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— Klaus or Bonnie?
How could Kat not know that? Haha just kidding 🙊❤

[4.10 • 4.07 • 4.11]
This hurts me so much... you have no idea 💔
dt; @gilbertfangz 🤷🏻‍♀️💜
ic; tvdsedits

New photos released from #TVD cast at #SanDiego #ComicCon 2016 #TVDForever

My ps touch doesn't working because of new iOS update so I’m posting edits which ones left in my phone😭 I hope they will fix it 🤧 because then I'll have to use Polarr filter 🙄
Did you like their friendship?

The cutest upgrade 😍

Today is my birthday 🎉 Happy sweet 20th to me 😝

[8.16 | I Was Feeling Epic]
always the right ship 🍀
fc: 7942

Delena edit finally 🎉
I know this isn't romantic but it funny 😂


Nina at julianne's wedding
#ninadobrev #tvdcast

[2.22 | As I Lay Dying]
working on a edit now ❤️
qotd: datherine or steferine?
fc: 7968

Stefan or Caroline?
(Comment to be tagged in next post)
Guys follow @bestvdfeed 🤗
And tysm for 12.5k ❤️ especially my ibfs 🎉
My edit pls give credit when reposting or blocked

[2.06 | Plan B]
i need weekend 🍀
fc: 7965

This is something unbelievable!
1500+ followers! 💃💃😘😘 When I first started this page, I wasn't even sure whether I'll get any followers or not. I used to keep posting Ian's pix or Tvd pix but I was hardly getting 10-15 likes. Max 20.
But then, time passed & I started getting more n more likes & more n more followers simultaneously...😘 And finally, today I have 1500 followers & still counting.... I seriously don't know how to THANK all of you... My Followers. The people who are leaving their beautiful & valuable comments & to those who are just liking & appreciating my posts.... I am really really veryyyy HAPPY n touched 😊💕 Keep giving your love, support & encouragement to me & to my page.... Once again A BIG THANK YOU to all my FOLLOWERS , LIKERS & to all those are commenting as well.
This wouldn't have been possible without you all 💕💕😘😘 @iansomerhalder Thank You & Love you forever 💕💕😘😘😘
@ninadobrev @paulvedere
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