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Relationship status😂😂😂
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I finally got my copy of #EmmyMagazine feat. @iain. 😃 #mcm Be sure to get your copy! My digital copy was only $5 on Amazon.
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Marshall and lily❤💕

That's a wrap on Season 1 and 2 of #twinpeaks. #tvshows #1991 #culttv #davidlynch

Back on the set of I Almost Got Away with It where I play Mary Jo. Catch it on Discovery ID.
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right, okay. it’s 8am, I have to leave for school... Mum has JUST gotten into the shower. I’m just slightly pissed...

today is this innocent perfect little bubba's birthday today !! no matter who you date in your life, we love you millie . i wish you plenty more and i hope that you carry on with tour career as a young actress ! happy birthday millie!!💙✨
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SIGNUP TO HAPPINESS NOW AND YOU WILL RECEIVE A FREE SMILE 😊. "So why is he always smiling?" Some may ask.

Well, I have learnt something special that keeps me in that place of gratitude and openness to all and every type of feeling and emotion.

I believe that God created and understood the most powerful law of all laws in the world of science, I also believe that God used this science on human beings to both give humans choice but to also get humans to somehow remain FOUCSED on 'Him' both conscious and subconsciously.


The science of polar opposites is everything;

In order to have up, you must have down.

Polar opposite.

In order to have left, you must have right.

Polar opposite.

In order to have positive, you must have negative.

In order for you to recognise happy, you must first recognise boredon and sad.

In order for you to recognise a God, you have to recognise a Devil.
God understood that praise and worship won't exist without devil and demons. You can't praise hot water without understanding cold water.

You can't praise light without darkness.

You can't be grateful for a smile without understanding what feelings and emotions come with a frown.

Because of this science alone, God understood how important the devil was in our lives in order for God to consciously exist.

Superman was an amazing film, not just because of his powers, but because of kryptonite.

What is Yoda, without Darth Vader?

What is destination, without a journey?

What is make-up sex, without an argument?

What is an atheist, without religion?
In the world of polar opposites and oxymorons, we need all in order for us to make sense of our life, our belief system, and the world around us.

The reason why I don't make judgement on people is because I know I need them to understand myself and my journey.

I know why I find a true reason to smile everyday, the polar opposite of not smiling (and the emotions that come with it) is mental and emotional death.


What side of the Polus will you be living on?

Love Kevin Bennett

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