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That’s how living in the jungle looks like 😱🕷 ••
Last night my son was going out of the shower and he screamed for help 🤣 MAMAAAAA TARANTULAAAA 🕷🕷🕷 😂🤣
Now I laugh but tarantulas inside my house also scare me and more coz I was the one that had the mission to take her out...without hurting her 😰
But I managed 💪🏼 and we brought her happy back to the Jungle 🕷👉🏻🌴 where she belongs ••
The price of paradise 🌴 we are so scared of any animal or insect coming inside our houses and normally people kill them. Please try to save whatever comes inside your home, at the end we are the ones invading theirs, so we can try to save them please 🙏💚
We are nature, why are we so scared of it 🤷🏻‍♀️ living inside our concrete walls⁉️
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#soulsisters👭 I’m so happy my beautiful (and very strong) friend is here. LOVE YOU 😘 #tulumlife #friends

I did ceremony this morning for our beautiful Earth and Sun. It’s time to welcome Summer and Solstice! ☀️✨💫 🙏🏻 I spent a couple of hours chanting, expanding my heart, clearing, connecting and reflecting on the last six months - since the Winter Solstice back on December, 2017. 🙏🏻 I’m now set to put clear intention toward the next six months and plans that will cultivate and manifest by the next Solstice. 🙏🏻 How are you spending the Solstice In your hemisphere? 🌏 💫💕☀️✨

Above and beyond your expectations. The Highline Tulum Penthouses ☀️🏖

Have You Ever Stayed At An All-Inclusive Resort?
🔹 Madison and I had the opportunity to stay at an all-inclusive in Mexico and we loved it. Traveling from Canada to Mexico, we have relatively cheap all-inclusive packages (flight, hotel, food & beverage)! This gives us the opportunity to explore other places beyond just the resort and stick to a budget easier. We try to find an all-inclusive resort that we can call our home for the week and keep our belongings. From there we can rent a car, do day trips, and even stay at small bouquets hotels (if we find the right spot). So what’s yours opinion on all-inclusive resorts?🔹
Photo By @theblondetraveldiary

G L A M P I N G 🌴

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