I love seeing Clem without her hat on, it's rare but I appreciate whenever we can see her without it on because she's super cute with her hair out.

I love how even though Violet is super introverted & shy she also has an aggressive side which is shown when she's around Louis or fighting walkers! She's quite the badass honestly, I love her alot!.

[ Thinkin’ bout ya 💜 ]
♡ Please turn your brightness up! ♡
+ Y’know, I never really liked this ship but now I genuinely miss them? They care so much about each other, my hEART ;w; 💞💞💞
+ After playing through episode 1 of season 4 (which was effin’ amazing, by the way), I rediscovered my love for TWDG; not to mention it’s been FOREVER since the last time I edited this game so yOU BET I’M EDITING MORE OF IT SOON OWO
+ Also, I apologize for not being very active, but I’ll try to post as often as I used to!
+ dt: @kosu.jafarukh because she stans Gabe & Gabentine and she’s the reason I made this 💖
* I didn't watermark this or anything, so please give credit if/when reposting !!
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Felt like it was an appropriate time to post this now that season 4 is out.
Footage is from: Spyro the dragon: Ripto's Rage.
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I love the dynamic between these two, it gives us parallels of Clem & Lee while also feeling completely different from that pairing! I think AJ is a great character now that he has a personality & can finally speak, plus he was born in the apocalypse so teaching him about things before the apocalypse & teaching him morals etc is pretty cool!. Clem is a great guardian & I seriously love her character progression through each game!.

Never thought I could love a fictional character so much before I discovered Twdg ❤️

My personal favourite character from season four is Violet but Louis is also tremendous, I love both of them so much!.
Also I'm actually active on this account now & am trying to make friends with this community so yeah, I made some back in 2017 but I was too inactive on this account so those friendships fizzled out but yeah now I'm hoping to make this account great while also making friends hopefully it all works out :).

She's radiating with beauty in this season!.

A.J.’s drawing has improved a lot ❤️🗒🖍

Both of my babies grew up so fast! 😍😱❤️👩‍👦 ⚠️ don’t look in the comments, If you haven’t played the season yet⚠️

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Violet is such a great character, I love her so much & her voice is so soothing to listen to! She's my favourite character of the new cast!.

Just me that thinks Louis is the best Character in Episode 1?? Apart from Clem & Aj of course.
Leave you favourite character below! ⬇️⬇️

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