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Toronto had its first snowfall yesterday, and I had my first snowfall with my camera! It seems like everything is pretty with fresh snow.

Did you know PCOS doesn’t actually cause big or painful cysts? This ultrasound shows the classic appearance of an ovary in someone with PCO. The “polycystic” part of the name actually refers to all the tiny, sub-cm follicles arranged around the periphery of the ovarian stroma. They’re trying SO hard to ovulate, but none of the tiny antral follicles are successfully maturing to ovulatory size.
Although there are sometimes textbook-defined lab abnormalities, PCO is clinically diagnosed based on Rotterdam Criteria. This is a set of 3 clinical criteria - diagnosis requires two out of three [plus] exclusion of similarly-presenting medical conditions for diagnosis.
PCO can be associated with obesity, infertility, heart disease, diabetes, and many other conditions, making diagnosis and regular care very important!
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We didn’t know much where to start with adoption or how exactly we could get our baby as fast as possible. I researched a ton and we sat down with couples who had adopted. We wanted to feel comfortable and not lost when we began the adoption process. Today on our blog I’m sharing where to start in the adoption process and how to stay organized through all the mounds of paperwork 😩. If you’re starting the adoption process, grab yourself a @brilliantlifeplanner it will save you from stress and feeling overwhelmed! You need a place for your adoption goals and all the crazy dates you have to be at. (Link in bio) 💕💕

Infertility is a road that no one ever expects to find themselves on. It’s a journey. We were so blessed earlier this week to have the opportunity to do our second frozen embryo transfer (FET). This is the part of the IVF process where your baby is put back inside...and you hope and pray that they will stay with you forever.
Vlog is live! Link in profile to watch our IVF Transfer Day!

6 months ago I brought this lil baby pup home on my 20th birthday😍 I've changed a bit in size since then which is cool but @stellapuplosing is like 3x bigger now and IT NEEDS TO STOP😭 Ps this also means that 6 months from today you're all meeting me in Vegas to get litty for my 21st 🍻🥂🍾 except jkjk I'm a mom what even is litty let's go to Disneyland and add an extra shot of espresso to our starbs💁🏼#turnup

دوستاتو تگ کن سلام دوستان. این کلیپ های فوق العاده برای تقویت زبان. بخش شنیداری. رایج بودن اصطلاحات و نحوه درست هر جمله در صحبت های روزمره هست. لطفا خوب گوش بدید و سعی کنید مثل این اشخاص صحبت کنید
More Likes👍More Energy For Admin🙏🎈
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first snow fall is magic... ✨❄️


“We had been trying for 919 days before we got our positive, a journey which is shorter than a lot but felt like a lifetime to us. I would tell other women and couples not to give up hope, that persistence is the key, to have trust in CNY and mostly to be advocates for themselves. Though the road was emotional, stressful, and heartbreaking at times, and you feel like you can’t continue, from the moment you first hear that heartbeat and then see that wiggly gummy bear on the screen, to holding him in your arms, there is no better feeling and you will never doubt the journey!! We will forever be grateful and to put that into words is impossible.” -Griffin’s mommy
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Alou Tijuca! Meu primeiro espetáculo ☄️🔥💥
1 - Backstage animado @leticia_richa @yoyomorais
2- Com as protagonistas lindas @carol_maiolino8 @gonzalezquel
3- Com o gênio latino (sou sua fã) @aly_moreira
4- Com essa fofura que é a @babiscaa
5- Surra de gargalhadas com a @cmlalbu
@gibastos10 Gi, faltou foto com vc! Ameiii participar de tudo isso, me diverti demais com tanta energia e animação! Obrigada 😘 #discoinferno #osembalosdesabadoanoite #ttc #turmadaloba

Every rose is one of a kind 🌹 @greg_tattooer has some time for tattoos and consultations before the holidays so swing by the shop quick to book! Call or text us for mor info at 905-723-4465 📞✨

@aprettypirate is in today from 11-7!! Swing by for a cute new piercing, maybe even a toothgem or two 👯 this lil guy she did is a rook - just $45! Call or text us for more info at 905-723-4465 📞💕

😍👍👏🎄🎋🎁 During my morning commute! @ttcinsta #torontotransitcommission #christmas2017 #Canada150 #TTC

I try to wrap my scarf around like soft serve ice cream 📸: @karentangy

Different sized eggs.
Here we can see that eggs come in different cytoplasm size. The left one has lost cytoplasm during the stimulation likely from a large follicle that has started to head towards “too mature”. As it gets over stimmed, the space inside gets larger and the cytoplasm shrinks.
In the middle is what we call a giant egg. As the egg has gone through development it has not done this correctly and without going into too much science, the egg is not “normal”
The last 2 on the right are normal in size and we shall consider these the best 2 of the group and expect them to be transferred
Whilst we could easily tell the patient you have 4 out of 4 fert as you can see, this is not entirely accurate, as we have 4 fert but really 2 are not ideal or useable and as such we explain this to them so they are not surprised when on Day 2/3 we tell them “oh now you only have 2”
Explaining details early on has been easier for patients to understand their cycles
IVF Explained
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Fertility tips, Christmas anxiety talk, and some personal info below👇🏼❤️🎄
This time of year can be hard for anyone trying to conceive or who has experienced a loss. We were there Christmas 2013. I had imagined being super pregnant on Christmas morning and opening gifts for baby Stoner #1, but instead we were grieving a loss. My body was taking longer to recover than I had imagined, and as the months passed I felt like I should have been coping better than I was. I am so thankful to say that Christmas mornings today are everything (and more!) than I’ve ever prayed for. He always has a plan.

So, in honor of all you mamas and mamas-to-be, I thought I would share some info on fertility.

I like to approach treating sub-fertility from an integrative standpoint by addressing the four main environmental factors that can (generally) influence hormone balance for both women and men.

1) Stress management (cortisol and hpa axis dysregulation)
2) Healthy sleep habits (normalizing your circadian rhythm)
3) Gut health/inflammation (establishing a diverse and healthy micro biome)
4) Healthy dietary and exercise patterns

Soooo yeaa...there is a lot there and we could talk about each of these subtopics for DAYS.
But since Christmas anxiety is REAL, I’d like to touch on stress management.✌🏼 If you don’t address this, the others will be harder to follow. Find something that works for you, but I love to recommend @expectful for meditation practice. It is guided meditation for your fertility, breastfeeding, and motherhood journey.
Also, practice the art of saying “No”. Five holiday parties? Nope! Friend drama? Bye! Social media too much? Take a break. Exercising 7 days a week? Slow it down!

Fill your life with worship music and Christmas jingles, positive people, self-care, and the Word. You are not alone in this friends💓 *This pic was taken last year when I was pregnant with our second 🌈babe, and will forever be remembered as the Christmas Cathey cried every time she heard "Mary did you know?” 🤣🤷🏼‍♀️ what can I say...I’m a feeler.

#Lego transit enthusiasts checking out #TTC M1 subway train #5300 inside the car barn at the Halton County Radial Railway. It was one of the 1st subway cars built in Canada in 1961 by the Montreal Locomotive Works.

It was retired in 1999 and donated to the museum where it is today.
#lovetoronto #vintage #transit #history #canada150 #canada #ontario #ontario150 #the6ix #the6 #thesix #torontolove #streetsoftoronto #museum #torontohistory

Still feeling terrible. Doctor is running behind. J is traveling again. Infertility doesn't care if I'm having a shit week. Infertility doesn't take days off. Hoping next week will be better. 🤞- E
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#Repost @bytt_international (@get_repost)
내년, 2018년 2월, 3월
태국 치앙마이에서 열리는 #ttc
3기,4기 , #4자리 남았습니다.
따듯하고 조용한 치앙마이 에서
요가하러 함께 떠나요.😊
📚ttc #3기
2018.2.14~2.25 - (태국,치앙마이)
📚ttc #4기
2018.2.27~3.10 - (태국,치앙마이)

궁금 하신 분들은,
@jiyoung_om (카톡:Amon02) 편하게 문의 주세요.🍀

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Nuestra clienta probándose collares en feria navidad del @teatroteresacarreno Los esperamos hasta el 22 de diciembre 2017. Nos ubicamos perpendicular a las Librerías del Sur. Caracas.
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Part 45 of an unending series "People and their phones" #sketching #ttc

I’m sure you’ve heard about Dandelion one thousands of times! 🍵 It eliminates toxins from the body, acting as diuretic and purifier. Regarding fertility, it helps regulate hormonal production in women and it favors conception.
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Who says your life has to make sense?! 🤔 And what does it feel like in your body, if you were to cut yourself a break this holiday season…and stopped trying to make sense of it all? I’m going to assume it feels like a big. HUGE. relief. Maybe, you feel light as a feather 🕊 Maybe you can finally breathe again...***que deep inhale and exhale***....Want to know how to do this and enjoy the holidays? 🎄 Click link in bio to listen to my “Shit doesn’t have to make sense” meditation 🧘‍♀️ as my holiday gift to you 🎁😘💁🏼#shitdoesnthavetomakesense

I need you help! When do I need to start eating pineapple and what is it for?
#clueless #pineapple #ttc #ttcsisters #ttcjourney #infertility #infertilitysucks #ivf #fertility #fet #transfer #bumptobe

Yayyy!!! WE ARE GOLDEN!!!Christmas came early on our community as we welcomed our 50th baby!!!! This baby is golden in every way you can think and everything just had to work together to make sure, he is our golden boy! 😇😇 His mom is a fierce warrior 💪 👸, who simply refused to give up.
Countless procedures and years later, she's in a beautiful place called "Mommaland" and we can't keep calm. 🌟🌟🌟🌟 #ttc #ttcsisters #ttccommunity #pcos #pcoswarrior #infertility #victory #overcominginfertility #infertilitysupport #wearegolden #christmascameearly #bfp #babies #goodnews #Thefertilechick

Hi 👋, I'm Anna. I'm the founder of Monarch Acupuncture & Wellness. I ❤️women! Aren't we amazing?! My greatest passion in life is helping other women feel Strong, Whole, and Creative in their hearts and bodies, so that they may take over the world with their feminine power 💪. I help women get pregnant and heal from pregnancy. I help women balance their hormones and tame their PMS symptoms so they can show up fully in life and in their careers. I love to show women approaching their mid-life change how to care exquisitely for themselves so they don't get sidelined from their joy by peri-menopausal woes. Hormones are a powerful messenger system from our cells, showing us (often painfully) what needs to be reconsidered, prioritized, and let go of in our lives. I'm so honored to be a Hormone Sherpa 🏔🐐❤️. Here's to all the women moving toward self-actualization and self-compassion in 2018. #ilovemyjob #acupuncturist #chinesemedicine #hormones #fertility #ttc #pregnancy #pms #walnutcreekacupuncture #walnut creek

It's cold outside!
So I decided to warm up with one of my favorite drinks, Dandy Blend with collagen peptides.
Dandelion helps support our liver. Among the many things the liver does it to modify estrogens so we can excrete them when we 💩.
Collagen peptides help to support gut health, and we need a healthy gut to get those modified estrogens out. Some gut bacteria can change the modified estrogens back to an active form that is re-absorbed and then re-circulated in our body. This can contribute to estrogen dominance.
Keeping our hormones working together in symphony helps our bodies to be ready for conception.
What is your favorite drink when it's cold outside?

Here’s a look at another #ttc subway station mug! This #pioneervillagestation mug is available for purchase at ttcshop.ca

Thank you to Carla Pilsworth for sending us this beautiful photo of her daughter. Give her a hug from us!
#BournHall #BournHallbaby #wearefamily #fertilityclinic #fertility #family #ttc

I tapped my card on the poster. It gave out two chirps and charged me $3. #presto #ttc

I don’t know what to think of today’s chart. First temp was below coverline, second temp was 97.78 and last temp I just stuck with. But we’ll see, I’ll start testing Friday with wondfos since I have a bunch of those. #6dpo #bbtchart#ttc #ttcaftermiscarriage #ttcjourney #ttcsupport #ttcafterloss #bbt #ff#fertilityfriend

We often get asked what the requirements are to become a NEEDS egg donor and what the process entails?
NEEDS egg donors are between 20-30 years old, have an appropriate weight for height( BMI), be ovulating, non-smoking, be emotionally stable, and be maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is also highly preferred (not required) that the egg donor be pursuing a degree or already completed higher education. We look for qualities that are favorable to aspiring parents.
You can still be an egg donor if you had your tubes tied. It will not interfere with the procedure.
Once you are registered and qualified as a NEEDS egg donor, you could be chosen by intended parents at any time – a week from now, a month from now, or longer. Once you are selected and agree to donate, it takes approximately three months from the time the aspiring parents choose you, to the time of egg retrieval and transfer to the intended mother.
Want to learn more? Visit our link in our bio or DM us.

✨{{Long post alert- read to the end}}✨
To be honest, there’s not many things I’ve done for myself that I keep up with. My hair for one is an example. I know I should get it cut regularly but I’m infamous for letting a year plus go by without it.
☝🏽☝🏽☝🏽☝🏽 you try dealing with thick curly ethnic, but not quite ethnic enough hair. Very few stylists can work their magic, and 8/10 it isn’t the best. Plus it usually costs me triple because of how much hair I have (no lie).
But one thing I can say is that once I started following the fitness programs by Autumn Calabrese (21 day fix, 21 day fix extreme, portion control fix, etc), I’ve stayed so consistent with my workouts and health and reached my goal of losing 20 pounds.
And that’s what everyone wants right? A program or fitness regiment they will stay consistent with. But the biggest factor for me was I HAD to have the discount on the products, otherwise I couldn’t justify continuing. Then came along the “discount coaching” opportunity. Where I could work on myself, get my favorite supplements at 25% off and not have to sell a damn thing or post about anything if I didn’t want to.
Well starting TOMORROW my coaches and myself have an opportunity to be in Autumn’s exclusive test group with her for her newest program launching in January. This is something that has NEVER been done before. Corporate usually picks the test group. So I’m obviously snagging myself and my team a seat!
If you’re one of my current or past customers or if you are trying to decide what you should do come the new year and want to join this at home program and workout alongside the woman who has single handily changed my health, drop an emoji below and I’ll send you all the information you need to gain access to this group.
What’s even better? Starting Friday, we are launching Supper Club, so you’ll also get easy, KID friendly, and BUDGET friendly meal plans, recipes, and shopping lists sent right to your email each week. Score!
Serious inquiries only as I only have 8 spots outside of my current active and discount coaches. Comment your favorite emoji if you want more information! 💪🏽✨💕

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"There must be a striving to develop love, compassion , a sense of service, cheerfulness, kindness and many other qualities which not only make ones own life happy, but which radiate to others" - Swami Vishnudevananda
Un an après ma formation de professeur de yoga dans le magnifique ashram sivananda du Kerala, j'ai décidé que je passerai quelques jours début janvier à l'ashram Sivananda d'Orléans, pour me reconnecter aux enseignements et à la spiritualité et commencer l'année rechargée de belle énergie 🙏🏼

❤ talks with my Aunt, she is so inspirational and she doesn't judge. Today she left me with this bible verse and it gave me some pep in my step! #ttc#ttcsupport #ttccommunity #ttcsisters #ttcbaby1

New subway map - extension to open Dec 17

Out of my completely rational fear or dying of dysentery; I am having oatmeal for lunch. 😝 Started back on a medicine that causes me to pray to the toliet gods abruptly, without warning and with vice grip like intestinal discomort.
"It will cause you too lose weight" *Lies. Never helped me with that before*
"Your body will adapt to it" *in the past,took it for a full year, the side affects never went away*
"Eat it with a carb and you won't get diarrhea" *👀 so happy for you*
"You can take it at night and sleep through the worst of it" *Woke up at 3am last night, spent 2 hours with consistent intestine pain. Slept on the sofa with a heating pad for another hour before having to get up and start the day*
Day 1 of devil drug down.
Here's hoping this time around the things "they say" will finally apply to me.

#kickingpcosinthecyst #infertilitysucks #ttc #insulinresistance #youcan #metforminblows #devildrug #mumlife

It has been years in the making but we are just 4 days away from opening the Toronto York Spadina Subway Extension. #ttc #ttccommunity #tysse #line1

It’s the #holiday season and that means yummy treats wherever you go, but if you’re #TTC or pregnant, some of those treats might not be what’s best for you!
#RMACT invites you to join our very own nutritionist, Carolyn Gundell, tomorrow, Thursday 12/14 on our Twitter Page for tips and tricks to help you navigate all those delicious appetizer and dessert trays!

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