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Ils ont faim.
Ils ont soif.
Ils ne demandent qu'à vivre.
Chacun avec notre modeste contribution nous pouvons changeons les choses et aider ces populations.
Ne laissons pas ce désastre humanitaire avoir lieu Aidons les.
#lovearmyforsomalia #TurkishAirlinesHelpSomalia

#turkishairlineshelpsomalia N'oubliez pas de faire un don InsAllah sur https://www.cotizup.com/contre-famine-somalie/ le plus tôt possible

It's heart breaking to hear that half of Somalia's population is struggling with lack of resources. This is shocking. Families have to leave their villages in the search of food. Having to walk thousands of kilometres. Children are dying everyday. Every hour. And nobody is doing anything about it. I never heard about this issue until today. Social media spends more time talking about the Kardashians than the real issues in this world. It's ridiculous. There is one international airline called Turkish airlines that can fly directly to Somalia. We could fill up planes with food and water and send them to Somalia. Let's spread awareness to prevent more deaths. Let's stop this now. #TurkishAirlinesHelpSomalia 🌎❤

Partager le hastag et allez voire ma bio ( qu'Allah leurs viennent en aide ) #turkishairlineshelpsomalia

@Regrann from @crackedrosecoloredglasses_us - #Repost @chakabars
Tag everyone, this is the stuff that should go viral!! This is amazing... ❤
but this is just the start.
On hearing about the famine in Somalia, the #Lovearmy (people of the world) united to help convince @turkishairlines to provide us with a plane, to fill with food & water.
The people responded beautifully, #turkishairlineshelpsomalia was born and they were kind enough to say yes!
Then we had to raise money to fill the plane ✈️ #lovearmyforsomalia was born & in less than 24 hours the people gave $1 million and continued to give... We studied, we learned and we grew. We figured out a massive mistake that many people make when trying to help, is to import food that you can source locally. So we adapted.
We are spending all the money on locally sourced food (a small portion has been spent on special food for malnourished children) & water.
We aim to get a necessary supply of food and water the Somali people, in different locations across Somalia 🇸🇴 This for us is necessary right now.
Much respect to all of those who care and who gave, we are making sure that your love continues to spread. Respect and love always #lovearmyforsomalia 💪🏿💪 - #regrann

#turkishairlineshelpsomalia please repost and support, Somalia needs attention and help as soon as possible 🇸🇴

This made me smile...
Unity is strength when there is teamwork and collaboration wonderful and amazing things happen.
Individually we are drop of water together we are an ocean...
Big up....✊✊✊

And everyone who donated and shared this story...

#turkishairlineshelpsomalia @eljuanpazurita go watch his inspirational video😝


@chakabars #repost
Yay! Even though this was weeks ago, it is still. Amazing.

||long live Turkey||The greatest friend to Somali people #somalia #turky #turkishairlineshelpsomalia #ankara #mugdisho

The drought in somalia is getting desperate by day. Please help in somalia or donate to #lovearmyforsomalia led by @jeromejarre (link in his Bio). Every human deserves a fair chance of survival.
#love#humanity#drought #famine#somalia#help#oneworld #dying#hunger#thirst#empathy#sympathy#please#turkishairlineshelpsomalia #peace#strong#togetherforever

||True sadness|| many of us living in the west or Arab countries don't know what true sadness and hardship really entailes.we may think we do,but that would be more our ignorance talking. True sadness is an 11 year old girl carrying her little brother hundreds of miles on her back all the way from Gedo state to migadishu after her father was killed by extremist and her mother died of hunger. We living such privileged lives we have food in the fridge,a roof over our head and yet we still find time and reason to complain about little things in life. Fellow,Somalis,please appreciate your blessings.those of us who live in the west need to ask ourselves how we plan to brig about change for our people understand that your place on this earth will always be your home country. Millions of people are waiting and counting on us to alleviate their suffering.let us not disappoint them. #lovearmyforsomalia #turkishairlineshelpsomalia. #somalia #africa #eastafrica

rogger...rogger..do u copy..!
*ready for take off

#turkish #turkishairlines #turkishairlineshelpsomalia

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