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My squad, some 5,000 feet up in the air.


We're but just tiny beings in a big big world.

Good morning 🌞

Across fields of gold.

Can't wait to start working on the video already!

Firing up to go. The pictures from #TSLGoesMyanmar are finally ready, so I'll be sharing them here for the next few days. 🎈
Photo : @alvinnzh

Time of the day, to lay your heart to rest.

City of a Thousand Stupas.

It felt like I was shrouded with countless mayan ruins in the middle of a savanna. Bagan holds a place in my heart.

along pathways walked a thousand times over /
across weathered bricks centuries old

Learning a little more about photography after each trip - Here's my favourite shot to end all postings from this ballooning experience. I'll remember this for life. #tslgoesmyanmar #myanmarwithbel #beautifuldestinations

I'll leave the night light on for you.

To the land of Giants. So excited for this video for @changiairport to grace the screens. Photographed by @alvinnzh. #tslgoesmyanmar #myanmarwithbel #beautifuldestinations

For a little while, i felt like i was at the top of the world.

Moments like these, they come and go really quickly though.

Myanmar was truly a fruitful experience, but nothing beats coming back home.

< Press PLAY for magic> Cos sometimes, videos tell a better story. Step out of your comfort zone & explore. A glimpse into how last day in Bagan was like 🐴 Ps, find our cart-driver 'Aye Nai' if you're in Bagan! #tslgoesmyanmar #myanmarwithbel

Friends from all walks of life 🐎

The kind of memories that would last you a lifetime. #tslgoesmyanmar #myanmarwithbel

Probably one of the rare cities you get to explore entirely on a horse cart (charter one for less than 20 USD/day) - Embrace the heat & all Bagan has to offer. It doesn't get any more raw & authentic an experience than this. Let's make sure that this dying trade doesn't end. #tslgoesmyanmar #myanmarwithbel

An amazing experience I'll never forget.
A memory I'll forever keep close to heart.

Right before my eyes, as we rise in the skies.

I can only be thankful to have this once in a lifetime opportunity to witness such a spectacle.

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