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My little sister is on baby number 3 and I am just here, feeling meh on CD5 🤷🏻‍♀️ .
I know it's wrong but when she broke the news, I was equally happy and unhappy. I wanted to hug DH instead. I know I shouldn't 😔 it wasn't like a big announcement or anything, it was more like a coversation over dinner at our parents'. Her husband wasn't even there. I guess it was just another normal day for them. Probably because they planned this pregnancy. They started trying again in January. Yep, just last month. No opks, no tempering, no worries. Just plain ol' BD. I truly love my sister and I do not wish infertility upon anybody, especially her. But you know, I just felt really really sad for me. After that dinner, I went Pineapple mode. I see pineapple(s), I eat. God, help me .
Gallons of baby dust to you and me ✨✨ .
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Have you ever wanted to surprise a friend or relative going through IVF with a little something, just to let them know that you are thinking of them? Not sure what to buy that would be useful or thoughtful, but won’t make them burst into tears or be left wondering as to the relevance? Or maybe you want to treat yourself in the run up to an IVF cycle, because goodness knows you deserve it. The latest post (link in bio) provides IVF appropriate gift suggestions to induce a smile.

Today’s Doterra BOGO deal is perfect for women TTC. I dabbled with lavender and tea tree oils for years but only discovered Doterra after all my fertility treatments had ended. I wish I had had these oils to help me with the anxiety and overwhelm that came with IVF and TTC in general. Today if you buy one 5ml peace blend (£20+VAT) you get a free 15ml balance. Both these oils are perfect for helping to calm anxiety.
Spruce, one of the oils in dōTERRA Balance, was used by Native Americans for health and spiritual reasons and is still used today to bring harmony to the mind and body. Just apply to soles of feet, neck or wrist or pop a drop in your palms and take a deep inhale to shift your emotional state. Link in bio to shop for these oils. Please Email or DM me for more details.

For those of you asking...After our failed IVF, we decided to take some time away from treatment & get back to the basics. 💕 I had absolutely no idea how badly we both needed a break from the stress and scheduled life. Counting our blessings & focus on us.

I’ve been working hard on my new website with lots of new resources for you + my brand new online fertility program (coming soon!). It’s almost ready and I can’t wait to share it with you!!
Want to be the first to know when it’s live? Be sure to sign up for my free ebook and get all my updates. 💕

🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ The anxiety got to me y’all. I broke down and #POAS..Not a shocker, #BFN for sure, but I’m still telling myself that it’s still ridiculously early and that I just need to stop being obsessive and give it AT LEAST 4 more days (yea right, more like two if I really push myself to wait 🙄) Ugh, I tried y’all. Lol #TTC... #TTCAfterLoss #TTCComunity #ttcsisters #ttcjourney #ttcaftermiscarriage #ttcbaby2 #ttcinsta #ttcsister #ttcfamily #ttctribe #ttccysters #pcossucks #endometriosissucks #clomid #ttcrainbowbaby #ttcrainbowbabies

God cares so much about even the smallest, most insignificant creation! Not a tiny sparrow breathes its last breath apart from the Father's will, Jesus tells us in Matthew 10:29. 🐣
Jesus also tells us that we are of MORE value than sparrows! Friend, face it: your Lord is crazy about you! 🙌🏼 He sees you, he cares for you, he treasures you!

Excitement overload in the ultrasound room 😜! We’ll be welcoming a baby girl 👑. We can’t wait to experience this new journey with you in our lives, Smooches😘! #ItsaGirl #MyPrincess

The day we found out Smooches gender 😁! Brody and Daddy wanted a little girl 🎀, I would’ve love another little boy 🧢! Either way baby is loved unconditionally 😘.

Loosing followers... it happens. I have seen so many gals posting about loosing followers. And I just wanted to let you know it’s not about you. When someone chooses to unfollow you, it’s about them (me) and what they(I) need right now. It’s about us (me) choosing what we (I) want to see and be exposed to. I’ve been unfollowed and re-followed by some accounts in this community. It’s really not a big deal. Sometimes what you or I post doesn’t align with what others want to see in their feed. 🤷🏽‍♀️
Instead of worrying about why people are choosing not to follow you, please focus on those of us who have chosen to stick around and be a part of your journey. I just think this journey is tough enough without worrying about your follower count. Let’s not take offense with people choices and let’s focus on the positive 💪🏽❤️ #endrant

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Samphire. I need more samphire with its iodine and gorgeous saltiness. Served with cod loins, peas, tomatoes and oodles of chive and parsley butter.

One massive annoyance of mine is the lack of positivity and recognition. Everything about IVF is about numbers and hitting targets which I understand. I feel I’ve worked my arse off to loose weight and I lost 13lbs in January. I think that is a great achievement and just under 4 weeks!
It was not recognised how far I have come at all or just a little well done. It was all... well you’ve still got 6lbs to loose. I am all about positivity as we bloody need it going through something like this. If we are not already hard enough on ourselves the constant reminder of how much I’ve still got to go.. I just wish they would recognise how hard I am trying and what I have lost already in such a short period of time. I am just annoyed at this and a little well done or a pat on the back goes a long way in emotional and difficult situations. I am fully aware I am not at their target weight and I wish more than anything that I was there but one person can only do so much. I feel like they do not understand the pressure we put ourselves in and having letters with this type of content written in that way is just another kick down. •

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My team throughout this process.... #aintfortheweak #ttctribe

{#ttctunetuesday} 🎶 “I am covered by your blood
I’m known by you and loved
With nothing left to prove or hide
By your grace I am redeemed
And my identity
Is knowing that I am your child
I am grateful to be called your child

O what a gift you gave
O what a price you paid
More than I deserve, More than I deserve
Your constant faithfulness
Your every promise is
More than I deserve, More than I deserve

You are generous and kind
Your presence satisfies
Calming every hidden fear
What a selfless sacrifice
The love that gave me life
O Lamb of God, you brought me here

More than all
More than all the riches of this world
More than all
More than all the treasure I could hold

For no eye has ever seen
No ear has ever heard
The glory that will be revealed
Every tear is wiped away
No sorrow will remain
The kingdoms of the earth will kneel
For the kingdom of our God is here” 🎶

This song is a must add to your #ttcplaylist 📱for those long trips to your appointments, those dreadful waiting times ⏰ at the doctor's 👨🏻‍⚕️office, or for those days when you just need some encouragement 👏🏼 •

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I'm so grateful for my wholefood products, they have literally kept me sane during the last 4 months of my TTC journey. In between doctors appts, shots 💉, horrible pills 💊, being a mum, keeping fit and working on my biz - I can't BELIEVE how much energy 🐎 I have, even when I now wake up at 4:30-5am (side note - get the miracle ✨morning its a life changer). I haven't believed in fad diets for many years (trust me, i did it all when I was young) and finding something that resonates with me on a holistic level is like a dream come true. I actually can't believe I didn't know they existed, but I guess everything appears in its own time. My skin issues have nearly completely cleared up too OMG> 🌈 The fact that EVERY. S I N G L E day I flood my body with all the colors of the rainbows from fruit,veg and berries makes me feel like I can literally take on the world and whatever it throws at me!🌎. I won't lie, as much as I am a health fanatic 🍒 🍏there used to be days where I knew that I wasn't getting the 5-7 servings of fruit,veg and berries daily. Even when I made a conscious effort it would get the better of me and I would sometimes settle for whatever I could find. Yes. GUILTY. 😭 Not only do I no longer stress myself about this and also not worrying about having too much sugar (PCOS reasons) from fruit as all the sugar is extracted, I actually LOVE the taste of these in the shakes, OMG so good. It's been the biggest life changer for myself and my family. I am putting last orders through and getting myself more shakes for next month so just let me know if you want some of this magic 🍓.
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This is my nephew Dominic. If you’ve been following me for awhile you already know this. He is 100% the light in all this darkness for me. Today (02/20/18) my sweet little nephew is 2 months old. I’m one proud auntie. Lil Dominic is already in 3-6 months clothing, can keep his head up on his own & even can keep himself lifted for a minute with his own strength (basically he does mini push ups at 2 months old). He also loves to make tons of faces but especially loves to smile. 💙 Today I’ve been away from him for 6 weeks and 4 days 💔 I cannot wait to see you again little man. I miss you so so much and love you to the moon and back. Happy 2 months of life my sweet nephew, you’ve certainly made my world brighter and better. I cannot wait to give you a sweet little cousin to run and play with. 😘😘

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