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LFG Camp today in Pennsylvania was pretty🔥got to Represent with my boi @ochocisco ! Route 1.) My Dog @_3n1 gave someone the business in some flamingo shorts over at UCF and I decided I needed to try it to lol thanks Mannie!
Thank you to Lauren's First and Goal for the Awesome experience #PrayForLauren #TumorsSuck #NeverStopFighting 📹 :@mikegangi

Throwback to that time I almost died. #fuckcancer #tumorssuck #survivor

She made broken look beautiful, and strong look invincible ✨
My scars remind me of where I've been, how far I've come, and how much further I have to go ... #effyourbeautystandards #summer16 #bodypositive #tumorssuck

One day of summer! #paraplegia #tumorssuck

This is my cute sister/best friend! Sadly we were on our way to California when I looked over and saw she was having a seizure. We were in the middle of the george a little past st george so it took a while t get the ambulance there. When we got her to the hospital she got diagnosed with a brain tumor and today was the day that we got it out. During surgery the surgeon had a feeling that he should go in on the other side, when he did he found another tumor! We are so lucky that we had a great surgeon to take care of her! She is doing better and all we need are prayers to hear back the results if it is cancerous or not (which the surgeon said it's most likely not) but devree is so strong and is great doing this whole process we know everything happens for a reason! Love you dev🙏❤️ #prayfordev #shessostong #tumorssuck #shekicksbutt #staystrong

My mom spotted this in Target tonight as we were shopping...had to buy it as it's the motto in my continuing battle with brain cancer!! #fuckcancer #tumorssuck

The love of my life is very sick. She may walk on four legs and smell like a dog but it breaks my heart to see her suffering. She's currently resting below the piano. So, I've begun writing a little something for her. "My heart can't catch a beat. Lay me down. Feed me that rhythm." I'm already in a transitional period in my life and just trying to find strength in the struggle... #bitchesforlife #tumorssuck

Nothing but smiles today, I've made it 6 years both tumor free and cancer free. Praying that I can mark the end of this journey in August after meeting with my neurosurgeon. I'm blessed💙 3 days before surgery, 3 weeks after, 3 months after, and 6 years later. #blessed #cancerfree #tumorssuck #tumorfree

Hello all!! Im doing well, but I'm back at the hospital after another seizure Saturday evening. We are waiting for doctors to come in and allow me to go home!! Meds will be increased to ensure no more seizures. Thank you to absolutely everyone who has thought of my family and I! You all have helped more than anyone knows and has kept me such a positive outlook! On the road to recovery!! #cancersucks #tumorssuck #brainsurgery


I've been on a "no lower body workout" restriction for too damn long ... time to find a new way to do some cardio ... these arrived today #fitlife #workingout #cardio #boxing #workinprogress #goals #onamission #getouttheway #overcomingtheobstacles #whenlifehandsyoulemons #braintumorssuck #bonetumorssuck #tumorssuck

Exactly three months ago I had major bone tumor surgery on my Femur! 🏋️ 335 lbs PR 🏋️ This is #howiconquer my #bonetumor recovery with hard work, great diet and @mtnops supplements. #keephammering #mtnops #howweconquer #mtnopsfamily #whatgetsyououtdoors #iamsportsman #sickforit #uahunt #tumorssuck #fitness #liftingweights #fitnessmotivation #fitnessjourney #lifting #myfitnessjourney #myfitnesspal #weightloss #weightlifting #bonetumor

The resemblance is uncanny. My tumor is bizarro Meatwad. #tumorssuck

One day of summer! #paraplegia #tumorssuck

New me who dis? 36 days post op body. I've lost pretty much the whole tumor belly I had, still have a somewhat swollen tummy especially around the incision area, that I've been told can take a couple of months to go down plus my extra food rolls that I cant blame on the surgery 🤣 I never thought I'd say this, but I cant wait to start working out again lol. My legs are so not toned(I hate it) and seeing my body slim down a bit has made me want to see how much more I can go. I also cant wait to be able to bend and lift things without others helping me. I'm pretty independent for the most part and I'm not used to depending on others to do things for me. I feel like I've become a burden on my family and it sucks. They need a break from me, a big one..They even had to do everything for me at the beach 😢 As for pain it comes and goes, I have a lot of cramping and a burning sensation in my lower tummy but its a pain I ride out now. I will give driving a try today, see how that goes. I start work in 2 weeks so I hope this next week it all starts getting much much better! Thanks to everyone whos kept checking up on me. 4 weeks ago I felt like I wanted to die, fast forward to today, I feel like I have more life than ever. I still have to get some of my levels up but overall I guess you could say health wise Im back to the old tumor less me. God is good! 😁

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