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You know you are a designer when at any given time you can pull out grout samples, an architectural scale and a 25' measuring tape. #interiordesign, #tulsadesigner #abigbagisamust

Limestone and chrome shower = goals!
Photography // @kaceygilpin
Design // @austinbeandesignstudio

My 3D design software.. Focusing on details

#switchinghats #idesign #myotherart #ineedsleep #tulsadesigner

This weekend's boutique collective was beyond amazing! Big shout out to @blacksheeptulsa for putting it together! It was an absolute blast! New Filosophers, current Filos, and great networking! Thank you to all who came out and those who couldn't, we will see you at the fall event! 😘 #tulsa #tulsaboutiquecollective #tulsadesigner #tulsaartist #handmadejewelry #filosophy #filosophers #stoner #beadedbyfilosophy #gemstoneshop #gemstonejewelry #quartz #terrarium #layeringjewelry #layeringpieces #gemstones

S/O to K. Nicole Boutique in Tulsa, OK. Visit her this week during her 50% off Clearance Sale. You can get this shirt I'm wearing for $10. #knicoleboutique #kenyacarter #fashion #tulsadesigner #cwjquotes #shopkocak #tulsa #tulsasalon #tulsaoklahoma #fashiondesigner

I want to be in a video game. Then I can spend the first five hours of the game actually playing instead of trying to build a character who looks like me.

Behind the scenes sneak peek of the talented @sarahbakerphotos at our client photo shoot this morning. Bedroom design by Audrey Lackner. #luxetulsa #audreyatluxe

Still dreaming of this kitchen, #dreamkitchen, with natural white oak cabinets by @woodstockcabinets. Kitchen designed by the fabulous @jillcrokadesigns // #sarahbakerphotos


Today’s #transformationtuesday features an impressive before and after of @luxetulsa designer Maureen Walter’s latest office design. After photo by
@sarahbakerphotos. #luxetulsa #localwithluxe #maureenatluxe

I have several projects going right now, but they aren't ready for their sneak peek just yet. So I wanted to share a testimonial from my good friend and past client @jesstuckerphoto that ties into a blogpost that I wrote in the #designtransparencyseries a few weeks ago 😁. If you haven't read it yet, head to the link in my profile and read about online template logos! Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday! I'll be here, filling up my coffee cup and working on client projects, while the #bighampups nap on this rainy oklahoma day.

We love a swivel with character! Beautiful design by @luxetulsa designer Maureen Walters. 📸: @sarahbakerphotos. #luxetulsa #localwithluxe #maureenatluxe

S/O to K. Nicole Boutique in Tulsa, OK. Visit her this week during her 50% off Clearance Sale. You can get this shirt I'm wearing for $10. #knicoleboutique #kenyacarter #fashion #tulsadesigner #cwjquotes #shopkocak #tulsa #tulsasalon #tulsaoklahoma #fashiondesigner

I'm currently working on a branding project that is on the edge of my style, which makes me excited and nervous and motivated.
Do you ever have projects that push your boundaries and challenge you? This one is mine. I try to always stretch and challenge myself, because I've learned that a little bit of discomfort leads to a lot of growth.
Also, the target market for this brand is basically James Bond, which is probably the coolest audience I've worked with yet! 😎 Can't wait to share more!

Let your art speak for itself! Open living room design by @luxetulsa designer Robin Splawn. 📸:@sarahbakerphotos.
#luxetulsa #localwithluxe #robinatluxe

I sent this little mark, along with the final logo off to my lovely clients. Can't wait to share more with this brand. It was such a fun one to work on!

Wow 'em with your boldness.

The first person to order Love Bite before Monday gets a coupon for 30% off another item! Shop now at the link in our bio.

Photo: @emilychristinetull
Model: @kyliempetty

Splendid entry design by @luxetulsa designer Michelle Harrison for #faraboughhomes. 📸:@sarahbakerphotos. #luxetulsa #localwithluxe #michelleatluxe

This view will never get old. The beach is such a great place for rest and resetting.

Present Over Perfect was such a great book. I still think back on chapters, and this perfectionist is still learning to be present, even while on vacation. It's easy to constantly check emails, go to bed with my computer open, and be thinking of my business, but when I do put my phone away or close my laptop, I see how invigorating it is to be in the now.

"Talent will take you far, but determination will take you further. I can't tell you how many people I've heard moan about how they could have started a business, gotten the great assignment, scored a better position or whatever. The truth is, most people aren't willing to put the time and effort into accomplishing their goals. It's easier to just live their dreams inside their heads instead of putting in the sweat equity." I found this quote a few months ago, and wish I could find the author. This is the absolute truth! Accomplishing goals and dreams is hard work. There are highs and lows, times when you e taken huge strides, and times where you feel like you've fallen back. Living out your goals is not for the faint of heart, but with a dream in your heart, a support system around you, and the tools you need for success, it can be done! If you have a dream and are waiting for the 'perfect moment', it will never come. Trust me! You just need to start, and you'll already be worlds ahead of the rest.

Teal with pops of black and white accents! This stunning living room design by @luxetulsa designer Audrey Lackner was
featured in the 2017 Parade of Homes for
#cobblestonehomes 📸:@sarahbakerphotos. #luxetulsa #localwithluxe #audreyatluxe

White + Light + Bright
Inviting master suite sitting area design by @luxetula designer Kristin Yannacone. 📸:@sarahbakerphotos. #luxetulsa #localwithluxe #kristinatluxe

Quarters fit for royalty. Master bedroom design by @luxetulsa designer Maureen Walters. 📸:@sarahbakerphotos. #luxetulsa #localwithluxe #maureenatluxe

Goodmorning from the airport! Heading to the beach for some R&R ☺️, but I wanted to pop in and let you know that the next post in the #designtransparencyseries is going live tomorrow! I'm talking about everything that goes into making those pretty final logos that you see! Hint: there's a lot! And can be a lot more with larger brand packages!
If you missed the last post about the risks of using template logos, check it out on the blog!

Shades of gray with a touch of nature. Darling design by @luxetulsa designer Robin Splawn. 📸:@sarahbakerphotos. #luxetulsa #localwithluxe #robinatluxe

A refined den with the prettiest pit group around. Designed by @luxetulsa designer Michelle Harrison. 📸:@sarahbakerphotos. Home by #faraboughhomes. #luxetulsa #localwithluxe #michelleatluxe #mondayblues

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