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What a view 🙌🏽 essa é a varanda do meu quarto, apenas 😍 @azuliktulum #AzulikSkyVilla #mermaidlife #tulum

.."Va rompiendo cuellos esa cadera
Ella baila sola qué te espera" ...#choclock 🎼🎧🎼 🔥🙌🏝 #campaign 🕶 🇬🇧 SS17 - ❤ 🍍 /
/👩🏻 @luludf 🇻🇪 at @quetarojas / 👚🗺 @bexgriff /💄💇🏻‍♂️ @frankkiki / 📽 @getdeluxe 🇬🇧 @taylorfawcett / 🏝 @tulummexico //- #tulum #tulummexico #fashion #fashionphotography #fashionphotographer #beautifulmodel #venezuelanmodel #venezuelangirl #moda #style #styles #outfit #beach #playa #glasses #photooftheday #beauty #sunglasses #mywork

"I don't know whether to thank you or curse you!" is what a friend and student once jokingly said to me. He had taken his first ever Yoga class with me and this, of course, had changed his life for the better (or so it seemed). The problems came because he could no longer live in the corporate world and since he loved Yoga so much the obvious decision was to become a yoga teacher. However, after some time he realised that he loved practicing Yoga, but teaching was another thing altogether, and actually, after a while the teaching made him lose his passion for his own practice, and before long the 'honeymoon& #39; period with Yoga was over. Jaded and confused, he was left without the love of Yoga anymore, but also knowing that the corporate world was not where he wanted to be.
This is not an isolated story. I have seen this happen time and time again. Becoming a yoga teacher is not an easy path and it's not everybody's calling. Most of the teachers that I know who have found that it is their path were actually not focused on making a career out of it, but rather, were focused on the exploration of their own practice - and the teaching happened spontaneously because of that. Just like in this photo, it's as if the heavens and the planets align, and you just know that you are doing exactly what you were meant to be doing.
As for my friend, he did return to the corporate world, got married and has two beautiful children, and as far I know, is living a wonderful and beautiful life. As it seems, the Yoga found him in another way, and his purpose in life too. So, even though the yoga practice as such, was not his calling, I have no doubt that it played a meaningful role in determining the course of his life. 🙏

We paid a visit to the Spectacular Mayan ruins today . And here is our obligatory fam pic . 😊#sightseeing #mylittlefamily #hats #tulum

Me trying to not fall yet I'm barely off the ground 😂🌴

cheers to adventure, boss babes, and LIFE! 🍹 (new relationship post on the blog btw!) #pursuitgoestomexico #tulum #vacay

Vive un día lleno de aventura en #Cobá . Adéntrate en la selva y conoce más sobre la maravillosa cultura maya. #RivieraMaya #Tours #Vacaciones #Tulum


This sunday it will be very special with the family of @ibiza sonica doing @pareidolia with a special guest @nico stojan come and dance with us if you are around!! #tulum #music #electronicmusic #pareidolia

Maaginen paikka snorklailla tuhansia vuotta vanhassa luolastossa ✨☀️✨ #sacactun #cenote #tulum #mexico #magic

Cantinho de paz 💚🍃 #tb #tulum

Today was tough. ☀️🍬 was not happy all day and now has a fever. We had to rush home from Hartwood and this is her 😂 Oh, man, Tulum, you're pretty, but I'm ready for Cancun resort 🙈 #indierey #mexico #tulum #annielinco #cantalwaysbeperfectpicture #lifeisntperfect

Expect a lot of photos from here😍 #tulum #mexico

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