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Dayyyyyy 60: 🛠 3 Months is up =) hoping to celebrate tonight with a bit of champagne 🍾 ... and documentary work on the computer 💻 lol the grind never stops!! #day60 #complete #keepgoing #tsw #3years #kte #workout

She really needs a bath but my baby is coming along. #FOST #Ford #TSW #borla #Roush #rememberthebuster #ecoboost #focus #dailydriven #2L #boosted #focusgoals #nitto

Temos Bike's para todos os segmentos e gostos! Venha você também buscar a tua!
Bike Shop 🏆🥇🚵
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My goal of starting this page is to EDUCATE all the people out there that have had and or Rashes/Eczema/Psoriasis, etc. When you have these symptoms usually you think you need to go to the Dermatologist to get a Topical Steroid Cream and possibly even an Oral Steroid to treat a reaction that you are having inside of your body. The problem with Dermatologist and Doctors now a days is they are not trying to cure you of your symptoms. They will tell you that it is genetic and that there is no cure. WRONG!! These Creams will make your skin clear temporarily and very short term! Because they do not heal the underlying cause which causes the rash/symptoms to come back even stronger because these Creams damage your Immune System especially your Liver and if your Liver is not functioning properly then yes you might have an AutoImmune Condition that is causing you skin issues. Such as red, irritated and SUPER DRY ITCHY skin. This cream pictured is one of the most powerful and potent Steroid Creams on the market and it will not heal your skin but make the condition even worse. I am speaking from experience, it has been 2 yrs since I last used one of these Creams and I am still experiencing side effects from these Topical Steroid Creams. The side effects from over using these Creams are extremely TOUGH to get through and make you question living! This is an introductory post and why I want to share all the info that I have learned from my journey and how a more Holistic approach can actually HEAL you and transform your body into having perfect healthy glowing skin through diet and avoiding certain triggers! We are experiencing a Prescription epidemic in the US and I want to help others that are going through the same thing or something similar! #TSW #TopicalSteroids #TopicalSteroidAddiction #TheTruth #SelfProclaimed #Dermatologist #Holistic #HealthIsYourWealth #Naturalist #MyMess #MyMessage #EducateYourSelf

Pedale e viva um final de tarde perfeito em uma de nossas bikes! Vem pra ciclovia.
. . .
#ciclovia #pratiqueociclismo #tswbike #tsw

Ford New Fiesta montado com as Rodas TSW Kyalami Aro 17 🔝 📸 @garageinfoco

🚩A segurança durante o pedal é super importante, por isso usar equipamentos de proteção e sinalizadores são essenciais. Aqui na Cicle Calil, você encontra tudo que é necessário para a sua bike!
🔺Sinalizador de bicicleta Led recarregável Usb - TSW
-Led Vermelho
-Refletor ótico de 4 estágios
-Tamanho: 7,5cm x 2,0cm
-Bateria recarregável via USB (cabo USB incluso)
- 4H (Luz Alta Constante)
- 10H (Pisca Lento)
- 12H (Pisca Rápido)
- 8H (Alternado)

Garanta já o seu e tenha mais segurança nos seus passeios de bike!
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📞22 99779-2504 | (22) 2723-4961
🚩Rua Tenente Coronel Cardoso (Formosa), 551, Centro
Campos dos Goytacazes - RJ

SELF CARE: My process is to push through and power on no matter what. Until my body breaks down and a doctor gives me ‘permission’ to cocoon myself and recover. Then I start the process all over again. Spend myself, crash, recover. This time it’s different. This time it was up to me to give myself the permission to observe my limits. I could hear my body say “Really? Are you going to wait until I have to put you to bed AGAIN on doctor’s orders before you start choosing your own well-being?” I’ve always assumed that self care is a time to withdraw from everything and get better. But I’m starting to understand that it’s about staying engaged and learning how to show up differently.

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