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the wolf of wallstreet

how do you deal with pain / stress?🥀

“When someone is stabbed, you’re told not to remove the knife. Once it’s removed, everything begins to fall apart. In less than ten minutes, someone could bleed out. 
She still isn’t sure which of them stuck the blade in her stomach, but she refuses to pull it out. Instead, she embraces it. “Do you love me,” she asks, still not facing him, “or do you just hate the idea of losing me?”
It’s silent, and she does not know how to read this situation. If she turned around, she knows the emotion would be clear on his face because he has always been an open book. For her, he will always be an open book.
She doesn’t turn around, though, and she realizes that she doesn’t want to see his face—see the destruction that she’s caused. 
He says her name then, and his voice is level; it twists the knife. 
He says, “Why do you do this?”
He says, “I’m not losing you. You’re running away.”
And he says, “I love you—god knows that I love everything about you—but we’re falling apart. You’re tearing us apart.“ Finally, she turns around, and she’s not sure what she expected, but it surely was not this. He’s cold, blank, torn apart and carelessly sewn back together. He is covered in her—covered in her heartbreak.
"I need—” He clears his throat, hides any slip of emotion. “I need you to let me go because I don’t have the strength to do it myself.”
And at that moment, she realizes this is no longer a game. All this time she thought she was being selfish with her heart, but this boy — This boy makes her wish things were different; he makes her wish that she was different. 
That’s why she sucks in a rattling breath, and that’s why she forces those selfless words past her lips. She swallows the pain and tries to cure the heartbreak when she says, “You should leave." He winces. He looks like he wants to take back his words. He looks like he wants to stay, and he looks like he wants to cross the room in three steps and pull her into his arms and stop her from slipping away like water between his fingers. 
Looks, however, have always been deceiving. 
He leaves, and he takes the knife with him.”


qotd: what color are your eyes? - 💌 -
I loved you when you reached under my shirt after I finished sobbing on you. I was drunk and I said no. I loved you when you didn’t talk to me for a month after; I blamed it on the fact that I hadn’t shaved in months. It’s my fault. It’s my fault. It’s my fault.

I loved you when I thought about all of the places your hands have been. I sat up wondering why sex was only good enough when you drove six hours to get it. I sat up wondering why I had to listen to my best friend tell me you tried to fuck her and why you didn’t expect me to call you crying. It’s my fault. It’s my fault. It’s my fault.

I sat up thinking my standards were too high. I was overreacting. Sex means you’re wanted– you taught me that. You taught me that when you used sex as an outlet for your insecurities. You taught me that when you cheated on me because you were loveless. I thought about how meaningless something you thought was so important really was to you. I loved you when you guilted them into sex; I loved you when we didn’t have sex in weeks. It’s my fault. It’s my fault. It’s my fault.

I sat up thinking I would never find anyone else I would forgive for all of this. I told myself the more pain I endure, the more in love I am, and love will heal this in the end. I sat up thinking it was me. I was too easily scarred. My bones were made of glass. If you fucked me, you would break me. So you wanted to love me. And you couldn’t. You can’t. My mother told me it was all about sex. It’s my fault. It’s my fault. It’s my fault.

I loved you when you kissed “I’m sorry” all over my body and I wrote “sex is okay” all over napkins and menus and notebooks. I settled. I always thought you were passive, that I needed to give you power. But you soaked me in, and then you left without a note like a one-night stand. It’s my fault. It’s not my fault. It’s not my fucking fault.

I didn’t lie when I told you off the first time. I just believed in you. I didn’t lie when I told you off the second time. I just loved you.

"i hope that you miss me when im gone." 🥀


yo! it’s a new piece! i hope you like it! also buy my book! link in bio!!

idk what i want to be for halloween and i usually know two months before pfff

@ohglowingeyes: "'Remember the morning is when night is dead' (twenty one pilots)
I got my first tattoo today. I designed it a little while ago. It stands for the lyric above, and man does it mean a lot to me.
The darkness will come, but so will the light. And the Light will always kill the darkness. The rays of the sun will pierce through "the horrors of the night". If you don't have hope in anything, have hope in that. My Hope lies solely in the fact that the Light is and always will be victorious. It was a good 18th birthday."
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favourite city/country?


It's a cute necklace

you know for sure I'm outta content once I post a drunk selfie 😂 I'm sorry



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this is so creative omg .
. .
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how is it only tuesday

I was drunk when I took this I don't even know, help 😂

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