didn't know turkish farmers were armed to the teeth and would protect their fields that fierce!
i only intended to shoot the mountain in the background and thought the field's green contrast would perfectly match the yellow and purple sky. to avoid the rubbish right next to the street messing up my shot i took a few steps to the edge of the field. ok, i was already a few yards in the field, sitting on my haunches, focussing on my composition when i saw the first spears flying towards me! followed by a thousand more spears i was jumping from left to right to make sure this wasn't the last shot i'd ever take. finally i got of lightly with just a few scratches. i realized that somehow the scenery became quite bizarre with all those spears sticking in the field. well, time to seal the deal! i took the shot and buzzed off as fast as i could. you never know what turkish farmers come up with after spears... / #davidinturkey #ruralTurkey #turkishhomelandsecurity

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