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Mexico bound!!!
Leaving bright and early heading to Los Cabos for my cousin’s wedding. Excited to spend some time celebrating with family and enjoying the sunshine. ☀️
Linking some things on @liketoknow.it - these Black Friday sales are crazy! Note: my favorite work bag is on major sale!! 🙌🏻 And I’m dying over this cape. Seriously, love (not sure why the link says sold out, ignore it and copy into Nordstrom’s browser. It’s amazing. You’re welcome.) http://liketk.it/2tA3e #liketkit

SO THANKFUL today and always to be called wife and mom! 💕 These are two of my most treasured roles and i absolutely don’t take them for granted.
• *spoiler alert for This Is Us comin’ right up - stop reading if you haven’t watched* We watched this week’s episode last night and i literally BAWLED LIKE A CHILD. 😭 Like ugly, ugly cry... because you know what?! i just knew EXACTLY how Kate felt. I have been where she was. Miscarrying a baby. Feeling so alone. Angry at what happened. And eventually literally falling into my moms arms like she did - and NEEDING her to catch me. 💕

I am thankful this Thanksgiving for the people who catch me when i fall. I am thankful for hugs when i need them the most. I am thankful for listening ears when i need to just talk. I am thankful for a husband who {like Toby... yes i am still talking about this show that I’m obsessed with 😂} has been by my side even when life has gotten hard. And of course my miracle babies who have made all my dreams of being a mom come true. •
To all of my Besties - wherever you are today. Whatever experiences and circumstances you are in the middle of. Whatever trials you are trying to push through. Wherever you are in your life’s journey - Happy Thanksgiving! 💕Although it may be hard to see our blessings through the storms, may we remember we are NEVER ALONE. We all have each other - this Bestie tribe is something else i tell you! 👯 i am SO GRATEFUL for you. Each of you! And most importantly, i am so thankful for our Savior. Who loves us. Who answers our prayers. And who is always there too. He is there for me - and He is there for YOU! I am SO thankful for that! 💕 #yesiamOBSESSEDwithThisIsUs #icouldtalkaboutitallday😂

Sorry I’ve been MIA for a while. I’ve just been feeling so crappy! Nausea is no joke and it’s hard to maintain your normal life. My to do list is growing by each day and I don’t seem to be able to get anything done. But here’s an quick pregnancy update! (Without a bump shot unfortunately)
• • •
So I’m 9 weeks 1 day today and baby is the size of a pecan!
I’m starting to spot a tiny little bump, but I’m still quite bloated from the prednisone (one main symptom from that is water retention around your waist and face 😕 apparently it’s called moon face! And I for sure have that! Avoiding mirrors all I can 😂 can’t wait to get off of it!)
Except from nausea I’ve been extremely fatigue and I’ve started to get acid reflux, which makes the nausea worse!
• • •
Other than that I’ve booked my first midwife appointment for December 5 and the day after we have our second ultrasound at the IVF clinic.
• • •
I’ve slowly started the weaning from both prednisone and progesterone. Aiming at being completely off by 13 weeks. So very slowly indeed.
• • •
Hopefully I’ll have a bump shot with the next update! 🤰🏻
Happy weekend everyone! 😘
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Today I am thankful because God has granted us the opportunity to experience a beautiful journey. I don’t know if this blessing will stick around, but I hope and pray that he/she does💛 some of you may be asking why I’m sharing this so early, but I chose to share everything, including the good, the bad. Ivf is such a struggle and well I chose to celebrate the little wins ✨ I never in a million years did I think I would get to see a positive line but look all these!!! And you may be asking why I took so many, but it’s just to make sure hcg levels are increasing. Today my positive line was stronger or darker than the control line and well I’m just to happy!! 👩🏻 We know we’re not out of the woods yet so please keep us in your prayers! Updates coming soon! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! #theembryothatcould#ivf#ivfcycle#ivfcommunity#ivfstory#ivfjourney#ivfsupport#ivfsisters#ttc#ttcsisters#14dp5dt#ourivfjourney#positivevibes#happythanksgiving

P is for pregnancy. When it comes to adoption...there is something we still need to talk about. Adoption does not replace the diagnosis of infertility. Pregnancy is a part of your child's life that you do not get to provide. You don't get to eat well for them, feel them kick, or get to know them for those first 9 months. It's an amazing experience that their birth mom gets to do for them. They sacrifice their body and carry that child (as our family says) 9 months no charge.
No pregnancy is still a grief that woman have to cope with. "How could I ever love a child I didn't give birth to?" Or..."I JUST want to be pregnant." It's funny I'm writing this as we are in the middle of IVF...but honestly I can say I will not be crushed if I never get pregnant. BUT I didn't always feel that way! It took me 2 years to warm up to adoption because I wasn't willing to give up pregnancy. I honestly cared MORE about the pregnancy than I cared about being a mom.
And if that's where you are today...I want to tell you, That Is OK! Don't be ashamed of your grief. There is a grieving period. It's ok to not be ready to pursue adoption. Like I said...it took me 2 years until I didn't care about the pregnancy as much as just being a mom. I do have to say...it will always be a grief. You don't get over the grief...you get through it. And maybe one day...if you find yourself in a healthy place where those empty arms is what needs to be filled instead of your womb...adoption may be in your near future.

You guys..... I seriously cannot contain my excitement! 💗🎉
We had a fabulous thanksgiving full of board games, laughter, family, and SO MUCH FOOD — being 36 weeks pregnant AND stuffing your face, add up to an entirely new type of “full” 🙈😂
Now, to enjoy this weekend ahead with family, and then it’s BABY TIME! 🙌🏼

15 hours with ZERO contractions! Thank you Lord! 🙌🏻 I am now listed as having no signs of labor! 🙌🏻 They have me on a steady dose (every 4 hours) of Procardia (which let me tell you, SUCKS! It feels like I have the flu a couple hours after taking and then goes away) but I’m also so extremely grateful for it because it’s helped stop all contractions. 🙌🏻 They’ll give me my second dose of betamethasone tomorrow (steroid for Trey’s lungs) and then I’ll have to wait a minimum of 24 hours after receiving that second injection before going home. It’s still very unclear if I’ll be released after that but we’re just playing it by ear. Please continue to pray for our Baby Boy, that he progresses in growth as he needs to and that he stays put for AT LEAST another four and a half weeks to ease this Momma’s heart. Thank you all again for the love and prayers. The women of this community mean more to me than you’ll ever know. 💙😘 #23w4d

I have been so behind on taking these pictures! 26w2d today! Yesterday we celebrated thankfulness and especially being thankful for this sweet baby boy! Never lose hope my #ttc friends. ❤️❤️

IVF vs ICSI 👊🏼
Alot of patients ask if it makes a difference using either technique of insemination. Well here is a patient who did half icsi half ivf. Today they are day 3 and the embryos look almost identical. They split the case bc given the large size of eggs collected (25) and the fact they have been trying the “old boring way” for 2 yrs, they were not sure conventional IVF would work. So we injected 8 just in case. Either way to me, they look identical. Lets see Day 5 if its a different story. .
IVF Explained
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Love that I’m still receiving cards and kind words from the wonderful community and sisterhood I’ve found on Instagram. Thanks @mrs_secretsquirrel 😘 x #ttccardexchange #infertilitysupport #ttcsisters #ttccommunity #ivfjourney2017 #endowarrior

6 Weeks + 1: Daily Journal
How I'm Feeling....
- Actually started the day dry reaching again. Was short lived as soon as I ate breakfast I came good.
- We had a family wedding today, I'm now so exhausted and legs are tired from standing most of the day.
- Have noticed since lying down nipples are tender again. - I had a real heavy feeling in tummy and back ache today. Probably from standing most of day

Time to get some shut eye. 10pm id a huge night for me at the moment.

Night & Baby Dust xo
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تستخدم الساونا أو لا تستخدم الساونا؟ إذا كنت تحاول أنت وزوجتك الإنجاب، فالحرارة العالية قد تؤدي إلى قتل الحيوانات المنوية والتأثير على إنتاجها؛ مما قد يؤدي إلى انخفاض تعدادها وحركتها. تجنّب الساونا لحين حمل زوجتك! مركز بورن هول يجري فحصاً مجانياً للمني في الفتره مابين
20 إلى 30 تشرين الثاني ٢٠١٧
اتصل بنا الآن على الرقم 483-800 لتحجز موعدك
To Sauna or not to Sauna? If you and your wife are trying to get pregnant, exposure to the high temperatures can kill sperm and interfere with sperm production, potentially resulting in low sperm count and motility. Skip the Sauna until you know she's pregnant! BournHall Clinic is running Free Semen Analysis starting 20th of November till the 30th of November 2017. Call 800-483 now to book your appointment.
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It’s the small things in life 🌲🍁☀️

“When dealing with a health issue, many of us are very narrow minded when it comes to solving the problem- I know, because I was walking the narrow path for over 4 years of my infertility journey. On this path, we tend to look for small simple, quick and easy solutions from Dr. Google and trust our doctors (and other practitioners), when they monitor us, prescribe pills and send us for invasive procedures. As a society, we're not taught the major impact nutrition and lifestyle can have on our health and for many of us "It's normal" is the new way of saying "I'm sick". My whole life, I (and REAL doctors) have always said/thought, that I was healthy and because of this, I naively went down the very narrow path of conventional thinking and practice. When I look back over the 9 years of my journey, I can't believe how narrow minded I was. Whatever the doctors and other practitioners said, I listened and I left the scientific knowledge to them (topping it up with Dr. Google of course)..............................Like many people dealing with a health issue that they can't seem to get any relief from in a timely fashion, I focused on all the simple, quick and easy(ish) solutions and then tried all the invasive procedure, including IVF. I walked the long narrow path and guessed my way down it. It all failed, simply because I was overlooking the big picture.” Read more about my journey & how I made my dreams come true over on the blog - http://fertilityhealthcoaching.blogspot.co.uk/2015/03/dealingwithinfertilityandhealthissues.html?m=1

//Vitamin D// We can’t make vitamin D from the sun in the UK during the winter months and we don’t store it for very long. It’s worth considering a supplement and getting your levels checked. This is especially important if your immune system seems below par, or if you are struggling with sub fertility or PCOS.
If you want me to send you a skin prick test in the post, send me a pm. You post it to the lab and they will email you the result within a few days. It’s only £28 (cost price - I make no money from these). I currently have 6 kits so first come first served.

When in DC, eat like the DCens do - these food trucks where all over the place & I couldn’t resists a little Street Meat 🌮 The sun was out & little man was napping - couldn’t have asked for a better “date” lunch in the park.

So true 🙌🏽 What new habits can you start today, to bring you the life you’ve always wanted!?!

What a week! First my besties babyshower, then my birthday, a meal out another night for said birthday, and another meal out tonight! .
I felt abit underwhelmed on by birthday, as i always thought id have a child by now. And it seems that im being reminded that i dont at every opportunity! At the babyshower im asked how old my children are - que the awkward "i dont have any children" statement and questions being asked why, dont i want them, does the hubby want them - SHUT UP 😣😤😠 Then we went to see Steps, who pointed out that they have been around for 20 years, and how all the once younger fans who saw them as children are now all taking their children - no claire, they're not, shush your mouth 🤐 .
And to top it all off, im STILL bleeding!!!!! 4 weeks now, ni wander my face is so spotty! I have to phone the fertility clinic at Jessops to see where we go - do we continue with them or go to the gp? Blargh!!!! I'm quite a superstitious person, and i cant help but think this is a sign that IVF isnt the road for us at the moment.... so i have been researching into other options like adoption, but i just confuse myself more! Ive only just started this journey, but it already sucks!!!
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#11dpo and I got a #positiveopk ! This has never happened to me before ! That being said I shared this pic online and all the ladies said .. sometimes it does happen before period and it's not pregnancy:( So not getting my hopes up!
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Not surprised but still gutted 👎 Ovia wants me to test Weds but AF is due Tues anyway so I'll soon see I guess
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