Литі диски у Києві на LEXUS ES300 1999 - 2001

Авто: LEXUS ES300 1999 - 2001
Диски: TSW Jarama (Positive Offset)


#диски #колеса #LEXUS #LEXUSES300 #TSW #TSWJarama(PositiveOffset)

Диски на FORD Model B 1933 - 1934 в Киеве

Авто: FORD Model B 1933 - 1934
Диски: TSW Mallory


#диски #колеса #FORD #FORDModelB #TSW #TSWMallory

someone is gaining more and more confidence every day. during our deepest and darkest days of struggle in 2015-2017 I never knew we’d come this far so quickly. In August we will have more food allergy testing and I am confident he will have less, of at all none! It’s a Mama dream to see her kids healthy and strong. We are working towards that goal every day. If you are struggling with #tsw #eczema or #foodallergies please know there is a light 🙏🏻 read Arnold Ehret, listen to @medicalmedium, check out @ullenka_, read and listen to @robertmorsend ... read @801010_foodnsport ... I could go on. The answers are in the power of fruit and a high carb low fat diet 🙏🏻 blessings.

Nossa primeira bike ❤️🚲
Devagar vamos conquistando as coisas, né?! Quem sabe até o fim do ano eu compro a minha bike Rosa com preto?! Haha
Feliz demais!!!
#denoivaaesposapedal #pedal #tsw #bike #tswbike #ridebike

Day 163: just arrived home after my short holiday in Portugal. For the most part, my skin behaved well and I was able to enjoy myself. I had to resort to taking sleeping pills most nights because otherwise I wouldn’t be able to rest during the night and have energy for the days. I was only able to spend two days at the beach, but I can imagine that a longer beach holiday would help me a great deal. The sea water stung a lot at first, but made my skin quite smooth afterwards. I have to be honest and say that I am still struggling a lot mentally and I felt quite low most days, even though I was trying my best to have a good time. I start counselling next week and I hope it will help me struggle less with accepting how I look. For now, I am back in my bed, covered in ice packs, flaring, just as I expected it. I am supposed to go back to the office tomorrow at 9 am, but don’t know how I’ll make it. One day at a time. #topicalsteroidwithdrawal #redskinsyndrome #tsw #rss #steroidfree #healingjourney #recoveryjourney

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