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The post holiday holiday party #mars #conspiracy #twilio

Shopify at Signal 2017 #twilio #shopify #signalconf

My amazing programmers turned weaving experts tonight at @makeworkshop. Such a fun class! | #weaverfever #weaveweird #makeworkshop #brooklyn #twilio

July 9th marked 5 years at Twilio! Earned my gold shoes. 🙌🏼 Couldn't have picked a better company to spend these years with. #onward #twilio

Before Twilio, adding a voice, video, or text-chat feature to an app was difficult. Jeff Lawson, the founding CTO of StubHub, wondered why a developer wasn't able to add teleph­ony and messaging capabilities to an app. So, in 2008, the three started Twilio, a San Francisco-based business-to-business cloud platform that allows sexier com­panies like Uber, WhatsApp, and Airbnb to do just that. By making a low-cost utility available to some of Silicon Valley's hottest startups, Twilio became a hot startup itself and attracted $240 million from an all-star cast of individual investors. Valued at $1 billion before its June initial public offering (and now about thrice that), Twilio was one of the few unicorns to go public in 2016. (📸: @ryaneyoung) #IPO #Twilio #Founder

Western Wednesday. #twilio


Sunday coding + Marvel Defenders. Not the Avengers but so far so good. #marveldefenders #coding #code #html #ruby #rails #twilio #rubyonrails #codelife #development #webdev #webdevelopment #startuplife #startup

Incredibly proud that @twilio prohibited hate speech in our acceptable use policy. So... so proud. #proudtwilion #inclusion #belonging #twilio #dosomething #nohate

Western Wednesday. #twilio

SuperPhone is the answer to a problem I don’t have yet…But I want to play with it anyway. Text me +442033895762

The premise behind Ryan Leslie’s SuperPhone application is that it is a personal relationship manager (PRM). What it does is allow someone with a large fan base to have meaningful conversations with the people who follow them the most.

The way it does this is fairly simple. Rather than entering people’s details into your phone when you meet them, you give them your phone number, ask them to text you and they’ll get a link to a form they can fill out with their contact details which are then automatically added to your SuperPhone phone book. It’s a way to scale the unscalable. You can put your phone number out online without fear. Once you have these details, you know a lot more about the people in your contact list than you normally would. You get their name, email address, phone number and address/country of residence. After that, all other details are optional. They can leave their date of birth, job description, Twitter handle, etc. You can then add tags to people to categorise them even more. With that info, you can now act on it and create those meaningful relationships with your friends and fans.

Case Studies:
1. You’re travelling across the country to play some gigs. Your guitar breaks on the day of a gig and there are no guitar shops nearby that can repair it in time. You can filter through your contacts for guitarists and send an SMS out to them all asking for help and if you could borrow a guitar for the evening in exchange for 2 VIP tickets to your gig.

2. Using the integrated Shopify plugin, you can track which contacts bought your last album and which ones have spent the most money on you. You can then send out an SMS to a selection of them and offer them a free copy of your brand new album as a thank you.

3. It’s a few of your fan’s birthdays. Reach out to them with a personal message and say happy birthday.

4. Use your SuperPhone contact form as your general contact form on your website.

I’ve definitely not got a large enough fan base to really get full use out of this technology but that might change one day! Send me a text 📲

Been in Denver for 5 days and I think Twilio is telling me to come home now. #domsbieberpose #twilio

Incredibly awesome crew of Twilions in Beantown tonight. #twilio #beantown #beastsintheeast

Business News About Four Big Companies: Disney, Twilio, Netflix, & McDonalds. ---------------------------------------------------- Disney (DIS) stock fell more than 4 percent after it reported revenue of $14.24 billion that missed expectations of $14.42 billion. The mass media and entertainment conglomerate will also pull movies from Netflix by 2019 and launch its own streaming service. ----------------------------------------------------Netflix (NFLX) stock dropped nearly 3 percent in response to Disney's announcement that it will pull it movies from the streaming service. ----------------------------------------------------
Twilio (TWLO) stock is UP 10%+, after the cloud communication company reported a nearly 50% gain in quarterly revenue. Second quarter revenue rose to $95.9 million, up from $64.5 million in the same quarter a year earlier. TWLO is up 20%+ in 2017. ----------------------------------------------------McDonalds (MCD) reported they are planning a massive expansion in China. Also, McDonalds partnership with UberEats to provide delivery has been proven to be a success. The stock is UP 30%+ in 2017.

I posted my thoughts on Twilio's latest earnings reports at reedreports.com. Go check it out!

Webinar #twilio #bots #ecommerce 👾👾👾

Twilio (TWLO) is flying high after hours after the company beat street expectations for 2Q. Analysts were expecting a loss of -0.11 a share but were reported at -0.05 a share. Twilio was cut hard after 1Q reports stated that Uber, who represented 12% of revenue, was no longer depending on Twilio as heavily. 2Q revenue was a beat at $95 million compared to an expected $84 million along with positive outlook from management. #Twilio #TWLO #nyse #stocks #nasdaq #bear #bull #market #earnings #2Q

Twilio put out a great second quarter earnings report! Look out for my update tomorrow on reedreports.com

Earnings Season in the stock market. There are so many companies reporting this week. Check out my Youtube video. Link in my BIO ✅ ⠀
#nvidia #blueapron #snapchat #disney #macys #kohls #neteasegames #yy #weibo #sina #JCPenney #Twilio #stocks #stockmarket #investing

@MLHacks #HackCon is on! Reppin' @Clarifai @twilio @github, the coolest dev evas are in town. 😝🎈📷:@maxcellw

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