Face mask, a good book, and a spiced golden milk draaank to end the day 🙌🏼. Benefits of this delish elixir: liver health, improves skin, and an excellent digestive aid - which is why I prefer this drink after dinner.

Iced #tumerictea ☀️

#goldenmilk or #tumerictea what could be better for someone who’s really a bit rough from too much 🍷and still has an epically cut foot from a treadmill fail #antiseptic #antiinflammatory #delicious

Just a lil’ Golden milk aka Tumeric milk tea to settle in. Who knew something that tastes so good also has a plethora of health benefits? Just check out these ingredients: Tumeric, ginger, cinnamon, coconut oil, honey and black pepper...yes BLACK PEPPER! Don’t knock it til you try it. #goldenmilk #tumerictea #tumericbenefits #gingerbenefits #coconutoilbenefits #honeybenefits

Amazingly delicious Anti-inflammatory tea time @chisedibles .
#tumerictea #antiinflammatorydiet #shouldersurgeryrecovery #healingup

Winter mornings mean so much more than just coffee these days! One of our personal favourites is our delicious @naturesharvest tumeric latte 😋 this week we worked with @laurenagius_ for her blog content around the amazing health and nutritional benefits of tumeric. Check it below>>#Repost @laurenagius_ with @get_repost
Havin a cuppa liquid sunshine ☀️ @nicheandco
Read about the benefits of Tumeric
and try a cup of golden goodness and a delicious daily health tonic for overall wellbeing https://www.laurenagius.com.au/blogs/news/anti-inflammit-tea

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We found some great tea in Santa Fe!! @artfultea try the Atomic Gold turmeric tea. It is lovely.

Who doesn’t need a dash of magic, and tumeric tea to wake up on a Saturday morning?
#tea #tumerictea #teacup #morning #dashofmagic #morningtea #saturdaymornings

||Wake Up Early || If there's one thing I do each day to seize the day - it is to wake up early. Even on holiday I naturally wake up when the sun comes up.
Steps for a happy day.

1) wake up early
2) have a moment of calm to relax and centre (currently drinking turmeric tea on the balcony looking out at the view)
3) do some movement (about to go for a run)
4) Do something incredible today (I'm getting married in Corfu to the most wonderful man @gorunright
5) Surround yourself with wonderful people. (Seeing all our friends all week out here and having 70 guests at the main event later is just something else)

Job Done.
#corfuwedding #corfu #preweddingnerves #seaview #glyfa #calm #happy #tumerictea #slinkyoutfit

Havin a cuppa liquid sunshine ☀️ @nicheandco
Read about the benefits of Tumeric
and try a cup of golden goodness and a delicious daily health tonic for overall wellbeing https://www.laurenagius.com.au/blogs/news/anti-inflammit-tea

#nicheandco #tugan #tumeric #tumericlatte #tumerictea #lurvsportswear #fitpro #cafe #goldcoast #vegancafe #blog #blogger #mvmt #mvmtsunglasses #mvmtforher #themvmt #blackonblack #latte #latte

Congrats once again to the 3rd business page we'll be promoting today!🎉🎉!! Any lover of TUMERIC products in the house!💃💃
Here's something for you!💞
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Their latest product will have to be my favorite THE TUMERIC PEEL-OFF MASK!💕
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🌸 C L A R Y . C A L M 🌸 I cannot tell you with enough enthusiasm how much I LOVE this little bottle of goodness! With a diagnosis of PCOS at age 13 I have struggled with debilitating periods (when they actually made an appearance!) for many years. I passed out in school bathrooms, wore good nights for a week straight and slept with a hot water bottle strapped to my tummy. I would cramp somewhere close to midway through my ‘cycle’ which indicated I may be close to ovulation and always throughout my period. Tracking my actual ovulation and ‘fertile days’ was an absolute mystery for me as I have never had a set cycle. I saw a traditional Chinese herbalist and acupuncturist after a rocky road start to having my two beautiful girls. Both before and during each pregnancy I had acupuncture and used a herbal supplement which alleviated my hormonal discomfort. Responding to Clary Calm in the same way is quite simply - Amazing! If only I had these oils in my teenager years!
Now I use the Clary Calm blend over my ovaries when they niggle, and always at the onset of my period for the first few days. Rolling a couple of times a day. Now when my period rolls around I always feel elated surprise that I haven’t experienced that intense uncomfortable cramping in the build up. It’s mild and bearable! I never thought I would use those words in the same conversation as menstruation!
Heading into my fourth month of using this blend, I am seeing noticeable changes in discomfort as well as duration.
I am thrilled beyond words!!
🌸 CLARY SAGE 🌸 helps to balance estrogen and other hormones associated with PMS and menopause.
🌸 LAVENDER 🌸 for balance and calm
🌸 ROMAN CHAMOMILE 🌸 brilliant antispasmodic 🌸 YLANG YLANG 🌸 Balancing hormones
Amongst other ingredients such as FENNEL & PALMAROSA which are both great for skin problems, CARROT SEED & VITEX perfect for alleviating PMS.
#doterra #doterraau #doterraessentialoils #pms #periodproblems #period #menstrualcramps #menstruation #hormoneimbalance #hormonalbalance #banjobear #givemeallthebanjobears #tumeric #tumerictea #pukkatea #tumericforinflammation #inflammation #clarysage #lavender #bergamont #romanchamomile #cedarwood #ylangylang

Turmeric and almond milk tea before bed. Anyone else love the spicier teas? Ginger, Cinnamon... #tea #tumerictea #bedtime #praymoreworryless

A cold salad for lunch (sirloin strips wit hard boiled eggs, mozzarella and mandarins, mixed with #tessamae honey vinaigrette) and turmeric ginger tea while I read. Thomas Jefferson warrants the special teacup. #paleo #paleodiet #mostlypaleo #tumerictea #ThomasJefferson

❀ CHINESE HERBS! On display at the Traditional Chinese Medicine Museum in Shanghai when I went to visit in August 2016. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
There are many Chinese herbs and formulas that have been proven effective treatments for particular illnesses for thousands of years. ✾
‘With the development of modern medicine, the pharmacology and mechanism of action of many of these Chinese herbs have been determined, so that traditional Chinese Medicine has gradually formed a consensus with modern medicine.’ ❀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
✤ See what I’m taking about here! ☞ https://www.hindawi.com/journals/ecam/2013/153148/tab1/
✾ Herbs are our natural medicine from the Earth and have been used for centuries in China.
Chinese herbal formulas consist of leaves, twigs, barks, rhizomes, roots, flowers, seeds, and other natural ingredients. ✓
ஐ They are prescribed in raw form (which would then be cooked into a tea) or in powder or pill form. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

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