Just an FYI of you recently or thinking about sending to Chris Speier. My first rejection because of Past Pros. #ttmfailure, #pastpros #rejected

#ttmsuccess and#ttmfailure
Eric Jenkins 2/2 in 45 days!
Ricky Bones 1/1 in 50 days!
And a Alabama player that I don’t want to name in 1/1 in 6 days!
And the #ttmfailure I got 1/4 of my envelope back!!
Thanks for signing guys!
Autos #234-237 OTY!

TTM success! I received one back today from former Atlanta Braves pitcher Jim Britton, who signed my 2018 ‘69 Topps Reprint card for my Braves PC. He didn’t sign the second card I sent, which was a ‘72 Topps Braves Rookie Stars card with Tom House and Rick Kester. Was hoping to get all three TTM. Oh well. Will probably send out later. 15 days. Thanks, Mr. Britton!
I also got back a TTM Failure from Peyton Manning with a RTS/Refused. I guess I’ve dipped too many times in that well. Still love ya, Peyton!
#ttm #ttmsuccess #ttmautograph #autograph #ttmfailure

Charlotte McKinney failure. Don't send to her LA address anymore. You will get a RTS. #ttmfailure #charlottemckinney #autographcollector #notforsale

Sent this over a year ago to the Clippers. By now surprised it came back at all, albeit unsigned #TTMfailure

Alshon Jeffrey failure. The third time I've sent this. I've sent to the stadium, one of his management companies, LSM and via venue. Oh well, but the good thing is that i got my items back. Maybe I'll have better luck in person #ttmfailure #alshonjeffery #superbowl52champs #bears #eagles #nfl #autographcollector #notforsale

#ttmfailure from donte moncrief. I sent 2 cards to Colts wr coach sanjay lal asking if he could get donte to sign 2 cards for me. This took about a month to get back

#ttmfailure from ty Hilton. I sent to sanjay lal which is the Colts wr coach asking if he could get ty to sign a few cards for me. This took about a month to get back

#ttmfailure from dan Marino. He did not sign the cards I sent but included a note and pre print picture

I got a TTM return today from Mike Schmidt. Not sure if it's his real signature or not. He's known to use ghost signers TTM. Let my know what you think real or fake! #ttmsuccess #autograph #ttmfailure #ttmautograph #mikeschmidt #phillies

#ttmfailure from giannis antetokounmpo. Sent to him 3 months ago and it came back unsign saying he is to busy to sign

This weeks #ttmsuccess
Jason Grilli #ttmfailure 0/1 in 48 days
Robert Parrish 1/1 in 23 days!
Justin Maese 1/1 in 25 days!
Ned Yost 2/2 in 9 days!
Dustin Fowler 2/3 in 12 days!
Shaq 2/2 in 53 days!
Thanks for signing guys!
Autos #130-139OTY!

#ttmfailure from Riley Adams, signing 0/1 in 73 days. Don’t really understand how guys like McKay, Adell, Wright, Baz, and Pavin Smith have been signing this offseason but the second catcher the Blue Jays took in the draft is “contractually obligated” not to sign cards. Ugh

#ttmfailure from Brett farve. He sent the 2 cards back unsign but sent a pre print picture in his own envelope and postage. Took 3 weeks to get back

2/3 TTM success a 1/1 Jim Snowden 2/2 Conrad Dobler 0/1 Len Barney he charges $15 a item #ttmsuccess #ttmfailure

Steve largent 3/2 failure, he sent back my cards in my sase and included a small picture. Everything is unsigned #ttmsuccess #ttmfailure #ttm #autograph

#ttmfailure from Isan Diaz but here's proper addresses for Marlins and Cardinals.

The dreaded RTS #ttmfailure

RTS from Joe Morgan. Had an extra postcard of his so I thought I’d take a shot. #rts #ttmfailure #hof #joemorgan

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