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So keep your head up 🐣 and make it to me. 🖤 .
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While you’re perusing the sale, make sure you check out our gift wrap designs for all your present-wrapping needs. Each design features my hand Calligraphy or lettering and are holiday favorites year after year. We have them priced for bulk sales to get the gifts under your Christmas tree on point this year!

My favorite day of the year is almost here! How are YOU celebrating Thanksgiving? 📷: @itsmeericc

I learned somewhere along the way that it’s professional to wear make-up and to straighten my hair and to wear heels with hose and to that I say, “hogwash!” There’s something magical about doing whatever the hell you want. Being whoever you are. This is my face. This is my hair. This is what I effing look like.
I’m professional because I work my ass off. I’m professional because I have over a decade of experience in different fields. I’m professional because I’ve started 4 companies. I’m professional because I create results for my clients and I keep my shit together.
It’s a long road of de-programming myself to believe that I am worthy of success and that my appearance shouldn’t affect my bottom line. Cheers to more women standing in the truth that we should be valued for the work we do not the way we choose to decorate ourselves each day. All of my love to each of you. Your face, your mind, your body, they are just right. I promise. .
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In case you need the reminder: When God looks at you, He looks at you with love. He delights in you. He ENJOYS time spent with you. He doesn’t look at you and see you for your mistakes, those have been paid for. He doesn’t see you for your struggles, for the ways you “should be” trying harder, or with impatience because you just can’t seem to get it together. He simply looks on you with LOVE. You are His child, and that’s the truest thing about you.

P.S. In case you missed it, I have a new post up #ONTHEBLOG talking about something that happened to me last week that brought about a new perspective in a way that was really helpful. If you’re dealing with discontentment of any kind, I hope it can be helpful to you, too. 🍁💛

The past few days I haven’t been feeling very well. I’ve wanted to skip my workouts and just sleep or sit around and read my book. Thankfully though I have this guy to always nag me to get the things on my list done.

Though at times it’s super tough, going through the journey we call life with @nicoplanicka has been such a blessing... thankful I get to love on me and motivate me to be the best I can’t be 💜

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How I feel about all of your congratulations, sweet emails, and PMs. I feel so blessed to have you all in my life! Thank you for making yesterday so much fun and incredibly memorable on so many levels!
Can you believe tomorrow is Thanksgiving?! Wowza! We are on our way to Tennessee today (with a pit stop in St Louis) and we cannot wait to celebrate Thanksgiving with our family and friends! If you need me, I’ll be the one eating all the desserts and napping on the couch mid-day 😝 P.S. preggo pants = the best Thanksgiving pants!
What are YOUR thanksgiving plans? #germaniaplace

#tuesdaystogether Yesterday was fun with her💞❤️😍😍lots of work but we got it done😘😊 together we make a great team👑😘I love you babygirl 💞💞😘👑

Popping in one last time to let you know we’re down to the last few hours to grab all the contract templates you need for $100 OFF. Use the code GIVE at checkout to save. Flash sale ends today at 10am PST. Now get going to http://bit.ly/2iPYYJU .

It’s that time! I’m always super thankful, but this year I’m going to focus on appreciation of the qualities in others that help, inspire, or impact my life for the better. Happy cooking day!!

This little corner of my studio brings me so much joy. My husband and I teach a class about spiritual wholeness and living from our True Selves, and we talk about this idea of lowering thresholds in our lives. Are there things in our lives that we want to do more of, that bring us life, but yet something keeps getting in the way? What would it look like to lower that threshold so we do more of the things that bring us life? For me this was putting my painting supplies in a super accessible place. Rather than in a box in the attic where I would have to rummage through to find everything I need, now when I get that stirring to paint, all I have to do is turn around, and viola, I can paint. Thank you @ikeausa for making organization look beautiful. #liefdesign #loweringthresholds
Photo by the oh so talented @tifanilyn.

Can I be thankful for a handbag? It’s almost the one year anniversary of my relationship with this work tote. I received it as a gift last year and it’s held up very well, especially since I carry it everyday. .
Do you have any favorite investment pieces that have lasted for years?
Photographer: @sandyswaggerjones

Created this fun pattern yesterday. ✌🏼🎨✏️🖥 I forgot how much I enjoy creating patterns! •

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I am becoming an expert at behind the camera peek-a-boo 😍😂

When a new opportunity knocks, do you answer it or let your fears get in the way!?

Personalising a family heirloom for your champagne flutes is such a thoughtful, lovely thing to do ❤️ photo: @joshua_kane_photography

I hope you’re all starving yourselves for tomorrow! (Kidding.) I’m secretly the one at the #thanksgiving table who loves the canned jellied cranberry sauce. It’s shameful, I know. 🙈 What’s your favorite part of the meal each year? 🍁⠀
📷: @savflab
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Новый ☃️🎄 год всё ближе! Не теряем времени и уже начинаем готовиться.
24 ноября творческий вечер с художником @art_lerner ! Распишем с детьми чудесные гипсовые фигурки и вдоволь насмеёмся!
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My favorite day of the year is almost here! How are YOU celebrating Thanksgiving? 📷: @itsmeericc

It's come to my attention that this stunning woman had a birthday this week! I'm so glad I met you this year, @tyranicole21! May this year bring many good blessings to you.
Hair and makeup styling by @margaretsniderartistry


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