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✕ I'll have my Fine Art grad exhibition next month - anyone around London is welcome to check out Truman Gallery for more info!

The truth is I never bought into your bullshit when you would pay tribute to me cause I know that.


Offending people on a daily

A squad of justice

Today's been eh

Not your type of pretty face

Trendy hairdos of 2017.
-braid update
-bleached blonde buzzcuts
-boyish hair
-curl styling, faux perms
-extra embellishments -super straight
-the Bardot fringe -back pony
-modern bob
-modern mullet.
-neon hair.
-"actual" hair color.
-unicorn hair
-rainbow hair
-colorful braids
-high ponytail .
. .
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school tmr and i didnt do hw

Close up ✨ @adriana.luu

"insanely-gentrified" brooklyn

posting bc this damn orange theme is my aesthetic
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i wouldn’t exactly call it living. more like surviving… i look at the environment surrounding me, memories lie tattered in my brain. a life i want to believe was once so full and fruitful has become unthinkably dull. my own eyes were once muddy brown but have since faded to an iridescently eerie gray. im hurting. it hurts. im not lying.
i would tell you that you don't understand- but i've begin to notice that everything can only be interpreted in relation to other things or feelings. and this is the only thing ive come to recall feeling. this ethereal delicate coldness within my core, shaking and rattling my bones, consuming my every feeling of functionality. im clearly broken beyond repair- yet i aimlessly crave fixture.
i am light with awful lightness. my blood is mud and my bones are brittle. my thoughts freely cascade within my mind, setting fire to all of my precious sensibilities . any meager ration of purpose and hope is replaced by these fucking reminders that i am truly and entirely 113% alone in this.
at one point, i wanted help. i went to therapy once a week- on bad weeks i went twice. i convinced myself that the glass was half full. i made the most out of everything- and in the process, i made a fool of myself.
i spoke out. i cried for help. i wrote it in books, on forums, i would have carved the words “help me” into my damn skin on my damn forehead if i thought for one minute that anybody was listening.
and i know you’re listening if you’re reading this. but are you really reading this? are you reading me? can you feel the pain in the tips of my fingers, in the ends of my hair, in the blood in my veins, in the staggering cry of my voice at 2 in the morning- an ugly face soaked in the tears resulting from years of utter and complete destruction and then desertion of every little thing i feel?
can you feel my pain?
can you imagine trying to fall asleep when there are actual fucking faceless voices in between your ears jabbering an unimaginably taunting cry? whispering demented nonsense into your ears nonstop after you beg and plead with yourself to quit hearing those damn voices.

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