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literal memes
— i made this SO LONG ago and i just found it in my camera roll ? | cc @celestial | i know this audio is old, and idk why but i find it so funny lmao
i promise on svp it was 1080p *rolling my eyes*


#tvdhumour I didn't edit myself unlike the last one 😂 #tvdedits #klausmikaelson #stefansalvatore #carolineforbes #funny

Look at Oscar's expression! It's hilarious .... it's like .... "She is not my mommy" 😒
In love with season 7
Don't u guys think it's better without Elena ?.... although I loved Nina in the show.... but for six years Elena was the focus.... (the doppelganger who is always sad) ..... but now the awesome bond of the "Salvatore brothers" is a much more beautiful focus of the show..... similar to the Winchester brothers 😋

Family is Power
Plus a single Damon is so much more fun😂😏😏😏 Do share your thoughts in the comments😃

#damonsalvatore #bonniebennet #Oscar #iansomerhalder #katgraham #TVDS7 #tvdhumour #thevampirediaries #cw #drama #bloodbrothers #Salvatore #salvatoreboys

Datherine edit 💘 I don't ship them but this picture of them is really cute 😍😂👑

Haha Ian's face in the second picture 😂 He's like "WHAT you doing with my girl" 😂😂

It's so adorable that they hang out together LIKE MY HEART IS GONNA BURST 😍😍😭 And IVE FINALLY GOT WIFI 💁😅

This picture is so cute omg 😍😍 Zach's smirk IS KILLING ME 😍😍😍🔥

Klaroline needs to happen 😍🔥👅THIS SCENE OMG ASDGH 😍😍 ( Credit to @pextrovafires 😉)

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