The transparent effect doesn't work on here but my entire reasoning for drawing this was to make that joke so I had to add it

Best kids best kids

I found some ancient lineart from when i first started drawing digitally and realized just how bad i was at shading back then so i did a quick redo:)

As you can see, this is very terrible.

and Gabe is an Android now.

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She already knows how to skateboard but she likes being close to him so she's not going to tell him

He probably should have disguised his voice but he was too excited okay

I don't care what happens in season 4, these two will always be my otp❤❤ ---also i decided to do this scene cause it's sweet and Gabe is so smooth but now I'm sobbing okay

I always shipped Clem and Gabe and I got sad when he died :’( Did you guys ship them too?

Creds: @/twdgxe

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I don’t care that this isn’t good and it’s cluttered but I’m sobbing I miss Gabe so much

New post /Clem&Gabe/ Lately I'm posting little.. In the end I no longer publish that old video! 🤙 Tags-
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twdg infinity war AU aka I'm suffering

Picking the silent options is wild

If you're wondering why i haven't posted in a few days it's because i got too invested in my twdg spider-man AU

Look how far she's come. 💛

Wow I miss this boy

Me? Making every single art request I get about gabentine?? Yes.

Nothing to say... I had to do it! xD
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I only post doodles oops but I will never stop fighting for the number 1 ship

I'd say blame Kaylee for this cause it's based off of her one shot but i came up with the idea for her and I'm also the one who drew it so yeah its my fault and i am suffering

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