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#ttmfailure 😕 failed ttm from Eli manning with a letter saying that he was too busy to sign. Idk why it didn't come back signed. I thought that he is really good with ttm's. Oh well

TTM failure today. From Jimmy Carter. Send a photo about a month ago came back today saying he's no longer personalizing books and photos. When people stop signing fan mail that usually means one thing 💀. Hope he is well. #ttmfailure #jimmycarter #president #peanuts

Hechavarria signed card through private addy although the card got a bit bent in the mail #ttmsuccess #hechavarria #ttmfailure

Was really hoping to get this Refractor signed #ttmfailure @dangerusswilson @seahawks

Thanks Geno! Apparently there's no such number... #ttmfailure Don't bother sending to Malkin anymore #ttmsuccess

Raiders weren't impressed. Rts'D all my sends from the past month . First time this has ever happened. Wow. Harsh. But at least I get half my stamps back. Anybody need any raiders cards?. #ttm #ttmfailure

#ttmfailure from Chris Davis.

Last but not least a #ttmsuccess .... took over a year got my card back unsigned and an Andrew Orange Prizm! Better than nothing. #ttmfailure kinda

#ttmfailure from sonny Jurgensen? It was returned in my return envelope I sent. Don't know why he's such a not consistent returner? Comment thoughts.


Was really hoping to get this Refractor signed #ttmfailure @dangerusswilson @seahawks

Got 6 TTMS over vacation. #ttmsuccess from Jake Fraley, Nick Travieso, Nolan Jones, Eric Lauer, Jacob Nottingham, and DJ Peters! Also a #ttmfailure from Justin Maese who nicely put our cards back in the SASE unsigned 😝👎

Here is part 2 to my #ttmfailure from yesterday. Today I have a #ttmsuccess from Phillies pitcher Aaron Nola, a day after returning my cards unsigned. He sent this big card signed (I think). There is some streaking, so I'm confident it's real. Thanks Aaron! TTMOTY: 209
#ttmsuccess #thankyou

#ttmfailure from Aaron Nola. My favorite pitcher in the MLB sent to spring training. Wish I got this back signed :(

A #ttmfailure today, and a #ttmsuccess from a while back from Phillies pitcher Aaron Nola. The success is from last season, and I sent 2 cards at the beginning of this season and they were returned unsigned. A little strange, but still happy I got him last year. Thanks Aaron!
Aaron Nola
7th overall pick in 2014 MLB draft
3 MLB seasons
Philadelphia Phillies (2015-present)
19-17 record
3.99 ERA
286 strikeouts
1.24 WHIP
#ttmsuccess #ttmfailure #thankyou

Well that's the worst thing that could happen. Envelope wasn't sealed before mailed back to me. Now I'll never know....This is the opposite of getting that huge success #ttmfailure #ttm

2 of 2. My Sally Field photos came back!! Not sure if these are secs or not. More research is required in these. I hope they are real I love Sally Field! All four of my 4x6 photos were signed. Ill update once I know for sure. #SallyField #flyingnun #ttmfailure #autograph #autographfail

UPDATE: So not her real autograph. The playbill has her actual autograph whereas the photos do not. Blah.

TTM success from Red Kelly again 3/3 but the picture is permanently creased. Not sure if I want to get it finished by Sittler now. #ttm #ttmsuccess #ttmfailure #redkelly #halloffamer #torontomapleleafs #bentpicture #canadapostiscrap

#ttmfailure from Bryan Morris. It's kind of mean that he sent it back in my SASE because I thought I got something. Whatever.

#ttmsuccess #ttmfailure #ttmdraft Got the dreaded stamp in 12 days. Will most likely end up erasing this cuz what's the point. #autograph #kinda #notreally #sendthembackunsigned

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