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Right apparently we have to wait one more month for the new album 🤔🤔 I wish it was this mouth but I’ll wait cause I need this album 😊#twentyonepilotsnewalbum #twentyonepilotsnews #twentyonepilots #twentyonepilotsfanpage #theclique #theskeletonclique #alienclique

“Remember the morning is when night is dead” Throwback to when I was crying because the end of an era, today marks day 218 of the Hiatus. I don’t mind the time they have been on a break, I’m just really exited to listen to there new music :^) #twentyonepilotsfanpage #twentyonepilots #twentyonepilotseye #twentyonepilotstrash #twentyonepilotshiatus #twentyonepilotsnewalbum #silenceeyes #help

Artist:@topblrrfc 💝💗💕...probably want to kill me but ... change cell and I do not know the password of insta :'v, so I'll make another insta and I will ask you to follow me there since it will be the one that uses and this will be forgotten:''v But still nooo ... I will be warning you when it is my last publication. Thank you❤⚡💟 pd:excuse the English plis

so today might be the day !!!! #twentyonepilotsnewalbum

Wtf how is lovely there and what if they’re remastering it for the new album #tøp #twentyonepilotsnewalbum

I know what I want for christmas #newalbum

Guys apparently tøp new album is coming out on Friday- samantha -
#twentyonepilots #twentyonepilotsnewalbum #theclique #theskeletonclique #alienclique

K guys apparently the new tøp album is coming out this Friday so hopefully this is true but I’m so ready for this. What do u guys think 🤔 do u think it’s coming out on Friday or not? #twentyonepilots #twentyonepilotsnewalbum #theclique #theskeletonclique #alienclique

Ok guys I'm going to tell you my theory on when the album is being released. I don't have to much evidence and this is probably gonna seem like a stretch but bear with me.
So my grandmother (which I call yaya) has a history of being able to tell fortunes. There were many times where she would tell fortunes and (from what I know) every time she was right. So one day I was asking her random things about the future and one of them was when the tøp album was gonna be released. She said "February 6th." She didn't know why that day but something told her it would be that. Then today I thought of something that could possibly prove this to be true. So I went to my calendar to see what day of the week feb six was and I couldn't believe it. It was on a Tuesday. Albums and songs are almost always released on a Tuesday. I know this because both of my parents are musicians and have experience in the industry. So I believe that the album is being released on February 6. -
Thank you for reading this if you did. If it does get released that day I'll uh idk go outside and record me screaming "josh dun is my religion" or something like that idk lol. -

#twentyonepilots #clique #tylerjoseph #joshdun #newalbum #silence #tyjo #jishwa #cliquetheory #cliquetheories #twentyonepilotstheory #top #toptheories #toptheory #newtopalbum #newtwentyonepilotsalbum #twentyonepilotsnewalbum

Ok so Ive been seeing this floating around and Ive basically already proven it fake.
1. The echo account admitted to be a fake account. "Echo" has no association with twenty one pilots.
2. Death of the Enemy was said to be a demo for the new album. It was actually a demo from 2013 I think and Tyler never said what it was named.
3. It says that it is to be released on the 18th. The big problem with this is that it is on a Sunday. Songs are usually released on a Tuesday. An entire album being released on a Sunday is very unlikely.
So yeah. -

#twentyonepilots #clique #tylerjoseph #joshdun #newalbum #twentyonepilotssilence #twentyonepilotsnewalbum #silence

I'm sooo ready for the new album, but actually soo not ready lmao
#joshdun #tylerjoseph #music #tøp #twentyonepilotsnewalbum

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