Hot day out today! ☀️

this is a remake of @_kyzani 's edit yee
ac: idk?
dt: @twdg.official @editingclem @clemenellie
cc: cxstielcollins

No more exams! Sumer Break is here! ☀️

i love u bitch

ac: voltron_audios
dt: @jesssbaby.art
cc: cxstielcollins

software: svp 14

i love emm
ac: kuteaudios
dt: idk

12 fps
dt: @clemenellie and @editingclem
cc: classicpewds
ac: me

What do you think happened in Clementine’s hat in Season4? 🤔

i hope this doesn't flop ugh
ac: deadaudio
cc: cxstiellcollins
dt: no one

this took too long to render its a mess
ac: idk
dt: @duhamberprice @twdg.official @thehellsakowtow
cc: cxstielcollins

Last week of school! :) then exams next week 😫


dt: @okayalondra and @twdg.official

Happy Mothers Day everyone! 👩🏻❤️

I’m back! Thank you so much for your dm’s and your support. It means so much to me! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

i didnt wanna go back and fix this so like yeah

dt: @myclemmf @twd.clemmieclue @twdg.official @editingclem @epywinter @love.sxpernova @voidclxm @anjoufilms @clemenellie @crystal.editts @thehellsakowtow @duhamberprice
ac: me but the original song is called the fire (:

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