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So incredibly happy right now! The tumors are gone and he's clear! Finally starting the transition to immunotherapy! You are the strongest man I know❤️ I love you dad! #boldtstrong #tumorfree

Sending summer off in style 🍂🍁#tillytheterror is #tumorfree #hellofall #campingwithdogs

Man I swear my world came crashing down, knowing and seeing my momma go through pain was killing me slowly 💯 momma I love you and I'm glad you held on and stayed strong. It's been a year since my mom had been #tumorfree thank god you good 🙏🏼❤️ I love you momma 👸🏽

My smile today was effortless; Two years ago on April 16th my family sat in the cancer hospital church after receiving news from the operating room that my doctors were fearful I would not survive my surgery. For 17 hours, no one gave up on me. Today on April 16th, I sat at church with my family- alive and brain tumor free. I am the luckiest girl. #tumorfree #blessed

No woman alive that can take my MaMas Place ! Strongest person I know #surgeryday keep her in your prayers 🙏🏼 #tumorfree

Mason, Thomas and Luke's story...
"When the triplets were 2 1/2 months old, my husband was looking at Mason's eyes. He noticed that his pupils were oddly shaped. Since he has a medical background, he knew he should investigate. He took Mason into a dark room and took a picture with a flash. The reflections in Mason's eyes from the flash were concerning. One eye came back with a red reflection (good) and one came back with a white glow (bad). This indicated that the light was not able to bounce off the back of the retina as it should have. We quickly made an appointment with our pediatrician. He quickly referred us to an ophthalmologist who diagnosed him with retinoblastoma. The next day, they checked Luke and Thomas for the cancer, and sure enough, all 3 have it. Within a week we were in Toronto (a 4 hour plane ride from our home in Alberta) receiving treatment at Sick Kids Hospital. Since then, Thomas had his right eye removed, Mason had his left eye removed, and Luke is blind in his left eye. However, they each have 1 really good eye with no tumors blocking their central vision! We have found that the only way to make it through this cancer is to focus on the positive and trust our wonderful doctors. And in the end, we just feel so lucky to be the parents to 3 incredibly tough boys and would do anything for them."
UPDATE: 9•9•17
"They're doing great! They have been tumor free for over 2 years! They are seen in clinic about every 3 months to make sure they don't grow any new tumors in their eyes. Because their cancer was caused by a genetic mutation, they have a high risk of developing other cancers. So they will be monitored closely their whole lives." #lowtriplets
#triplets #retinoblastoma #eyecancer #knowtheglow #kidsgetcancertoo #cancersucks #tumorfree #multiples #twins #tripletboys #identicaltriplets #identicaltwins

Hey pals! As we are nearing the end of breast cancer awareness month I'd like to encourage everyone to have yearly breast examinations! I had a tumor growing in my left breast. It grew a centimeter in less than six months, and reached three centimeters in diameter by surgery! Be proactive, #tumorfree since April!

1 year ago today I had a tumor removed. I remember receiving the news that I had a tumor and later finding out the the surgery required to remove. A relatively rare tumor at that. The worst part that was that an incision had to made which would've left me with an ugly scar.The scariest time in my life. Right before the my surgery a sense a calm came over me. With prayer, loved ones and an amazing oral surgeon and his team I made it through (God truely guided his hands and he with amazement from others removed it without making the incision). Still healing and I'm having another surgery next week Thursday. But I am truely blessed. Happy Wednesday 😊 #blessed #tumorfree #Godsgotme


So incredibly happy right now! The tumors are gone and he's clear! Finally starting the transition to immunotherapy! You are the strongest man I know❤️ I love you dad! #boldtstrong #tumorfree

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Sending summer off in style 🍂🍁#tillytheterror is #tumorfree #hellofall #campingwithdogs

Self Appreciation post - I've been feeling really good about my self following my surgery with my skin clearing up because of my body's hormones going back to normal and my belly going back to being flat again ( first picture from today second from a month before surgery ) , hopeing this positivity continues ! #myomectomysurgery #tumorfreeisthewaytobe #fuckuterinefibroids #tumorfree #selflove❤️ #confidenceiskey #pixiecut #makeupfreeisforme #naturalbeauty

I may be exhausted and I'm totally not looking forward to the long ride home but I sure have big smiles and a happy heart this morning! FIVE years tumor free! 💪🏼Dr. Tap and the 5th floor Soft Tissue Department at MSK won't be seeing me for TWO years now! ❤️ #PVNSsurvivor #giantcelltumor #memorialsloankettering #lifelongbattle #tumorfree #pigmentedvillonodularsynovitis #raredisease #oneinamillion #survivor #livinglife #nyc

We had such a great experience @pbtf_events thank you again for bringing everyone together to raise awareness for pediatric brain tumors. #StarryNight #TeamFight #TumorFree

Second day off steroids. Tina VS Cushing's disease - 1:0! 😈👊🏼 . #PituitarySlowlyStartedWorkingAgain #IveBeenWaitingForThisAlmostEightMonths #TumorFree 🎊✨

My nightmare is finally over. Since February I've been struggling with a skin tumor (benign!) on my finger. In the beginning it was just annoying but the last month was all pain and disgust from how it looked. Two weeks ago I had surgery and today the stitches was removed.
And would you look at that! It is as if it never happened 🙏🏻🙌🏻
#Thankful #NightmareOver #TumorFree

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