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One of the most satisfying aspects of life is to learn to give something to others and to be empathetic to them.  It is human to feel the need to help others and to demonstrate thoughtfulness and love..Our faith in other people makes both them and ourselves better. 💠

Altruism is a kind of ethical philosophy that claims that we should act so that it benefits others. It is the opposite of selfishness.  I believe it is so that people handle stress and emotional conflicts better by meeting the needs of others in a devotional way. Altruism or care and love toward others, meets our social and association-related needs, and at least I feel better when when I'm helping others. 💠

I might be the only one, but I feel I live in a kind of mental deficit where I constantly need something from others. Its like I need continuous confirmation to feel valuable. It gets pretty tiresome at times, I tell you. But I try and return the favor, and I do think I succeed partly. I've been told so quite often the last couple of years 😊 💠

Growth and self-development are a lot about creating profit and balance in ourselves, so that you have more to give to others. Empathy and care may be one of the most important markers for well-being and happiness. If we lack such an empathy, meditation is a very rewarding practice. Meditation contributes to a form of peace of mind that promotes compassion and empathy.. 💠

For Ollie and @aleighgirl77 #turnmaygray Good luck to you, lad💐 #braincancerawareness

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Tagged by @lottasebzda just in time to #turnmaygrey for Ollie, a 9-year-old boy who has brain cancer. @aleighgirl77 is compiling an album with every hashtagged photo to show Ollie.
I have a family member affected by brain cancer so this is a thoughtful gift, and a cause that resonates with me.
#turnmaygray #braincancerawareness #grayscale #dancerspose #natarajasana #natarajasanavariation

There is the good pic @igrayne33 😁. To help Ollie to fight 💪💪💪 #heartopener #kingpigeonpose #ekapadarajakapotasana #turnmaygray @aleighgirl77 . I tag @laurahelfer to continue 🙏❤❤😙 #yogaeverydamnday #iloveyoga #yogaeveryday #yogaathome #blackandwhite

Anttila Conditioning - Sustainable Fitness Plans and Personal Training options .
5% of all May/June proceeds from personal training and training plans will go towards brain cancer research - link for inquiries in my profile .
More than 20 years ago, my dad, Dr. Richard Anttila, having been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour, commenced a campaign for innovative technology the province of Manitoba simply couldn't afford. This became the most successful capital campaign ever for the St. Boniface Hospital Foundation at the time, and in turn funded the Dr. Anttila Image-Guided Facility. The infrastructure his campaign created, helped with the development and now distribution of the NeuroBlate System that allows surgeons to reach exactly the type of brain tumour my dad had.
Health is not just fitness and I am excited to support about funding research that could potentially help others suffering from this debilitating disease.
Sign up now through link in the bio for training plans - I have a few personal training spots still available

My humble #StopDropAndYoga for @freespirityogamama Sorry for the delay. Would the tagged folks like to #SDY sometime should the mood strike? Wearing gray in honor of Ollie and brain tumor/cancer month. #TurnMayGray
Playing on my Eco friendly cork mat from @ilovegurus

Did you know that the month of May is brain tumor/cancer awareness month? I have a family friend who has suffered with a brain tumor since he was diagnosed at five years old. He's now nine. His name is Ollie. And he is amazing! When cancer struck him and his family, it struck us too. He IS our family and we pray daily for him. To show your support, wear gray or post a picture in grayscale. Why gray? Because x-rays and brain matter and all that kind of stuff. So show your encouragement and join the movement to end brain tumors and turn May Gray!

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