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Came across this pic from my younger days and realize I want her attitude back, that jaunty posture and half laugh/half smile confidence. I don't know when or why we start hiding our light, why we lose confidence and start berating ourselves. If someone else treated us the way we often treat ourselves we would be, rightfully, horrified. So, no more, something has shifted, it's time to turn that light on---time to🌟 SHINE 🌟 To borrow some lyrics from Katy Perry "Cause baby you're a firework Come on show 'em what you're worth"

#throwbackthursday #confidence #turnonyourlight
#shinefiercely #bekindtoyourself #youngerself

"Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, when one only remembers to turn on the light..."

It's really so simple. Just as you have the control to turn a light switch off and on, you have that EXACT SAME CONTROL within your own mental/emotional state. You are in control. Never ever forget that. Never give others the POWER to control your "light switch". The power lies within you. So... did you remember to turn on your light today? Just a friendly reminder... _________________________________________

Had the absolute honour of being a part of a beautiful collaboration with such beautiful, genuine and talented souls yesterday! And in the middle of the craziness took a break for a selfie with my fav vanity mirror 😍 @houseofvanitymirrors. Stay tuned for more!

“She looked at the chaos and mess of her life and thought, ‘Enough.’ She cried out to the Savior Jesus Christ to help her. She...learned that Jesus Christ was stronger than even her terrible circumstances and that she could rely on His strength.” {Sharon Eubank}
No matter what individual circumstances we are trying to rise above right now, Christ is the answer. He is always the answer.

Turn on the light, illuminate the darkness.
#turnonyourlight #shine #illuminate #light #darkness #positive #happiness #dumbledore

Sister Sharon Eubank gave a wonderful talk almost like coach that gives the pump up we need at the half time. She expressed how the world needs righteous women more than ever! That the growth of the church will come from good women of the world. She gave some insight on ways we can influence for good by being righteous, be articulate and clearly expressing how we feel about the gospel and Jesus Christ, being different and standing out, being distinct or well defined and being happy? “Will you be righteous? Will you articulate your faith? Can you bear being distinct and different? Will your happiness in spite of your trials draw others who are good and noble and who need your friendship? Will you turn on your light? 💡”.
#sharegoodness #turnonyourlight #light #generalconference #lds #mormon

Honestly I just want to be the light that encourages people... God is the best thing that ever happened to me and I am lucky because I didn't have to go far to find HIM... I can't remember a time where HE wasn't there ever in my life and for this my heart is pure! I am not a saint by far but HE trust me with his people and has given me a pure heart! #turnonyourlight #seekandyoushallfind

🇮🇹 Desidero insegnarti come vivere una vita accesa. Desidero mostrarti come essere irresistibile e magnetica in ogni area della tua vita, senza rinunciare a essere te stessa.
Sai quei momenti in cui ti senti spenta e con ogni cosa che fai (o non fai) ti rendi conto che stai sabotando un po’ tutto? Esatto, voglio mostrarti che l’opposto è possibile.
C’è un modo per sentirti come se dentro avessi migliaia di luci. Quel modo è trovare il tuo piacere.
🇬🇧 I wonna teach you how to live a turn on life. I wonna teach you how to be magnetic and being authentic to yourself. In every area of your life.
You know those moments in which you are just completely turn-off and everything you do is just self-sabotaging your greatness and your light??. Yes, I want to show you that the opposite is possible.
There is a way to feel inside thousands of sparkles and lights that set you up on fire for your career, your day, your love life.
It is your pleasure. There, in every moment of your life. ❤️🔥.
#ViviAccesa #turnonyourlight #laviadelpiacere

Just gotta poke around ⚘☮

"There's no comparison between the sun and the moon. They shine when it's their time". Writing today about being a leader in business and on social media. Unapologetically owning our shizz and social identity especially online. Why is it that women are conditioned to dim our lights? To play it small? To not lead on social media or dare to be seen talking about our wisdom or expertise for fear of being labelled "anti social". If you serve others by being a petite business owner then you owe it to yourself and the people you wish to serve to share and talk about how you can help them. And how they can work with you. This is not anti social it's what's known as being a social business as well as socially savvy. So go shine your light bright, lead your people and tell them who you really are. Don't play it small it serves no one. Especially you. #amwriting #socialstyle #socialstrategy #bethechange #yourwords #yourvoice #yourwisdom #leadership #leaders #livingbrand #turnonyourlight #shinebright #womeninbiz #petitebusiness #socialpreneur #sunset

Take a couple of mins to read Sister Eubanks y’all, “Turn On Your Light”. ❤️ We’ll be studying it with you this semester & KNOW that it’ll bless your life if you take the time to read it.

You just can’t walk in darkness , unless you use light , my question is this one ; What makes you wait so long to turn on that light so you can walk free from your missable darkness ? #turnonyourlight #stayoutofdarkness

"Being righteous doesn't mean being perfect or never making mistakes. It means developing an inner connection with God, repenting of our sins and mistakes, and freely helping others." Sister Eubank (Oct. 2017 General Conference)

Yesterday was my first time attending an entire Relief Society meeting in the last...feels like forever! With helping El in nursery and taking care of baby JJ, it just hasn't happened. I wanted to create an image that captured my feelings from attending the meeting and learning from Sister Eubank's talk.

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