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Today, for the first time in a while, I felt like the windshield #bethewindshieldnotthebug #turning50

After my last vlog on how to cover pigmentation I received a lot of questions about various products. In particular I was asked about one product more than any other & it really surprised me. Can you guess? It was make-up setting spray! 😲 I must be so out of touch because I've always disregarded these face mists as a bit of a con. As a professional make-up artist I'd occasionally use Evian facial spray during a shoot if the model was hot under the photographers heavy lighting. But that was about it & to set make-up I didn't rate it at all. Anyway my reader's questions got me thinking that perhaps it's time I looked into this product again🤔 So I asked Caudalie to send me their version of it. Low & behold it's the 20th anniversary of their Beauty Elixir! As many of you know I'm a huge fan of this brand & its ethos so I'm absolutely thrilled to tell you their face mist is beautiful & it really works! 🙆‍♀️What I do is spray my face as soon as I get out of the shower in the morning & apply my moisturizer over the top! I'm also using it to freshen my make-up mid way through the day which really does brighten my skin. And let me tell you the fragrance is amazing too, a good whiff of it is invigorating in itself. Anyway if you'd like to try this @caudalie are doing a small version for £12 as well as the regular 100ml along with a free post sun gift if you spend £55 - code AFTERSUN17 - You'll find it all 👉 http://liketk.it/2sswB Screenshot or 'like' this pic to shop the product details from the new LIKEtoKNOW.it app, available now from the App Store! @liketoknow.it #20YearsGold

Up for my second lesson in the Foxbat A22LS with Jessica.....who would have thought! Love the idea of getting my recreational pilots license but not sure if I can do it..😳@soaraviation #flying #somethingdifferent #turning50 #midlifecrisis

It's a victory day! The attitude of be-attitude of the believer. @victorygracecenter #finallyme #finallyme💯 #walkinginpeace #turning50 #finalymetourcomingtoacitynearyou!

My Mam doing the coast to coast for her 50th with family and friends all for cancer research, doing amazing 🚴🏻‍♀️ #coasttocoast #cancerreasearchuk #turning50

Thrilled to be able to make it this far. It's been a bumpy road for sure. Thank you for all you folks who have made the journey simply extraordinary. Cheers! #turning50 #birthday #happybirthdaytome #instadaily #50yearsold

Another great TNO team workout yesterday at Kato CrossFit. These events help bridge the gap between veterans and citizens. Additionally TNO enriches the community by sponsoring veterans. We met a soldier at our event, Cass Radermacher from Mankato, who recently ETS'd from active duty. TNO is going to cover his dues at Kato Crossfit. Why? He's using his GI Bill to get a law enforcement degree and he's also volunteering as a firefighter. This is exactly the purpose of TNO; Find transitioning veterans that want to use their skills and leadership to make our communities a better place, and give them our support! Woooo! I recently heard a friend say that veterans are like a huge billboard with the word "Excellence" written on it. Cass you embody excellence! Thank you Slater (ripped dude in 2nd photo) for a kick ass WOD. And that's a wrap! #thenextobjective #minnesota #turning50

The #HowittClan roughing it over the weekend. A fun way to celebrate #turning50 #camping #tropicalislandcamping #motorhomeonanisland

Wow ! I Can't believe I made it to the half way mark ... Someone just asked me how it felt turning 50 and I answered that there is no difference , well maybe for the fact that you can't lose fat as much ; bones and joints ache; and you have to have all kinds of insurance otherwise , everything is the same ... What I learned though is that the answer to everything is God ; that Karma is real and you don't have to worry if someone does something bad to you ; that family and close friends are integral to your happiness ; and that one needs to celebrate and be thankful for every moment . I thank God for the wonderful fifty years and I am looking forward to what comes next with much anticipation . Thank you to all my social media friends who have contributed in making my life more interesting , colorful, informative ! #turning50 #thebestisyettocome #timetopopsomebubbly #godisgood #love


The matriarch of my family, 98 years she's watching my journey to 50. Noun (Gran Muhth-er)

The mother of my mother.
A combination of warmth and kindness,
Love and laughter.

She over looks your faults.
Praises your success.
And encourages your every dream.

Let me introduce you to mine 98 year's young. Our granny IVY.

#50andbeyond #winningatlife #turning50 #beingamom #sisters #parents #happywifehappylife #granny #healthyliving #strongwomen #fitness #myjozi #childatheart #picknpay50thbirthday #watchthisspace #spring #jozisunset

My Mam doing the coast to coast for her 50th with family and friends all for cancer research, doing amazing 🚴🏻‍♀️ #coasttocoast #cancerreasearchuk #turning50

Slow and steady! It's not a race. We all move at our own pace. It's our journey. In the end, we will all reach our goals!

Tasting through a selection of Italian wines from the 1970's with our ring master Richard at Parabola in Nishi Azabu

Happy Tuesday my friends! Have a great day! ❤️☕️❤️☕️

Secret Slickrock Trail. #hikingsedona #turning50 #lifeisgood #blessed

6th day of NOT consuming MEAT and I already need to take my pants up in the waist. I remember when I was vegetarian in the early 90's to late 2000's, I felt the most healthy. This past week only reminded me that this is a lifestyle. #journeytofiddy #turning50 #thickems #thickthighssavelives #thickwomen #thickwhitegirl #thick

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