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Talk with people who make you see the world differently 😉😀🌎

9 Steps to Manifest A Life You Love by @Mary_Shores, "You possess the power to create and transform your life. Every thought you think, every word you speak, and every choice you make is creating your world and the way you perceive it.

1. Knock off the Negative Self-Talk - I can’t… I’m not good enough… I’ll never find what I want…
How often do you consider the strain these negative words have on your mind, your choices, and your life? The persistent messages you repeat can frame your thoughts and trap you in a mindset that can be difficult to break. The words you use have the power to create your life.
2. Stop Trying to be 100% Perfect - No one is perfect! Summon the courage to bulldoze your barrier beliefs and take action in the direction of your dreams.
3. Break Through Your Doubt - It’s the doubt that holds you back. I’m talking about when you inside, outside, backwards, and forwards know what you want, know it will work, know you can do it, and can hold the vision but do nothing. That is your doubt in conflict with your dreams. If you can take action you can breakthrough your overwhelming self-doubt.
4. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone - Your greatest manifestations happen outside of your comfort zone. Whenever you are at your edge, what if you are actually at the beginning? This is the springboard into a magical series of your biggest desires manifesting.
5. Fight Your FEAR - Know this: You are only as powerful as the action you are willing to take. Put your dreams in charge, not your fears and understand that it takes courage to do anything worth doing!
6. Stay the Course - Perseverance is having the power, strength, and determination to do what you know you need to do even when you don’t feel like it.
7. Change Your Story - Reliving your stories again and again keeps you swirling inside those stories. The story you tell yourself, about yourself, becomes your identity.
8. Be Authentic - The practice of choosing moment to moment how you portray yourself in the world.
9. Keep the Dream Alive - Every person who achieved greatness was a dreamer who had a clear vision of what they wanted and the ability to create a plan to get there.

I shared this with a mate going through personal struggles. Like the seasons, it never rains forever, push through your pain and rise up.
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"It is through gratitude for the present moment that the spiritual dimension of life opens up." - Eckhart Tolle 🌿

I actually think it is impossible to be in anyone's shadow. I believe that there is a time and season for all things. When it's your time, your light will chase away the shadows.
But let us play devil's advocate and assume this was the case. However are Shadows such a bad thing? Is the Shadow you're currently in such a terrible thing? Consider this shadow...is it an Older/More Famous/Accomplished/Richer/Experienced Sibling/Employer/Mentor/Colleague?
Consider that a Shadow can provide Shade/Cover. It gives you room to grow, make mistakes and stumble away from the spotlight. A lot of us are so quick to divorce ourselves from these 'Shadows' that we stumble out unprepared. Or stay resenting these 'Shadows'. Learn life's lessons. Build, Grow, Stumble, Fall, Stand Up, Keep learning and leave the rest up to your Light. When you're ready to shine brightly, you will. Breathe. Because all it takes to Light Up a Dark Room is One Candle Light. Have you thanked your 'Shadow' today?

Even with best intentions and plans, we may come up a bit short on what we set out to do. The trick is to not get too down on ourselves when it happens and move on from it. When we infuse a little humor into the mix, it helps as well! 😂 🎥 @westonlee24 of the fellas having a little downtime.
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hey unlocked fans! do something beautiful for others today. never forget that in order to properly love others, you must love YOURSELF first. #tuesdaywisdom 🌻💛|| -kate redenbaugh


I hope today was one of amazing productivity for you. I hope you are one step closer to #achieving your goals. I hope you are learning to take advantage of every opportunity except for time; because time waits for no one and, before you know it, your time will be gone.

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MY health is an investment, not an expense.
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It's funny. People complain about not having someone that truly cares for them when in reality they just don't have the person they WANT to care for them, care for them. When someone else comes along and tries to give them what they so wanted from the other person, they don't try and see the good in that. Give that new person a chance. Instead those people get hurt and now you have a society of hurt people hurting other people. When will the cycle end? It starts with YOU! .
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God can take the little that you have if you trust Him and grow it into a blessing much larger than you anticipated! The Bible says Jesus took five loaves of bread and two fish and fed a multitude of 5000 people once He trusted it into God's hands (Matthew 14). You may be in a place right now where you feel as though there isn't much that you can do for God. But He wants you to trust Him with what you have, so He can bless you abundantly for His glory! It only takes a spark. Amen •
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The ability to skillfully listen is one key to gaining influence with others. John C. Maxwell found these benefits from listening: • Listening shows respect • Listening builds relationships • Listening increases knowledge • Listening generates ideas • Listening builds loyalty . .

Focus on listening to others today.

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See, your purpose is your highest calling. its a spiritual thing not a societal thing.
Society, people, friends and family may not get it. But they aren't meant to get it.
Those who get it are the ones that your purpose was meant for, they're the ones it was meant to touch, they're the ones you're meant to reach.
Wait for it.
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