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Where I came from, there is no such thing as success. It’s kill or be killed, eat or starve, I’m just thankful for being in this position. Never know what or where I would be if this game and my great grandparents didn’t make a impact in my life. It’s only the beginning. 🙏🏾 #Grindtime #TWC #Dat🎒

Home town investigation 👊🏻VERY LIMITED TICKETS for this event. Dont miss out! #HauntedTowns #WraithNation #TWC

to many more nights of passing on the cup #TWC

BALANCE ✨🌱 trying to find it can be a dead end. It's honestly an everyday search that becomes stressful and feels like it can never be found. .
For so long I tried to balance my content, show more fitness and active lifestyle than anything else I'm interested on to put out there. .
For so long I though that by doing that I would create a successful blog. I though that I had to show you the same content others are doing so you thought my content was worth it. But the more I create, the more I realize I can't do that anymore. .
Fitness is part of my lifestyle but it's not my life. Yes, I'm a fitness instructor and I believe fitness it's key to create a more balance lifestyle. To help combat depression, mental health key component and overall to have a stronger body. .
However, my lifestyle is built from different pieces that I truly believe more people need to know about. And I hope that all these pieces help accomplish my goal - "motivate you to live a more kind life (whatever that means to you) by showing you my own choices, like, plant based nutrition, yoga, environmental issues and how we all have a say and can help, women empowerment, woman health, alternative medicine, fitness and animal rights. .
Don't worry, I'm not turning this blog into a compilation of animal farming videos (although you should watch some) but you'll see (and I think you've already have) a shift on content, less mainstream brands and more decisions that help me stay true to myself, mission and goals. This blog was never made for the money and free products, but simply with the intention to inspire.
Cheers to the last season of the year - and for new beginnings ✨🌱 pic by @mattxdavey

Already miss training by the beach. Can't wait to get back. #Kickboxing #BeachWorkout #TWC #TrainWithTheChampions thanks @cairogyms for the photos 📷

**We will be closing at 10am today for a meeting! Be back tomorrow from 7-12 and then again from 6-9pm for the 9th annual Water Valley Art Crawl.
Now come grab ones of these new chocolate sprinkle donuts before they are all gone! 💔☕️🍩


Learning to make a survival whistle with my guy Creek Stewart on his new show SOS: How to Survive on The Weather Channel #twc #creekstewart #fatguysinthewoods #survivalist #teachingmykid #punkywood #lovethatman 😍👩‍👦🦌🌳🌲🏕🛶🎣

Only size 8 & 12 left !!!

Mat pagiii kesayangan sumii.... mulakan hariii anda dgn vibe yg positive..dgn pengambilan #twc syg2x semua akn lebih ceria & semangat sebb?? Kulit muka syg2x semua lebih sihat & cantik dgn #twc . Dah kulit makin cantik.. badan pon sihat sebb #twc dijamin berkesan dan selamat. Membantu untuk detox badan anda supaya lebih cepat kesan & sihat... #jgnlupebeli #belidgnsumii

--- Vice News did a nice little piece on the new Weather Satellite #GOES16 - you can watch the full clip on our Facebook page....... https://www.facebook.com/WeatherGoneWild/videos/1402806766503275/

The team at The Walking Clinic wishes everyone a safe and enjoyable long weekend! Get outside and soak up this great weather! We hope to see you all soon! #twc #cbr #canberra

Es viernes y la jarra lo sabe 😉#twc #branca #zero

Fueled on caffeine and bagels 😜 via @harleyquinnco

Be sure to go "Like" the official Facebook page of The Worship Center Christian Church— https://www.facebook.com/theworshipcenterchristianchurch #TWC

❤️New Arrival❤️
Cute denim look strapless top $39 😍
Sizes 8 to 14
Eftpos, PayPal, Afterpay & Australia wide postage available

Fancy Faces💞💞💞💞 #twc #thewillacollectionsalon @fancyluxe_hair

Now is the time to embark on your journey towards optimal health, vitality and wellbeing.

The Whole Connection - A new concept on creating health... The Ultimate Health Cruise!

Loving these beautiful pastel vegan goodies from @lulusdreamtown
#youatewhatyoueat #bereal #whatveganseat #eatrealfood #plantbased #repost #recipelove
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