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It's been so rainy here in San Andres, so until I get thoooose beach photos, here's another of Tulum 🤗. Actually maybe it's better I'm not in the sun right now because as you can see, got a bit of an awkward sunburn 😂.
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Just spent the past few days traveling to Bogota, Colombia, and then to San Andres. I'll be in Colombia for about a month and it'll be my 8th time here!
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I've already been to some major spots (Cartagena, Bogota, Santa Marta, Tayrona, Amazon, etc). Planning on visiting Medellin and Guadape on this round. Anything else that's unmissable?! Let me know below 👇🏼.
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📷: @itsatravelod
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I always knew Tulum was magic, but this time in particular the magic was palpable. It rushed through my body with every breeze and every step. The people, oh the magical people who carry the wisdom of this land. I'm in love and always will be. 🙏
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Good morning from @archivemexico 💙 Photo: @memorybox_photo | Planning: @tulumelopement | Styling and florals: @mariaLimon_ | Linens: @butterfly_linens

Touristed the shit out of Tulum yesterday! 🇲🇽🌴#mexico #tulum #tourist #tulummexico #tulumbeach

Been dreaming of Mexico a lot today! 🇲🇽 Missing the food more than anything.... 🌮🌯🥙

How to stay productive?
After such a long time with friends staying over and activities/trips, it's time to turn up the hustle level back to 100. How can I make sure I'm getting a lot of stuff done?
1. A massive to-do list of projects: Day can't end until about 5 are completed each day.
2. Schedules: Mornings from 10am-3pm: Work from my favorite Starbucks. Best way to get me to focus. Then, lunch and keep working from home until gym time at 8pm.
3. Something fun midweek: Which I can't go to unless I finish a bunch of tasks. Can be just a dinner with a friend on Wednesday night, for example.
4. Headphones and music: it just helps me concentrate.
5. Logging hours: I log all my hours daily to see how much I'm working and on what project. This helps me have an idea of how I could maximize my time.
6. What I call "batching:" if I have 5 video calls, I will schedule them back to back. This saves time because I don't have to set up again (AKA make sure my hair looks good again), open the program again, etc.
What are some of your productivity hacks?


Handcrafted in Mexico. What are some of your favorite things about Mexico? #mexicolove #hechoenmexico

Magical sunsets at the cenote !

Been dreaming of Mexico a lot today! 🇲🇽 Missing the food more than anything.... 🌮🌯🥙

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