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Their is a crisis going on right now in somalia. There is a drought that is shorting food and water due to the drought animals are dying off.and the worst part is that many parents are forced to watch their kids die infront of their eyes, that's something no parent should ever witness. How you can help is very simple it takes 1 minutes out of your time all you have to do is use the #turkishairlinehelpsomalia with this hash tag we can get the media's attention because the media is not talking about it and we can also the get the Turkish airlines attention to get them to donate a plane where we can fill it with foods, and water. PLEASE HELP.🙏🙏🙏🙏#turkishairlineshelpsomalia.

#turkishairlinehelpsomalia #somalia #turkisharlines ❤❤❤ this restores back some humanity, love seeing people around the world helping as much as they can for the drought going on in my motherland Somalia 🇸🇴

La seule chose dont je doive me soucier, c'est que cette petite boule de poils soit bien. ❤️ Ailleurs dans le monde, le souci constant, c'est de boire et de manger. Ce n'est pas normal, en 2017, que des gens meurent de soif et de faim. Spread the word et allez voir le insta de Jérôme Jarre. #turkishairlinehelpsomalia @jeromejarre

Hoy en día en el norte de África exactamente en Somalia, se está generando un desabasto de alimentos y bebidas vitales para el ser humano, como lo es agua, @eljuanpazurita intenta convencer, pedir, rogar.! A la única aerolínea que viaja directamente hasta Somalia, está Aerolínea se llama Turkish Airlines, pide que brinde uno de sus aviones para llenarlo de comida y llevarlo hasta aquellas partes donde día a día mueren Miles y Miles de personas, seamos conscientes y ayudemos a esta noble y demasiada noble causa repostando el vídeo, foto o lo que sea con el #turkishairlinehelpsomalia #eljuanpazurita #somalia , recordemos que lo que en verdad cuenta es la sinceridad con que haces las cosas, y lo que hoy hace @eljuanpazurita lo hace de corazón, ayuden por favor chamas, se los pido de corazón #TeamDivazShipp #turkishairlinehelpsomalia

This is honestly so heartbreaking I cant even explain how I feel about this. These people suffer so much, they walk days and days on the desert to try to find a little bit of water or food because there isnt any kind of vegetation or even animals they can eat. If they find something it would probably be a little bit of dirty, hot water and a rotten animal. I cant donate because I dont have enough money but I really wish I could, I would do anything to help these people. I cant die in peace withouth AT LEAST trying to help them, that's why one of my goals is to travel to these countries and bring them some food and water. It breaks my heart into million parts knowing that people are wasting money MAKING wars instead of sending suplies to these people. They deserve love and a LIFE like any other person if not even more. Please, if you cant donate, share this message. #turkishairlinehelpsomalia #refugees #unicef


Lot of love

As you guys see, this is going to be a seious post that needs all the media attention it can get. In Somalia today, there are over 20 MILLION kids, mothers, father's etc. dying of dehydration and starvation and the media has brought absolutely NO ATTENTION to it and it saddens me that this is what our world has come to. We should be thankful for every single thing we have. As long as you have food and water to drink on a daily, you should be so very thankful each and every single day because there are people who don't have that privilege. So, apparently Turkish Airlines is one of the few airlines that flies into Somalia and @jeromejarre has this amazing idea to have a plane from Turkish airlines fill up the plane with food, water, necessities etc. And if you cannot donate, Please please please just bring awarness to this because the media is not and we have the privilege to be on social media so we should being awareness to this crisis and stop being silent about it. #Turkishairlinehelpsomalia

#turkishairlinehelpsomalia Let's keep trending this. #Donate as much as you can!! #Somalia # May Allah preserve them ameen thumma ameen


Greetings all, I really need to talk about the young man in the middle surrounded by love and energy from God's precious children. Yes Chaka, the man with the big beautiful smile, he is God’s gift to Africa. With his team they are feeding and saving lives in Somalia and some poorest African countries. DONATIONS
and be sure to check out Chaka’s Instagram page he is doing
@Chakabars click on link
MANY Children,Women, Men have died of starvation in Somalia because of Famine.
Chaka’s alongside NFL player Colin Kaepernick, #JeromeJarre, and Actor Ben stiller started a movement on twitter #lovearmyforsomalia and #TurkishAirLineHelpSomalia which led to Turkish Airlines donating a cargo plane to bring food over to Somalia from Istanbul

Chaka and his team makes decision on how your money is spent. They share with you where your money goes, share picture,video, updates, involved in projects, talk to locals, pictures of happy fed children. $2 million raised, It’s humbling to see that there are so many people that still believe in humanity.
Lots of help are still needed, The drought in Africa effecting Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia, South Sudan, Uganda and Djibouti, the worst drought in over twenty years with over twenty million people starving and in need of help.
60 tonnes of food has gone into Somalia. 5 truck holding 18,000 litres of water each that is enough for 900 people a month or 27,000 people for 1 day.
Join the movement and share the hashtag #LoveArmyForSomalia to spread awareness of cause

Chaka is a man “that is for the people”. it is our responsibility as Humans to be compassionate and open to trying to make this world a better place for EVERYONE that is in it. There are many people that are sceptical about giving to charity because every year we seem to raise billions of pounds for charities and we never see the change that this money apparently should bring.

 #believers #bornagain#forgiveness #everyone#blessed#people
Source from http://www.guap.co.uk/chakabars

Thank u #turkishairlines for flying me home 🏡 today 🔅Edinburgh 🇬🇧 -> Istanbul 🇹🇷> Kuala Lumpur 🇲🇾 🔅Istanbul photo, snapped on my #iphoneSE #citylights #turkishairlinehelpsomalia #WorldPilotsDay #widenyourworld #tkmoments

Waxaan kaaga mahadcelineynaa kaalmada aad siineysaan dadka Soomaaliyeed ee tabaaleysan Mahadsanid TurkishAirline

We are here to thank you for assistance you are providing to the needly Somali people. Thank you #TurkishAirline #TurkishAirlineHelpSomalia #skylife

Social media used wisely.
U N I T Y ❣️

#turkishairlinehelpsomalia #lovearmyforsomalia #unity #love #oneworld

Big apology to everyone waiting to be featured ! I've just been really busy with school. Insha Allah I will begin posting regularly again very soon ! ✨✨💖💖💖 much love #voiceforyemen #prayforsomalia #prayfortheworld #prayforsouthsudan #prayfornijeria update: Turkish airlines has made a plane available to ship good to Somalia . Alhamdulilah so please donate to fill that plane #turkishairlinehelpsomalia #lovearmyforsomalia

Not alot of mainstream media coverage, but the devastation is real #turkishairlinehelpsomalia

Imagine walking miles and miles just find food and water for yourself for
your children for your livestocks, watching your kids die out of hunger!

People in Somalia have no food no water because there is a massive famine.
You haven't heard anything about it from media.
We are the media.
Turkish airline is one of the international airlines that flies to Somalia, meaning they could carry food water to Somalia use the #TurskishAirlinehelpSomalia #turkishairlinehelpsomalia
Or donate. We need to make noises so we can help our brothers and sisters.
The turkish airlines have lend us a plane for this amazing cause which will be leaving March27 , 1.5 million dollars have been raised by beautiful souls 25k from which one of the first people to speak out on the issue @kaepernick7
Thanks @chakabars for starting the movement
donate, bring awareness.
We must be united for we are a family
As a mother my soul aches *Sacha*

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