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spent about 4 hours at urgent care and then rode in an ambulance to the hospital and spent another 3 hours there where i got pricked 5 times bc my veins were invisible and then sobbed a bit and now i'm home~mulch

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The truth is, of course, that what one regards as interruptions are precisely one's life. -CS Lewis #tigereyes 📸 by @sergejohnson
The speed at which life presses forward continues to surprise me. These past couple of weeks have been full to the point of bursting and the train just keeps rolling. From being in Asia, to the Middle East, to traveling across my own country; I am learning that the mystical moment of arrival never comes.
Life is about seeking.
The seeker has their eyes open to the possible and embraces the good as it comes and lets the bad be merely a good lesson.
The stops on the road are not detours but are The Tour of your beautiful life.
I never thought I would find myself in the places I've been, doing the things I do, with the amazing people I've met, and I've had many moments where I wake up in awe asking how I got here.
Your life is happening now. Take a moment to look around, take two, take several, but whatever you do, "Do not let this universe regret you." -Marty McConnel
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i know i could post these seperately but i'm really too lazy. anyways i have an orthodontist and then i'm babysitting like the whole day but i literally got no sleep so this should be fun~mulch


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||•Eres la razón de mi sonrisa al despertar, eres mi motivación y mi andar. Lástima que yo estoy estancada, aquí, queriendo te y tú haya afuera siendo feliz, haciendo galaxias con tan solo sonreír•|| ☁ –dreamingwithyou❤
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