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Edisi belum keramas

*slides in* just take those old records off the shelf
#ttylxox #alwaystwinning

og shake it up dance-off competition participants since '08 #ttylxox

Hey college leave my friends alone I need them #ttylxox #byebuddy

sun of a beach - my no. 1 left the +65 again last night and I couldn't be any sadder :'( It's been 8 long years but you ain't never gettin rid of me πŸ‘― love ya long time gal pal, see ya in a year's time #ttylxox πŸ’—

No school no problems #ttylxox

Be be be my BFF
Cause IDK what's coming next. #ttylxox πŸ‘―βœοΈ

b-b-be my bff cuz idk what's coming next .... πŸ€‘πŸŽ‰πŸ˜ #ttylxox

Hey Meds Mod Mooda Madonkadonk Medusa Madoonkas HAPPY 16TH !!!!! You look 12 but YOU'RE OLDER THAN ME LIKE WOAH RIGHT #ur2kool4schl #ily #ttylxox ❀️


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