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TWD Clementine, Aj, Kenny, Mariana and Ava models by meganmi on Sketchfab.com!
I love these models! 😍

The Walking Dead A New Frontier: Episode Five "From The Gallows" will be released on May 30th.
I'm so nervous but excited but afraid all at the same time, there's so many questions to be answered just by looking at this poster alone. Where is David? Where is Gabe? Where is AJ? Did they die? So many unanswered questions! I actually really like David & I personally think Gabe has alot of potential but I'm not sure if they'll live sadly, Gabe has a possibility of living but David is more than likely screwed. The most interesting thing on this poster for me is the fate of Kate, alot of people think she's either dead or just extremely burnt after the explosion but I personally think she's dead but I'd love to be proved wrong because I love Kate. Jesus will be making his return it seems & it looks like we're getting some glimpses of the kingdom in this episode so that should be interesting. There will also be flashbacks in this episode so I'm excited to see what the new Kenny flashback will be like!. Finally we have Clem & Javier on a motorcycle & I assume they're driving to the ranch that AJ is supposedly being held at, this episode is going to be intense & emotional, I'm not ready at all but I'm expecting it to be awesome.

The evolution of one of my all time favorite video game characters! Clementine is such a special character for me & i'll be extremely disappointed & pissed off if telltale ever decides to kill her off, fans of the series have gone through so much with Clem & i feel so connected to her & her death would result in telltale losing a bunch of fans so don't you dare kill her off telltale!.

Who else loves Clementine's new look? I love it so much! she's such a badass & so beautiful at the same time!😍💜

(The Walking Dead A New Frontier: Episode Five Talk Below)
I'm going to start posting about TWD games more often because i absolutely love the series & I've been wanting to post TWDG content for awhile now so yeah, the community seems awesome!. I'm so goddamn nervous & scared for episode five, i have a feeling so many people are going to die. I'd like to see Kate & Javier live but i don't see them surviving sadly. I'm just hoping to the gods above that they don't kill Clementine or Aj, i have a feeling the game may end with Gabe, Aj & Clementine as the sole survivors & i'd be completely fine with that. I also hope they give us another Kenny flashback because the Kenny flashback in episode four was so perfect especially when compared to the Kenny flashback in episode one, anyways episode five will be crazy & i'm not prepared at all.

The Walking Dead: A New Frontiers Finale Episode "From The Gallows" will be released on Tuesday & man I've never been so nervous for something in a video game, I've enjoyed this season for the most part & I've connected with some of these characters alot. I don't want to kill David at all because he's Javi's brother & it's pretty fucked up to kill your own family member but if I have to choose between him or Kate or Clem or even Gabe then I'm choosing them over David. The trailer for the episode looks awesome & intense, I'm hoping Gabe, Clem, AJ, Javi & Kate survive but I know that's not going to happen. I have this weird feeling that AJ won't appear in this episode & season four will possibly continue immediately following the events of the ending of this season so I could see them leaving us on a cliffhanger when it comes to AJ. I'd love to see Kate survive but I'm pretty sure Javi was pointing the gun at her which sucks because I love Kate & she was one of my favorite parts of this season so killing her will be pretty hard for me. I'm curious to see how they'll handle all of the determinate characters in this episode & I can't wait to see the new Kenny flashback & it's going to be awesome to see Jesus once again! This episode is going to be so stressful, intense & amazing & I could even see it being one of the best episodes in the entire series.


I love when they cover themselves in walker guts!.

Tripp deserved better! I'm glad he was able to be in all five episodes of season three though since it's not common for TWD characters to be in every episode of a season. I really wonder how Kenny & Tripp would've interacted if they ever met, It's a shame we'll never see it.

I hope these two reunite & team up again one day!.

Clementine's new look is awesome in my opinion, I'll miss the ponytails but the new haircut is unique & that's why I like it so much.

I'm hoping to see Gabe & Javi reappear in season four & interact with Clementine again.

Lee was the perfect role model for Clementine, he protected her at all costs, he actually taught her how to shoot a gun & cut her hair to protect her from being grabbed. He was a very realistic & relatable character & he was very level headed, he died to saving her & I'll always miss him, Lee is easily one of the best video game characters ever.

's post.
{Well, I'm getting better at this kind of edits. Don't forget to tell me your opinion in the comments!}
2 new edits with Clem and Aj because I just needed to make edits with these two cuties❤️ Love them so much!

Luke had one of the most underwhelming deaths in the series, I miss him way too much.

Facial expressions on point!

I'm sorry since this isn't a post about TWD but I wanted to make a quick post about TLOU.
Today is the four year anniversary of TLOU & although I was late to playing the game I can honestly say it's one of the best games ever made. Naughty dog have made so many great games like uncharted & TLOU & I'm super excited for part two of TLOU & I'll definitely be playing it whenever they decide to release it.

We haven't seen AJ in the present since 2014 & it's crazy to think we may not even see him until 2019, they're really building him up & I just hope telltale doesn't do something stupid like kill AJ the same episode we find him.

Do you guys think we'll see any characters return in season four?.
I made this photo because these are the only five people I could see returning & I could see one of them being at the ranch that Clementine is heading towards.
Firstly I don't expect AJ to be at the ranch because lingard kind of hinted that AJ may not be there when he said "he's at Mccarroll ranch.. that's where we left him at least" so i don't expect AJ to be at it. I expect Clementine to have to head to a new destination but firstly who could be at the ranch? in my personal opinion it can only be one of two possible people, Mike or Christa. Season two had a Mike death scene removed in a patch which may be because they want to bring him back one day so maybe he'll be at the ranch? Christa however was teased throughout the entirety of season two but never found even if you go to wellington, I personally hope they finally clear up her disappearance in season four after all of the teasing but then again I could totally see none of these characters being at the ranch.

I feel like shit for screwing up a new friendship with a person from this community yesterday. I made a stupid joke & now it seems like that friendship is gone, I feel so fucking horrible for what I said but anyway sorry for the annoying post.

"Shit my nuts, fuck you fuckstick, son of a goddamn" that quote alone is one of the reasons I love Tripp so much.
Tripp is a top three favorite of mine from ANF & one of my favorite characters from the entire series, he had anger but it only came out during stress or when someone pissed him off which is fair to be honest. Tripp is like another Kenny for me but in a different way, Tripp was so goddamn funny & I'm so glad his episode five death wasn't like Ava's, Tripp went out like a badass & as a hero & although I'd like to think he's possibly alive I sadly don't see it but regardless I loved this character & he is one of the reasons I enjoyed ANF as much as I did.

"Legacy, it's all anyone leaves behind. Be brothers, before it's too late" I didn't fight David in my playthrough but he died in my ending & Kate is also missing so yeah, Gabe survived though so that's a plus.

I absolutely love the Kate/Javi friendship/relationship even though I think it's completely messed up to date your husbands brother, it's one thing if you think your husband died but continuing to flirt when you realize he's alive? that's playing with fire!. I'd never betray my sibling like that lol but I understand why Kate fell for him so I don't hate her for it, she just couldn't help how she felt!.

I really wish we got to see the slaughterhouse in ANF. It seemed so interesting! I guess they could use it in another season but I doubt it sadly, this picture looks so badass too, sigh.

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