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Spirited away.

One of my favorite photos ever - Looking like it's taken straight out of a movie poster.
#UPwithBel 😂

Time stood still when we were graced with this view.

Definitely the highlight of our trip,
- A huge tick off our bucket list.

<Press PLAY for magic> Hot Air Ballooning over Bagan everybody - Here's making a promise to myself to take my family here with me again one day. Say 'YAS' if you would too. #tslgoesmyanmar #myanmarwithbel #cueepicthemesong

Hands down the most magical experience I've ever ever ever had - You've gotta come to Bagan for this. You have to. I'll never forget this feeling. #tslgoesmyanmar #myanmarwithbel #beautifuldestinations

Soaring over the Land of a thousand Stupas. Bagan, everyone has to see your beauty in this manner. Photo by @bellywellyjelly. #tslgoesmyanmar

Sharing a slice of the world with you.

Healthier hair days thanks to @salonvim's new collagen treatments. (Spot the balloon casually blooming from my head 🎈) #tslgoesmyanmar #myanmarwithbel

Taking the hot air balloon in Bagan is one of the things you MUST tick off your bucket list - We chartered Oriental Ballooning which came with breakfast amongst the pagodas before flight & champagne after! This feels like a dream. Photo by @bellywellyjelly. #tslgoesmyanmar

Probably the most surreal experiences EVER. Tag someone you love, ________ ❤️ #tslgoesmyanmar #myanmarwithbel #beautifuldestinations

And then... We're off! This feels like a dream. #tslgoesmyanmar #myanmarwithbel #beautifuldestinations

Sail away your problems, worries and troubles.

It's hot.
It's sunny.
It's dry.
It's really dusty ;

But it's also full of history,
Full of color,
Full of religion,
Full of culture,
Full of life.

It takes a while to get into it, to warm up to it. But Myanmar grows on you. And when she does, boy, is she beautiful.
Photo : @shawnekoh

A city of countless pagodas spanning acres of land. Everyone should experience first-hand your beauty, Bagan. #tslgoesmyanmar #myanmarwithbel

Our respite from the 🔥🔥🔥 as we await the sunset at the Shwensandaw Pagoda #tslgoesmyanmar #myanmarwithbel

temple top scaling ;
sunset chasing

All we lack now is a magic carpet and a pet monkey called Abu.
Photo : @shawnekoh #AladdinOng #JasmineChua

I've got your back. 👍

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