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{8x11 – you made a choice to be good}
did you ship bonenzo?
tanja hasn't sent me any facts yet, and i haven't talked to her about making them since she said she already made some, so i'll just post the scenes for now 🙈
- @regaldiaries

Ice cream 🍧🍨👅comment your favourite Ice cream
بستنی موردعلاقتون رو کامنت بزارید ،
چرا اینقدر ساکته اینستا .همه کامنت 😑😐
#tvdforever #tvdseason8 #tvd #csndiceaccola #icecream

And he did and ended up marrying her😍
Comment "I miss liz because" and click the middle suggestion box until it makes a sentence;))
mine— I miss liz because she was at a wedding

[various episode]

You guys seemed to appreciate the Steroline edit I made so I thought I'd make a similar Delena one with one of my favourite quotes❤️

Qotd: Favourite Delena quote?

fc; 8619

She's Queen || QOTD: are you prepared for the finale?
Time flies so fast... I hate it... so no I am not 😂 why they make summer so boring I mean we need shows ... we have nothing else to do 🙌🏼

ic: mydefan rr, fc: 2263
─ daroline has developed so much omg🌚
Q: who do you ship caroline with?


Davina and Klaus || QOTD: did you like the finale?
Haven't seen it yet but I'm curious if it was good 😂

Awww 😘😭😍🔥
Credit:@dobrevbieberdaily 💖
خیلی خوبه ، بچه ها یه سوال اگه پست زیاد میزارم (ناراحت میشین) بگین کم تر پست بزارم ، آخه خیلی ها دوس ندارن (ناراحت نشینا ) کلا گفتم ☺😍
#tvdseason8 #tvdforever #tvd #ninadobrev

Credit :@ninaloversss 😘
چه خوبه این ویدئو 😁🐶✋😘
#tvd #tvdseason8 #tvdforever #ninadobrev
@nina👧 @mrs.maverick 🐶

@nina's story 💗💗😌😭🔫😍🔥
خیلی خوشحالم که می خنده .وقتی می خنده من خم خوشحالم😭💗💗💗😘
#tvdseason8 #tvdforever #tvd #ninadobrev #ninadobrevedit

My natural girl 🔥🔥😏😌 she's beautiful without makeup 👊
کویین خوشگلم 🔥😍😍😍💗💗بدون هیچ آرایشی خوشگله 👊😌😏 هیتر ها بسوزن😛
#tvdseason8 #tvdforever #tvdforever #ninadobrev

@nina's story 💖💖😭🔫🔥💪💪👏
ورزش کن ،ادامه بده کویین خوشگل و اکتیوم. ورزش ایز لایف 💪👏💗
#tvdforever #tvdseason8 #ninadobrevedit #ninadobrev

Série: The Vampire Diaries, 8x16 - I Was Feeling Epic, uma tirinha só pra começar o ig ❤.
#thevampirediaries #tvd #elenagilbert #bonniebennett #tvdseason8 #katgraham #ninadobrev #tvdforever

@nina's story 😭❤
استوری نینا ، نتونستم صبر کنم 😭😭❤❤❤❤
#tvdseason8 #tvd #ninadobrev #tvdforever

I had to trim the beginning because it was longer than a minute, to watch the whole video, the click the link in my bio!

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