#Sanfrancisco join us on Saturday morning at Arastradero Preserve! We will be planting native plants, removing invasive species, creating habitat structures and more.

Drippy Season is coming to a halt soon ... #turnoffthefaucet

Scientist just found a plastic bag floating around in the lowest place on earth. Our oceans our in a crisis and we need to ban single use plastics! #demandchange #bansingleuseplastic #plasticpollution

While some people deny climate change is caused by humans, others are taking action. Britain has just reduced its emission to the same level they were at in 1890. This election, don’t settle for any politician that doesn’t recognize the immediate need to address climate change. #bepowerful #enoughisenough #giveashit

The Ocean Cleanup is finishing up their first 120 meter test section. The first test is scheduled to take place within a week. You guys rock! Check out their amazing work @theoceancleanup

Good night 🌄🏜
#brushyourteeth #2mins #turnoffthefaucet #clean #minty #fresh
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Let’s teach the next generation how to protect our planet. #setanexample #getinvolved #bepowerful

Tomorrow’s Earth Day and there are tons of clean up events happening. Grab some friends, head outside, and clean up your community! #bepowerful

Me right now! Any guy that’s nicked his ear with a razor, even just a a scratch, can tell you, it doesn’t matter if your blood is like syrup, it ain’t ever stopping!! 😳😂 #itsjustafleshwound #wegotableeder #clotfactorbedamned #turnoffthefaucet #gonnaneedmoregauze

Boyan Slat founded the ocean cleanup project which plans to rid our oceans of plastic waste. This summer they will be launching their first cleanup system to the Great Pacific Ocean Patch. Good luck @theoceancleanup

When it rains for weeks straight, hot chocolate is in order. 🍫🌧 #turnoffthefaucet

So it turns out the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch” is actually much bigger than we thought... it’s way past time to ban single use plastics!

87,000 tons of plastic and counting...
The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is four to 16 times bigger than previously thought—occupying an area roughly four times the size of California. There is an estimated 1.8 trillion pieces of debris and it is growing exponentially.
This is no longer a “patch” — “it’s a ticking time bomb” -Joost Dubois @theoceancleanup
We need to turn off the faucet, not catch the water with a bucket. We need to close the source. Wake up people! The attitude that your actions as an individual won’t have that big of an impact is erroneous! We can do something about this, and we will 💪🏽🌎🗑🌊

#worldwaterday 💦 97% of the water we have on this planet is saltwater, the remaining ~3% is fresh.

Of the 3%, about 1% is locked in our glaciers so we cannot use it. It is melting rapidly due to our warming climate and mixing with our oceans leading to thermal expansion and sea level rise.

Another percent is locked up in our atmosphere in the form of water vapor (clouds, fog etc) we can’t really access this water either. Circulating through our hydrologic cycle (evaporation, condensation, precipitation storage etc.). I have tried drinking fog, you will look like an idiot if you try. Trust me.

So what is left for us to drink and use?
1 measly percent.

HOWEVER we have polluted half of that remaining 1% with toxins, chemicals, garbage and filth.☠️🤮☢️

.5% of the freshwater we have left needs to supply 7.6 billion people with drinking water...💧

But instead, we flush our pee & poop down the toilet with 5 gallons of FRESH water. Every time you leave the faucet on while washing your hands or brush your teeth wastes a half a gallon of FRESH water. Every minute in the shower uses 5 gallons of FRESH water. Every time you water your yard (350 gallons), wash your car (150 gallons), eat dairy products (one burger = 634 gallons used), wash your clothes (45 gallons), THOUSANDS of gallons are wasted every year for the luxury you call life.

Upgrade to a water conscious lifestyle. #wastelesswater #allthecoolkidsaredoingit 💦🌎😉

Fresh water is a limited resource. Take care of your planet. We only have one #blueplanet

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