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I thought we didn't get a family photo on the weekend at my sisters wedding and then my mum just sent me this. My world 💗

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Every Saturday morning Mike and I high five each other because we actually feel like we are winning at parenting. 👊🏻This is after a week of thrown together meals, which barely anyone eats, constantly feeling like we are drowning in mess and never completing our to-do lists. 😩Saturdays we team up and get all four kids to swimming lessons tear-free. 👫👭This is eight years in the making of screaming babies, switching to private lessons because we thought maybe that would work, and Beau literally punching her swimming teacher in the eye when she was one with me at mommy and me classes... I didn't show my face again. 🤦🏼‍♀️It may seem like a small win, but in our parenting journey, it's huge! 🏆

🙌🏻 Dad made an awesome fort out of a pumpkin bin! 🎃 #Dadventures #SundayFunday #TheDadMomTwins

Just me and my girls #twins #twindad #love

My daughters @mccluretwins let me know that I did a horrible job changing my “son’s” first diaper.
I don’t think I should hold him that way when he’s born...? Lol 👶🏼 .
#babyshower #newbaby #babyboy #mcclurefamily #mccluretwins #twindad #fatherhood #familyfirst #biracial #interracial #funny #instagood #mccluregirls #jkmcclure #njphotographer #nycphotographer #phillyphotographer #njvideographer #nycvideographer #moments

Been awake for 5 mins and they want their horsey rides #2for1 #brokedadmountain #mylife #twindad

Park play after family photos with @mallorychrisman these guys are crazy and fast, hoping we got a few good ones 📸🙏📸😬😍#dizzytwins #disbrobros #dizzydex #twindad


The girls’ spoils from Daddy’s trip to Orlando. #twindad #twinmom #pacetwinsdad #pacetwinsmom

When the power is out and you have twins to get ready there HAS to be coffee. #coffee #illy #twindad #dadlife #coffeemakestheworldgoround #ineedafrenchpress #noadultingwithoutcoffee

Feliz aniversário minhas Marias!🎈
Filhas hoje vocês completam 4 anos o que desejamos para vocês é sempre muita saúde, um caminho cheio de luz e amor, muitas descobertas, alegrias sem fim...
Vocês são a razão das nossas vidas estaremos sempre ao lado de vocês em todos os momentos, agradeço a Deus pela nossa família, por toda a felicidade e união que temos!
Um dia maravilhoso para vocês minhas pequenas!!!
Com amor Mamãe e Papai ♥️🙏🏻
#love #happybirthday #twingirls #twinmom #twindad #goodvibes #familyfirst #familyfirstalways #thanksgod #soagradecer #asmariasfazem4 #gemeasmarias

Building blocks with daddy @ob2720 💙#twins #twindad

I thought we didn't get a family photo on the weekend at my sisters wedding and then my mum just sent me this. My world 💗

Willow wouldn’t leave her Daddy’s side this morning, it’s all she wanted was daddy cuddles and to talk to him. Unfortunately duty calls and he had to leave for work, but it was no small feat having her come to Mummy while he got ready to leave!
Armed with her Diddy in my mouth (backwards of course) and kitty in my lap, she refused to come to me until Daddy brought her over and she didn’t whinge or cry she snuggled into me and continued talking away. 💕 .
#fatheranddaughter #willow #willowannarose #adorable #twindad #dadlife #twinmomma #lifewithtwins #monday #mondaymornongs #love #adorable

Swimming in twintown #twins #twindad #iloveswimming

We had a seriously fun day today that included pumpkin painting, grocery shopping, and some jam sessions with the windows down on this gorgeous day today:) #Grateful #FamilyTime #LoveIt #TwinDad

This weekend's feature article from Twiniversity is "4 Truths About Parenting Twins."
Here's a snippet (the full article can be read at www.Twiniversity.com free of charge): "There are so many things in life that you can’t understand until you experience them. For me, parenting twins takes the cake! I thought I was prepared to be a mom. I couldn’t WAIT to be a mom. All of my life decisions–education, husband who was family-oriented, my teaching career– all centered around someday becoming a mom. It was hard for other people, but for me? I’d be a pro! I was the oldest of three, babysat for years, volunteered in my church’s nursery for a decade, was an elementary school teacher… I KNEW KIDS! Then my daughter came. A colicky newborn with a poor latch, low birth weight and just plain inconsolable for 3 months. She chilled out, was an amazing toddler and then my son came 22 months later. Not a bad baby but a much more challenging toddler. I could spend hours describing their personalities and how parenthood changed our lives! By the time we found out we were pregnant with our third child two years later, we were experienced enough to know that we didn’t know much, but hey, we already had two so we were becoming experts, right? WRONG. That ultrasound at 9 weeks revealing fraternal twins, rocked our world! TWINS?! We weren’t even sure we wanted more children, let alone twins! But those blessings have changed our life in so many good ways, they are so worth it! Doesn’t mean it’s easy though!"

Spot the ❤️ these little dudes are awesome. @quinnbo22 snapped this photo early in the morning some time.

Points for dinner time creativity... #ljndubya

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