneglectedinthemakingofthispost #blessedindoubles #instadad


Kurt, one of my oldest friends, is also Dadding It at the moment. Today, he came to say hello with his 8 week old, Emmy. Talk about outnumbered and out of our depth. #twins #teamdad


Happy Thanksgiving! 🧡🦃🍁 We have had such an incredibly blessed 2017 — Kirsten and Logan, a new brother-in-law, and so much more — and yet, God is just as good as He was in 2016 and all the years before that. We praise Him for all the blessings He has given us, this year especially, and encourage you to truly pause and think about the blessings and gifts in your life. Gratitude really does change our perspective. Happy Thanksgiving my dear friends! We send our love! •
PS {swipe to see the reason the babes were separated for their photo. 🙈 Oh brother ...}

#happythanksgiving #blessedlife #twinlife

I’m thankful for my family 🙏🏼👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 Happy Thanksgiving 🦃🍽🍁

Watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. 🦃#thanksgivingdayparade #macysparade #kieklaktwins #kieklaksgiving2017

I can usually dream up inventive ways to keep the girls entertained, however sometimes I just completely run out of ideas. What does everyone else do to keep their little ones amused? As we all know what bored babies mean.........#entertainingthemasses #whatcanwedo #entertainingbaby #twinlife #outofideas #needmotivation #boredbaby

These are my people and my Thanksgivings will forever be complete with our two beautiful blessings! Liam Oliver and Henry James I️ am beyond thankful to be your momma you boys make me happy each and every day 😘. As for my Hubby I’m thankful that you love to work so I️ can stay home with these little nuggets 😃😘 @blissss7 #happythanksgiving #blessed #thankful #twinlife #twinmomma #babiesaresoserious 😂

So it’s Thanksgiving morning and the wife and I woke up and called for the kids to come up to our room cause who knows what they were up to.....well they both came up with a bowl of Tostitos!! The wife was like “OMG that’s not bfast!” but had no problem assisting us in eating the Tostitos as part of our pre breakfast Thanksgiving Morning Meal. There is no real specific moral to this story other than it’s cute and it’s these 3 reasons (the wife and kids) that I am giving all the Thanks in the world to have these 3 in my life! #itsthelittlethings #myfam #happythanksgiving #proudpapa #twinlife

Early holiday workout to EARN that turkey din din!!
Happy Thanksgiving!!
Enjoy some family time and some good eats! Fit groups starts Monday!💕💪🏼💕

I'm thankful for all of my family (everyone not pictured as well), my friends, and my health.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone.💕

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