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im proud of you for getting out of bed. im proud of you for continuing your day. im sorry if you're not feeling well. "you can't force yourself to run with a sprained ankle, you have to wait and let it heal. same thing with you mentally, you can't force yourself into feeling better. you shouldn't get upset over the fact that you feel like this. you have to wait, be kind to yourself, and let yourself heal." have a lovely day guys, it's the little things in life. ☁🌿 (repost)
IVE BEEN FEELING NOT SO TIRED LATELY? also, i have a lot of grammar mistakes because im careless, hints my username. sleep, water, and food is important. taking care of yourself is important.

Walk/run/fly your own path sista/mista 👣

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all these crutches and i still cant stand ur bitch ass


This quote is just too cute 💚

Be honest.

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