<Press PLAY for magic> Hot Air Ballooning over Bagan everybody - Here's making a promise to myself to take my family here with me again one day. Say 'YAS' if you would too. #tslgoesmyanmar #myanmarwithbel #cueepicthemesong

Hands down the most magical experience I've ever ever ever had - You've gotta come to Bagan for this. You have to. I'll never forget this feeling. #tslgoesmyanmar #myanmarwithbel #beautifuldestinations

Soaring over the Land of a thousand Stupas. Bagan, everyone has to see your beauty in this manner. Photo by @bellywellyjelly. #tslgoesmyanmar

Sharing a slice of the world with you.

Healthier hair days thanks to @salonvim's new collagen treatments. (Spot the balloon casually blooming from my head 🎈) #tslgoesmyanmar #myanmarwithbel

Taking the hot air balloon in Bagan is one of the things you MUST tick off your bucket list - We chartered Oriental Ballooning which came with breakfast amongst the pagodas before flight & champagne after! This feels like a dream. Photo by @bellywellyjelly. #tslgoesmyanmar

Probably the most surreal experiences EVER. Tag someone you love, ________ ❀️ #tslgoesmyanmar #myanmarwithbel #beautifuldestinations

And then... We're off! This feels like a dream. #tslgoesmyanmar #myanmarwithbel #beautifuldestinations

Sail away your problems, worries and troubles.

A city of countless pagodas spanning acres of land. Everyone should experience first-hand your beauty, Bagan. #tslgoesmyanmar #myanmarwithbel

Our respite from the πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ as we await the sunset at the Shwensandaw Pagoda #tslgoesmyanmar #myanmarwithbel

I've got your back. πŸ‘

Caught this cutie taking 5 minutes more in bed amidst the morning hustle at the local market 🐱 Tag your favourite meow-luving friend. #tslgoesmyanmar #myanmarwithbel

Walking amongst history and time.

You wouldn't believe that this was shot in one of the busiest local markets in Bagan. What beautiful flora they have here for daily offerings πŸ’πŸŒ»πŸŒΈπŸŒ·πŸŒΌ #tslgoesmyanmar #myanmarwithbel

(Caption this) - Have some fun you guys. This place in Mandalay was magical.

Watching the sun kiss the earth goodbye for the day. #tslgoesmyanmar #myanmarwithbel

We are currently in Myanmar exploring Mandalay & Bagan! This place is overflowing with stories from the past. All pumped up for yet another romantic adventure with @bellywellyjelly and @joalong_, so stay tuned! πŸ™ŒπŸ» Photo by @alvinnzh. #tslgoesmyanmar

Havent done this in awhile; just taking a cycle along paddy fields, listening to the sound of the wind and horses along the road. No noise, no distractions.

Exploring yet another understated country in Asia and we can't wait to show you what Myanmar has wow-ed us with. Thank you @changiairport for flying us over to be able to witness this sight in person βœˆοΈπŸŒ… Photo by @alvinnzh. #tslgoesmyanmar

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