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Had a couple bad weeks of eating bad but I’m back in focus again,,have a good week everyone 🙌🏼..👉🏽follow👇🏽
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❗️When it comes to proper post workout nutrition, many people are misinformed of its importance. It seems the popular belief is that you can slam a protein shake after a workout and you’re good, which isn’t completely wrong, but what happens during intense strength training is you’re tearing down muscle tissue and depleting stored glycogen in your body. When you drink protein, half of it goes to the muscles but the other half goes towards replenishing energy levels used during the workout.
For post workout recovery, a rapid assimilating protein like #phormula1 paired with a simple carb like #ignition have been proven the most effective. That’s why my go to post workout shake includes #loopdfruitphormula1 with ignition so while one takes care of my energy levels, the other focuses on rebuilding muscle tissue and maximizing my gains 💪🏻
DM me for this fruit loop protein shake recipe and click the link in my bio to save some money on shipping ‼️

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