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Shopping way too much at the night market (more on snapchat) - Best buy of the night has got to be wooden speakers, bowls & Aladdin pants 😎 Ps, the streets are filled with fairy lights & lanterns. I'm in love. Photo by @shawnekoh #laoswithbel #tslgoeslaos

Haven't seen a sunset as beautiful as this in awhile - So stoked for Laos with @syerowoo @sparrowonweed @shawnekoh. #tslgoeslaos #laoswithbel

Reality is best when it's the simplest but happiest. πŸ“·: @bellywellyjelly #tslgoeslaos

Swept away rolling hills and pastel skies when arriving at Luang Prabang. So excited for the week ahead exploring Laos for the first time for @changiairport | Follow the travel adventure on snapchat (@bellywellyjelly) #tslgoeslaos #laoswithbel

Good morning! Off to Park Ou Caves now and it's an hour of boat ride down the Mekong river for us. I rarely ever say this at this hour but daaaamn I am AWAKEEE, the constant slapping of cold air on my face has got me feeling like a hyperactive gremlin πŸ‘» #sparrowaway #sparrowinlaos #tslgoeslaos

The 15Β°C weather agrees with me as I break out my outerwears with much glee, I could get used to this. #sparrowaway #sparrowinlaos #tslgoeslaos Photo by: @syerowoo

We spotted a huge herd of cows traveling along the road beside us, and boy, was it interesting watching them strut around πŸ˜‚ #tslgoeslaos

Lunched to this insanely serene view after too many hours in the car from Xieng Kuang- well worth the biting chills, ass aches and altitude change induced headaches. Survived the drop to 9 degrees celsius last night by running around my room and doing jumping jacks to an intense Thai drama with a lot of slapping. We are now in Vang Vieng and hello internet! Finally. #sparrowaway #sparrowinlaos #tslgoeslaos


We picked up these cuties at the night market in Luang Prabang the other day. Holla if you love uber cute and yummy donuts like us too πŸ™‹πŸ» #DONUTGOALS #tslmakan #tslgoeslaos

Starting our morning at Wat Winsunalat in Laos, and we're obviously having way too much fun spotting cool findings at temples πŸ‘€#tslgoeslaos

We are only small beings in a huge world. Take me back to be right in my favorite place.

Dreams, that's where we'll run. To the dreams made of gold. | Finding myself needing a dose of this beautiful country once more ✨
Photo by @shawnekoh. #tslgoeslaos

Walk the path less travelled.

To move forward, I have to face my fears.

Boots and Mountains.

The Mekong River is like that one friend who knows everybody. Flowing through 6 countries and connecting thousands, it's surprising how not much tourism is situated there. Recently, we travelled to Laos courtesy of @changiairport and documented travel through the eyes of Singaporeans. We can't wait to release this article on how Laos is going to make you exclaim WAH-LAO! πŸ“·: @syerowoo #tslgoeslaos #movewithtsl

Currently crafting our Guide to Laos and we are getting oh-so-excited about releasing it on our site! Our Creative Executive @syerowoo went alllllll out for this guide, taking on the roles as a travel photographer and writer! Our videographer @shawnekoh is also on the roll, producing a travel video you will NOT wanna miss. Check out the official hashtag #tslgoeslaos to feast your eyes. You're welcome.

Through it all, the best and worst parts of traveling is remembering the most beautiful moments experienced in great entity. To know that you lived fully, but also to know that the moment has passed. My heart is so full. | Kudos to the crew for an unforgettable week, you guys are gr8 πŸ’― #tslgoeslaos

Take me back. #laoswithbel #tslgoeslaos

My yellow ankle socks against the world. #laoswithbel #tslgoeslaos

Dipping into more turquoise colored waters made our dreams come true. It was actually freeeezing out there in the cold πŸ˜‚ If you're adventurous enough, enter the lagoon by jumping off from the tree branch behind. It certainly was a ride of our lives πŸ™ŒπŸ» #tslgoeslaos

H A P P Y πŸ˜› Photo by @syerowoo #laoswithbel #tslgoeslaos

It was lovely reading about how your day went two posts back - Here's wishing you the best weekend ahead filled with warmth, love & good vibes X #tslgoeslaos #laoswithbel

Tell me about your day in the comments below, it would be lovely to read X Ps, this was a view we stumbled upon & it's spontaneous moments like these we live for. #laoswithbel #tslgoeslaos

A typical meal in Laos reminded us of Cai Fan we have back home. As a selection of vegetables and meat laid before us, we devoured this very yummy meal till our stomachs were jumping with joy πŸ€— #tslmakan #tslgoeslaos

Soaking in the beauty of Laos, one step at a time.
We've been on the road for 5-7 hours for the past 2 days, going through neverending bumps and winding roads through the mountains. Breaks like this are very much appreciated ✌️

Thank you @syerowoo for the capture πŸ“·

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