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Boa tarde ❤❤

In the desert of life the wise person travels by caravan. The fool prefers to travel alone. -Jordanian Proverb #thetigermap #tigertribe also check out my story today!
I won't lie to you, this was one of those life moments.
My jaw dropped, time stopped, and I could not believe what I had the privilege of witnessing.
As crazy as some of the things I've done in my life are, there's this hunger to continue to push myself to do and see more. And I'm grateful for my mom for always giving me perspective that if today was it for me, I've lived a pretty incredible life by any account.
But what people don't tell you is this can sometimes be a lonely road.
I often travel alone, simply because the more people there are the more obstacles there are to work around. But although the tribe is harder to find (@gakenia3), having people who will stick by your side when you leave for months at a time (you know who you are) are rare, and you will miss terribly the wonderful people you meet on the journey (@glographics, @henn.drawn too!), it is always worth having someone to walk with. And a joy shared is always twice as great.
Thanks mom for the reminder that people matter and I don't have to do it all alone.

A meme for the sporty followers. We love you guys too ~cosmic latte

Pizza ou lasanha ? ❤🍕

Hi guys 👽

hes a senior


today's going to be a longggggg day~mulch

My first post !!
This page is about BTS !!
There will be 2 pictures published per day, if there is any news or something I publish soon !! My classes will start soon so I will not have much time to post.
I hope you like this page !!
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