Then it was back to Glasgow to see these legends play at @smmrsessions
It was @maevriplays’s first time seeing @twinatlantic and she flew all the way across the ocean for it so you can see the utter joy on her face 😂😂😂 Also got to see @catfishandthebottlemen that night too who absolutely hold a special place in my heart #Glasgow
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Was pretty cool and very interesting finding out how certain bands made it into the music industry. Saw Sam do a little acoustic performance for radio 2, got to speak to him for the first time in over a year which had been far too long. Also met Matt, Chris and Elliot from The Amazons who were all lovely ☺️ #sammctrusty #twinatlantic #theamazons #bbcintroducing

#tbt nr.3 Again the lads from @twinatlantic. Can’t wait their next tour to begin. I’m so gonna fly outta here when the time comes. 🇫🇮>🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿#twinatlantic #sammctrusty #rossmcnae #barrymckenna #craigkneale #livemusicphotography

If you think dying is the easy part
Leaving life behind is the thing that's hard
(All I hear are whispers)
Dying was the easy part
There's nothing left in the end so journey far •

#twinatlantic #whispers #blondehair #blondie #emo #goth #rocker #alternative #punk #metalhead #lesbo #lesbian #dyke #lgbtq

Here’s a full cover of one of ma favourite tunes from @twinatlantic called Crash Land 💛 •
#cover #twinatlantic #crashland #Free #pianocover

Day 8 A song about drugs or alcohol
Twin Atlantic - No Sleep
🎵" We're not gonna sleep no more
We're not gonna sleep no more
I take pills and I drink alcohol
Ready or not, day dreaming's got to stop"🎶
Only discovered these lads last year at Radio 1's big weekend and this is one of my favourite songs, like one of my top 10's. Great to listen to on the radio but even better seeing them live
#twinatlantic #favoritetune #top10tunes

Post gig poses with @sammctrusty

I'm talking to my brothers and sisters
I miss the conversations between us
There's nothing wrong with being a dreamer
So where are you now? - Twin Atlantic

#Strangers #Lyrics #BrothersAndSisters #TwinAtlantic #Portrait #RealEyesRealiseRealLies #OnwardAndUpwards #NovusOrdoSeclorum

I did that thing where I went and got more tattoos. So these are the tattoos and I'm gonna say what they all mean to me.

The first one is "I went searching when the lights went out" which is lyrics to Crash Land by Twin Atlantic. I absolutely love Twin Atlantic so much and tbh I don't really know what my life would be like if I'd never discovered them. I love the lyrics and even if you don't like Twin Atlantic, just go and listen to Crash Land because it's so beautiful. Its a beautiful song and it's a song that's offered me a lot of comfort over the 7 years its been out. I absolutely love it. And it's nice to have a little bit of Twin with me wherever I go now.

The next one is "this is what dreams are made of" which is lyrics to Sex On The Beach by The Mocking Jays. It's a song that made me fall in love with the mocks and well, come on its me. I love the mocks. I don't even know what mess my life would be like without the mocks and it's a band who's music I've turned to a lot on darker days because HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE IT? it's also a beautiful set of lyrics. And it's just another one to add to the collection of TMJ tattoos. It may not be the most artistic but it's still nice and it's there.

And then the third one is my ; if anybody knows what this means then well done you can probably guess why I have it. But if you don't know, I do have my ; tattoo over a set of scars. And the semi colon is often used to represent self harm. So this tattoo just seemed fitting. It was over the place I hurt the most so I can't distroy the tattoo. It's there to show my fight and to show my support to anybody else suffering from self harm. My mental health has been one of the biggest obstacles I've had to over come and I do find it hard with my issues to cope. And music helps me hint why my tattoos are music related. So this little guy is there to represent my fight. To show that I can defeat this but I did still sit in that dark place for years.

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Lost in Space @sammctrusty

When you go to see @richardashcroftofficial in @barrowland_ballroom and end up meeting @barrymckenna from your favourite band @twinatlantic #barrowland #twinatlantic #richardashcroft

Don't forget to vote for Trees as the Best Medium-Sized Festival in the @festival_awards! G'wan, you know you wanna.

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