Be #brave and #apologize for treating someone like shit. But if not, I’m #strong because I know in order to be healthy, I have to #forgive and in order to be #happy I will #forget #apologizeforgiveforget #tuesdaythruth #homegoodsfinds

Society: Be yourself.
Also Society: No, not like that.

Since I began my journey 3 years ago, I've been made fun of, judged, criticized, mocked, etc.. yes there have been positive people but most of the time, I get so much flack for my healthy lifestyle. I do this for me, no one else. I enjoy taking care of my body, my mind, my soul. I do not hate my body and I do not restrict myself. When you see me post about my healthy meals, please don't assume I'm boring or don't enjoy my life. When I order something healthy while out, please don't laugh, because most restaurant foods make me feel ill. If I say no to mounds of sugar and order a black coffee, please don't scuff and say, 'my god, indulge once in a while.' When I post ab shots, please don't message me to tell me I'm so in to myself or i'm showing off. I work hard, every single day. I put in the work, the effort. I'm sorry you feel the need to judge me. But here's the plain ole truth, your judgements have nothing to do with me, but everything to do with you. I'm here, if you need support, guidance, personal growth, or health and fitness tips. I'm not perfect, but I can tell you, that taking care of YOU will significantly change the way you see and think of others. You cannot pour from an empty cup, so if you're judging me, it sounds like your cup is empty. Fill that damn thing up by working on you and the light that's inside of you will shine, and you'll feel so much better. ❤❤❤
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Il faut être en paix avec sois-même pour que le reste puisse suivre🙌🏻 .
#tuesdaythruth #heartatpeace #lifequotes #beinpeace #goforit #doit #laval #montreal

Capitally encourages all designers to continue breaking gender and body image stereotypes down the runway. On #nde17 we honor @letsencourage17 and @csiriano's for his exemplary bravery. Our own #EditorInCheif @EmiliaFerrara writes about his work in depth in Chapter 8 of #MagWorld. Excited to bring these looks to Washington! #whenwordsencourage #CapitallyDC

#tuesdaythruth I haven't eaten the best this week. Can't wait to start my new group on Monday! In preparation for that, I'm starting today cutting sugar and processed food wherever possible (cause ya know...thanksgiving week....so it's not possible everywhere) and making sure to drink all my water. Priming my body for when all those superfoods, vitamins and veggies hit on Monday is key to nutrient absorption!

Tuesday Truth!

I hope you all have an amazing day & have started it off with a little sweat 💦💦💦💦! Day 5 of my routine is off to a great start even if I missed my post workout picture 📸 today!

Have a great Tuesday Everyone!

#tuesdaythruth #livinghealthyhappyandfit #teambeyourbest #momof3 #fitmom #fitmesscoach #noexcuses

Remember, gotta keep your head up!!👆🏽 #tuesdaythruth

"You know, when you spill something and instead of cleaning it up you just hide and cry"
#transparencytuesday #catsofinstagram #catgram #tuesdaythruth #instacat

"las mamás estan haciendo el trabajo mas importante del mundo.
Ellas le estan enseñando a la proxima generación lo que es el amor."
#nuestraresponsabilidad #tuesdaythruth

Vivamos el presente intesamente
disfrutemos al máximo el tiempo que Dios nos ha dado AHORA. Este tiempo no regresa.
#tuesdaythruth #reflexiondelmartes.

Solo una mamá,
Solo una esposa,
Solo un título más,
Tu juegas un papel trascendental en los planes de Dios. 🙌🙌😘 .
Lo crees?
#motivación #tuesdaythruth

Nahhh No Caption Needed!! 🙅🙅👋👋✌✌💃💃

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