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On this day My Queen and Eye practiced our water bending,
It took many attempts to keep the waves back at 1st due to the fact that it was a bit hard to grasp the concept that it was actually us moving the waves,
So we had to restart our writing several times due to my lack of focus,
Once my focus became on the waves and keeping My Queen Protected as She went about her work,
Things became quite clear,
It Was All Us!
Everything Is Simply A Reflection/Projection Of Us!
And You Do Not Ask The Waves To Move You Demand That They Move!
When Eye'm With Her Anything Is Possible!✨

Joy. Laughter. Love. 💜 it's all you need xx
#joy #hemakesmelaugh #love #twinflames🔥

During my recent trip to NY, I stopped into some shops and found papyrus with beautiful Egyptian art and statuettes. I had no idea until a couple days ago , that these energies are playing a huge role right now. Totally blown away by all the synchronicity! I feel summoned and inspired ✨



just sayin....dont trip 😂❤💯
#twinflames🔥 #soulmates #lordt
annoying af but thats yall boo tho

After 4 kids and over 20 years of companionship she still does it for me.

Her individuality has taught me so much about self love and self acceptance. Shea been more than a lover she's been my very BEST friend. It's crazy cause even when we disagree, we still wouldn't want to be around anyone else but eachother.

In a world full of options she's the only one. None compares to who she is to the world, our family and to me.

My first love frfr, my soulmate absolutely. We gon Ride together till we die together.
"All I need in this life of sin..." 💯💯💯💯
#appleofmyeye #WCE #wcw #twinflames🔥 #kingandqueen #DandMoni #foreverus

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